Top 5 Discovery Tours Mongolia

MONGOLIA - The home of hundreds of kilometres wide open plain, steppe grassland, snow peaked high mountain ranges, tick taiga forest, Gobi desert. 
-The Nation of Great Genghis Khan, who established greatest, biggest human empire in history, still Mongols are proud today.
-The Country of Nomadic culture and civilization, that only belongs to Mongol nation tribes by nature. 
Since the time of Genghis Khan, Mongol Nomads gathers thogether and celebrates their Naadam Festival, every summer. 
Historic this great event comes into life in 10-13 July every summer only here in all over Mongolia.
Think about whole nation dresses up with traditional costumes, all represents their origins of the ethnic divercity and share their joy. What a colourful festival it is. 
Just you imagine!
 What you wait? Be part of Naadam Festival!  Welcome to Mongolia. Let's Discover Mongolia with us!

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