Top 5 Cultural Tours Mongolia

Our culture is so unique and rich, to travel through Mongolia and exploring our culture never let you get bored.
Traditionally, Mongolian Culture differs by ethnic divercity, terrains, the Nomadic way of lifestyle. 
From XVIth century Mongolian Culture heavily influenced by outside cultures. 
The Tibetan Buddhism is big part of our culture today. Some of Mongol Society rules, traditional customs, the lifestyles are changed compeletely or got influenced a lot from ancient time in most part of Mongolia. Today 
there is many historical and cultural sites, places, festivals and ceremonies are related to Buddhist religion.   
Some places are still keeping their origin of ethnic beliefs and traditions or the way of their true cultural identity as strong as it was before.
Most recommending Mongolian top cultural tour destinations for this exampes are to be found and discovered from Western Mongolia, Northen Mongolia

Ayan Travel - we are so sure, also happy to introduce to you our list of an amazing nomadic cultural heritage tours, that packages are includesMongolian historical and cultural sites, monuments, religious all attracting places, Mongolian hospitality nomad family visit tours when travel to countryside anywhere around Mongolia. 


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