Top Travel Destinations in Mongolia


An ancient sea bed Mongolian Gobi is the one of beautiful place to visit in Mongolia and National Geographic Travel's one of most reccommended top travel destinations in the world. Semi desert landscape-Gobi occupies whole territory of Southern Mongolia. In 1923, The first dinosaur egg discovery from Flaming Cliffs-Bayanzag to science by an expedition of Roy Chapman Andrews, the Gobi became known to the world.
Since then, many expeditions took a place and revealed more new discoveries of most species of dinosaur skeletons, bones, fossilized eggs and ancient sea creature fossils. Rich findings of phaleontological resources, amazing landscape, beautiful places, historical sites, thriving Mongolian nomad culture and lifestyle, wildlife attracts more and more travelers to this region of Southern Mongolian Gobi.    
Most popular places are dinosaur cemetery - Flaming Cliffs Bayanzag, Yol Valley and Khongor Sand Dunes... read more...

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The Orkhon Valley is most visited place by tourists in Central Mongolian Khangai mountain region, the one of the most important cultural regions in the world and was recognized by the "UNESCO's World Heritage Site" as a "Cultural Landscape" in 2004. The extensive area encompasses the pastureland on both banks of the Orkhon river and includes numerous archaeological sites dating back to the 6th century. Historically from 6th century, the Orkhon Valley was most important central place of ruling tribes of Mongol Nomads and the states of other nations. 
Finally in 13th century, Mongols dominated the land and established the Great Mongolian Empire under rule of Chinggis Khaan(Genghis Khan), built their capital "Karakorum(Kharkorin)" on the bank of Orkhon River in 1220.        
The Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape includes historical sites of Kharakhorin, Khushuu Tsaidam Memorial, Erdene Zuu monastery, Tuvkhun Monastery and Orkhon Waterfall... read more...


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Magical nature wonder Khorgiin Togoo volcano, located on the bank of Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake. The volcano erupted 8 thousand years ago, and it's eruption has caused Terkh River to stop flowing and reformed into lake. Hot molten lava flow covered whole valley and formed in many interesting cave shapes, those are popular places to go and explore by walk for tourists inside National Park. Beautiful, scenery Terkhiin Tsagaan, the fresh water lake is a home of several fish species and migrating water birds. There is a small island at the middle of the lake, birds make their nest and lay eggs. Walking, hiking, horse riding, boating, swimming, camping and relax by nature is best things to do in National Park. Northern Mongolia to Central and Southern Mongolian all off road tours drive through the territory of Khorgo Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake National Park. Located in Tariat sum, Arkhangai province in Central Mongolia. About Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake, there is interesting story you can be heard from local nomads... read more...

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In northern Mongolia, where the Central Asian Steppe meets the Siberian Taiga, Lake Huvsgul National Park preserves a place of outstanding and pristine beauty. Lake Huvsgul is one of the oldest and most beautiful lakes in the world.  Also referred as Hovsgol Nuur or Lake Huvsgul, it has long been regarded as “Blue Pearl of Mongolia”  
Lake Huvsgul is one of 17 ancient lakes worldwide and is variously estimated an between 2 and 5 million years old. The only outlet river Eg flows to the Selenge River, that connects Lake Baikal with Lake Huvsgul. They are sister lakes. In 1992, this stunning landscape were set aside as Lake Huvsgul National Park. In recent years, this spectacular landscape of water and mountains that is sacred to so many has become the destination of more and more travelers, from all around Mongolia and beyond. The park is major domestic and international travel destination. Every summer thousands of long and short term travelers head towards to the Lake Hovsgol National Park.   
 The park offers great variety of leisure or sport activities and types of tours, that are nature sightseeing and study excursions, camping, all sorts of hiking and climbing, horse riding and trekking, biking, boating, kayaking... read more...

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Altai Tavan Bogd National Park has some of the most stunning scenery in all of Mongolia with towering white mountains, glaciers, deep lush valleys and large lakes. The park is divided into two regions, the Tavan Bogd Mountains in the northwest and the Lakes Region to the southeast. Most remote, popular adventure travel destination in western Mongolia receives many tourists during the summer season. A place itself also home of Kazakh ethnic tribes, famious for hunting with eagles. Every autumn eagle hunters gathers from the region and organises their annual event-The Eagle Festival near Altai Mountains  ... read more...

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Lying in the valley of the Terelj River 75 km northeast of Ulaanbaatar, Terelj national park has long been a holiday resort for weekend escapers from the capital and short stay tourists. It is one of the most visited areas in Mongolia due to its magnificient scenery and its proximity to Ulaanbaatar. There are great opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, swimming, rafting, riding and bird watching. In winter frozen rivers provide skating and snow-covered valleys are ideal for cross-country skiing and dog sledging. Terelj is picturesque place of high cliffs of granite, rivers and forests. It is located in Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area. read more...


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Also known as Khustain Nuruu (Birch Mountain Range), this park was established in 1993 and is about 100km to the west of Ulaanbaatar.
The best place to city escapers, weekenders travel for walking by nature and wildlife near Ulaanbaatar. Also just on the road to Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape in Central Mongolia, that brings some advantages for travelers to make a visit into National Park and go further traveling across Mongolia. The reserve protects Mongolian wild horse-the takhi reintroduction into willd and the reserve’s steppe and forest-steppe environment. In addition to the takhi, there are populations of maral (Asiatic red deer), steppe gazelle, deer, wolf, fox.  Tripping to the park has become a popular overnight excursion from Ulaanbaatar in recent years. read more...


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