Mongolia: Your Nature Travel Destination

Are you a nature lover and planning your 2021 or 2022 travel destination? Or want to travelling abroad and looking for something different rather than for sun and sand holidays? Here is why Mongolia should be on your nature bucket list. 

We highlighted from our past natural journeys, wildlife, flower and bird watching tours in Mongolia. Let's take a look at our Top 5 Reasons to Make Mongolia Your Nature Experience.

1. Mongolia, the least populated and nomadic country 

About three million people living in a country nearly the size of Alaska, Mongolia averages fewer than two people per square kilometer. National Geographic specialized Mongolia that one of the top nature travel destinations for its natural diversity in the least crowded place on earth.

nature travel to mongolia


On the other side, the unindustrialized country, Mongolia’s traditional pastoral lifestyle is one of important aspects of keeping the country’s ecosystem. Mongol nomads have been migrating for centuries to centuries, searching for better pastures and the landscapes have been restored naturally. On the Cultural side, Mongols have deep traditions for respecting the Mother Nature and this culture is still seen in today’s Mongolian life. So Mongolia is the ideal destination for nature lovers who escape from too touristy places.

nature destination mongolia


2. Mongolia, one of the most important birding destinations in the world

Asia is on the rise of Bird-based tourism. According to statistics, Mongolia is determined as the most desired birding locations in the world and ranked on the 11th major bird destination. The land of nomads is also a home to roughly 500 species of birds. Mongolian iconic nature reserves and magnificent lakes are the major habitant of those birds and offer all types of birding tours to naturalists, photographers and avi-tourists. 

Mongolia birding destination

There are two ways of exploring Mongolia in search of its birds. First, traveling as a wilderness camping with local nature guide. It gives not only beautiful opportunity to see your targeted birds but also see a number of good birds along with the trip, such as quite rare - Lammergeyer, Wallcreeper, Citrine Wagtail, Taiga Flycatcher etc. The other way is visit Mongolia during the migratory season to spot the migrants which pass through Mongolia in early spring and it gives us opportunities to catch up with some special rarities - these can well be Siberian Crane, Baikal and Falcated teals, Red-necked Stint and many more. Add Mongolia on your birding bucket list!


3. Mongolia, a home to iconic wildlife and rare mammals

In Mongolia you can find an enormous and wonderful diversity of colors, forms, behaviors. The country is a habitant of 136 species of mammal, more than 500 species of birds, 76 species of fish, 8 types’ amphibians and 22 reptiles. Endangered mammals are the Gobi bear, Mongolian Argali sheep, ibex, Snow Leopards, wolves, antelopes, wild horses and black tailed gazelles.  

mongolia wildlife nature travel destination


The trick with wildlife-watching is knowing where to go and managing expectations. Close encounters with wildlife are rare and hard to come by. But, you can improve your chances of an unforgettable experience by traveling to wildlife hotspots where animals are more tolerant of people. For mammal watchers, travelling to Mongolia in Early September is a good season. It probably got up to the mid-30s in the Gobi but there is no humidity and the nights are pleasant. Mongolia is a wildlife viewer's paradise waiting to be discovered!

Mongolia nature and wildlife travel destinationmongolia nature travel destination


4. Mongolia gives you chance to view rare plants and wild flowers 

Around 975 species out of the 3,000 flowering plant species found there are utilized for traditional medicine in the country. Most of these plants are wild and are adapted to the extreme weather conditions in the country. Traveling to the Mongolian Altai, Gobi Altai, and the Khangai regions to find many of these native plant species.  Among the native plant species of Mongolia which need to be conserved are; the silver spike Siberian trout lily, hoary yellow cress, spreading bed-straw, and the Siberian apricot. Most of the zones of the country have been classified as natural reserves and protected areas as a measure towards the conservation of biodiversity.

flower viewing tour destination Mongolia


For medicinal plant travelers, Mongolia is like a paradise. Mongolian traditional medicine has always played a major role in the country which based on the experiences of nomadic people, has its own unique medical theory, techniques and medications. Some aspects of Mongolian folk medicine—along with elements from other Asian systems, such as Tibetan medicine.

flower watching mongoliaflower viewing tour mongolia


5. Mongolia, a country of diverse landscapes, deserts, mountains, steppes 

Picturesque Mongolia is hotspot for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Spending your time in spectacular natural scenery such as an exotic Gobi desert, ragged wild mountains, pristine Lakes and wetlands, great open steppes that are the delight of those who enjoy being immersed in them.

nature destination mongolia

Mongolia top nature destinationmongolian nature travel

mongolia nature tourmongolia nature tour


Join Nature guides, eat organics, and stay in eco-lodges in Mongolia

Sometimes we just need to unplug and relax, whether that means, going somewhere remote, sleeping in peaceful nature, having camp food, enjoying beautiful scenery, or getting active in a national park.

Take time for you to feel that and wander through Mongolia to reconnect with nature and explore the areas diverse eco-system. Your local nature guide will share the knowledge and wisdom of their ancestors. Mongolian nature journeys give you chances to speak to the ancestors struggles to survive and overcome the harsh winters while living off this rugged land. Accommodating in traditional dwelling Ger, experiencing centuries old culture, having healthy organic foods in Mongolia as a nature traveler. 





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