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To be Proud of my birthplace  

I am a dentist and the women who previously shared my photo diary named as "Stunning photos of Mongolian Altai Mountains". Now I am talking about my next adventure trekking to the Horidol Saridag Mountains in Khovsgol province. This marvellous place is my birthpalce, named after beautiful Lake Khovsgol. However, it is my first time trip to deep inside. 
I and my like - minded friends of  "Khairkhan Hiking Club" started our adventure on 8th July, 2017. Climbing on Mt. Delgerkhaan, called King of the Mounts and Mt. UranDush with unique and magnificent formation was our main goal as well as sightseeing beauty of Khovsgol province in north Mongolia. 


horidol saridag mountains mongolia


I was so excited to escape from the city, missing my homeland and feeling like something festivity - maybe Naadam festival was around the corner. But, on the first day of our trip, one of our minivans broke nearby the city so we had to camp out there. Luckily, it was not the big problem and we kept move on. We arrived at our destination Ulaan-Uul village on 10th of July. Holiday atmosphere welcomed us at the local village, Naadam Festival had already started and crowded by locals.
DelgerKhaan Mountain looked so glorious and other way I can’t still believe myself to do this trial. So we shortly hooked Naadam festival and tasted Khuushuur- special meal of the festival. Soon after, we finally arrived at the base camp, Ar Bosgot Cliff and settled there. 


trekking in mongolia


trekking to North Mongolia

The next day, on 11th July, we woke up early at 3 am and started our climbing. Mountain Rivers flowing and streaming between rocky cliffs was so cold in the dark night and crossing over such rivers more than 10 times was the first and hardest challenge ever for me. After crossing those cold rivers, we changed our wet boots and had little rest. The darkness gone away and there was already dawn of a new day. 


trekking to northern mongolia khovsgol


travel to northern mongolia


We kept moving and passing through spectacular waterfalls and forest; went upstream ridge of Bor Hyar. Mountain rocks were so wet and slippery cause of the morning rain and it made us difficult to go on. We were going in queue along the path as our team leader instructed. Because we had to beware of pulling rocks loose if someone had bad slip.
After scrambling to the summit, we –all 10 member of the team had reached the peak of Mt. Delgerkhan, 3090m above sea level, around 10 am. I watched through as it bounced down the mountainside and weather up there was clear and refreshing. This kind of feeling was one of my reasons up there.


trek to khovsgol Mongolia


After safely scrambling down from top which took almost more than 20 km, it was almost dark night. We decided to celebrate this memorable day of our successful trials as well as Naadam festival. We had great time. By the way, we especially expressed our thanks to other team members who prepared delicious meal and waited for us after the trials.

Next day, we continued our journey and travelled through territories of Renchinlhumbe and Tsagaannuur villages and camped in Shishhed riverside – beginning of Yenisei River, 5th longest river in the world. 

What a beautiful Darkhad Valley and Khovsgol Lake? Green grasslands, colorful flowers, mountains with amazing panoramic views and river Shishhed looked calm and peacefully. On 13rd of July, we successfully reached and camped in our next goal destination – Mt. Urandush /2784m/, located right coast of Lake Khovsgol and the top the mountain cliff is flat. 


trek to khovsgol Mongolia

On 14th July, we started our hiking around 5am.  Even though this mountain is not highest and hardest one, our team leader chose some kind of rough roads for challenge and even used mountain ropes for some routes. When we did make it to the peak we could rest assure that we were of the first who make it up there from other hiking climbers’ clubs.
On roof of the mountain, we said big congratulations to each other –maybe it is one of my reasons to be fond of climbing. We could revel in the beauty and rarity view of Khovsgol Lake, from top of the Mt. Urandush.


khovsgol lake

The experience on reaching top of the mountain and sightseeing unimaginable view of the nature is something that can’t be expressed through words regardless of our tiredness and scrambling with adventure. We successfully fulfilled our mission and move on to seeking some rest and relax on shores of Khovsgol Lake, Teshig soum, Bulgan province and also Khargal Lake.


climbing trip mongolia

Our trip was ended on 16th of July after returning in Ulaanbaatar. I want to express my special thanks to Enkhbat-member of Khairkhan Hiking Club who organized this wonderful and memorable trip, also thanks to our joined members.


travel diary to north Mongolia


It was brief dairy of my birthplace. Next time I want to explore deep Taiga Mountains and way of life of Tsaatan people, reindeer herders. Thank you for your time to read my travel diary. I hope you to come over Khovsgol province and make awesome memories. 



''After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb''. Nelson Mandela  


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