Why Mongolia is safe travel destination for social distancing?

If you are planning on travelling after lockdowns for coronavirus pandemic, and looking for the safe travel destination for the socially distancing vacation, then we suggest Mongolia for you.

In the second half of 2021, Mongolia might restart tourism. Since vaccination have been runs, as of May 2021, more than 70% of the targeted population have been given the first dose and more than 600 thousand people are fully vaccinated out of about 2 million people.

The government introduced the decision about border-opening and it is presented that before the Naadam Festival 2021, Mongolia will open air borders due to opening a new international airport in khushigt valley in Mongolia. 

Let’s looking ahead to better days when the travel ban is over and once again we can get outside for travel abroad. So let’s plan a trip today and this article helps you to plan on the fall and winter travels of 2021 and sure 2022 trip ideas are included. Also here you get the reasons why Mongolia is the place for travel safely and to find the best socially distance travel ideas that Mongolia offers.

The 3 reasons why Mongolia is safe place to travel

1. Mongolia is one of the least infected countries

Since January, 2020, Mongolian government has strongly monitored the situation and installed a series of proactive, comprehensive measures to prevent the spread of the virus within the country. 

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2. Mongolia is one of the most sparsely populated countries

About three million people living in the vast territory of the country nearly the size of Alaska. Mongolia averages fewer than two people per square kilometer. So Mongolia can be the perfect place for the social distancing travels. While traveling through Mongolia you will meet very few local nomadic peoples along the roads and you will get something strange feelings that what an empty but wonderful isolated world is it. 

Social distancing and safe travel to Mongolia

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3. Mongolia offers perfect natural therapies

It is sure that we need to away from the screens and stretch our mind in the nature after the months of stacking home. But why Mongolia is the perfect place for the nature healing except the other countries? Mongolia is an unindustrialized country; nomadic living is still very popular today. So let us see what Mongolia offer us; Ecological diversities make Mongolia a great habitat of wonderful wildlife and plants. Taking mountain and wildlife adventures in west Mongolia’s ragged Altai Mountains, galloping on horseback or hitting the road trip through the rolling steppes, pure larch forests allow us immersing in its spiritual wilderness, pristine lakes and wetlands show us its remarkable birdlife; Mongolia offers great birding adventures. If you want to really feel a place, to plunge into its culture and to have a longer trip for less, nature travel to Mongolia is an excellent option.  

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The 3 best social distancing vacation ideas in Mongolia

1. Birding in Mongolia: The perfect social distancing activity

Birding is one of the best travel ideas for social distancing and Mongolia is one of the last wild places on earth and lying on a junction of the three migratory flyways with remarkable diverse ecosystem, including 70 important bird areas (IBAs) and significant breeding and native habitat of several globally threatened birds (GTBs). There are about 60 families, making up 516 species of birds have been recorded in Mongolia and diverse ecosystems make Mongolia a unique destination for bird lovers. 

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2. Heading to the remote Taiga mountains

Have you imagined that you are traveling through the wild mountains on reindeer back and staying in teepee-like tent, talking to the indigenous Tsaatan people, one of the last true mountain nomads on the planet, the reindeer herders. They live in deep into the taiga Mountains in northern Mongolia, near Russian border, sure it is an untouristic area you will fully immerse yourself in this remote wilderness of Mongolia.

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3. Immersing yourself in the mysterious Gobi of Mongolia

Consider Mongolian Gobi for social distancing travel destination, if you are creating your bucket list and looking for a unique place to add on after lock-down. The Gobi is a place of beauty, mystery, culture, and wonder that captivates adventurers all around the World. Travelers and photographers are coming for its stunning scenery, mystic historical remains, authentic nomads, their traditions and magnificent wildlife even the terrain is barren and the weather is extreme.

Social distancing and safe travel to Mongolia


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Fall and winter travel ideas in Mongolia in 2021

In the beginning of the article, as I noted that we beleive Mongolia might open borders by July, so we can plan on fall and winter travels to Mongolia. So now let’s take a look at what Mongolia offers us in the second half of the year 2021.

1. Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival Tour in Mongolia 

Fall is the perfect time for travel to Mongolia, it is all about beautiful nature, peaceful country life, outdoor adventures and fascinating events, the golden eagle festival in western Mongolia. We are suggesting the "Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival",  is held annually in western Mongolia and is a 2-day festival which annually runs 17 -18th of September, co-organized by eagle hunters, local officials and Mongolian tour operator company Ayan Travel. The festival covers with Kazakh cultural activities, eagle hunting competitions, meeting ups with famous eagle hunters, special photographic workshops in majestic Altai Mountain ranges at the pleasant time of the year.

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2. Snow Leopard Tour Mongolia 

Spend some of very special adventurous days of your lifetime in the isolated mountains in search of the emblematic wild Snow Leopard of Mongolia. The tour is for those who seek wild and ultimate photographic adventure to capture the elusive Snow Leopard and iconic mammals in their natural habitat. Based on our years of wildlife photography experiences and partnering with local rangers this special tour is designed well and run successfully and in every November and February we organize this adventure.

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We, the Ayan Travel wishing you good health! Take care of yourself and your family during this unusual times.

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