Top 5 Adventure Tours Mongolia


There are few places left where there is still a sense of adventure and where you feel you are treading on undiscovered ground. 
Mongolia - remote, mysterious, homeland of the greatest conqueror of all time, Chinggis Khaan; a country of rugged mountains, rolling steppes and awesome Gobi desert and Altai mountains to name a few. It is fabilious wide-open land of extreme climate and extraordinary natural environment with breathtaking scenery, fascinating wildlife and wonderfully hospitable people. Mongolia is a land of horses and herdsmen, and one of the last great undisturbed wilderness areas on earth where 40% of 3 million people are some of the last truly nomadic pastoralists in the world. Travellers can experience the unique pleasures of staying with nomads and live a lifestyle of centuries ago. And imagine watching the unsurpassed skills of the Mongolian nomads as they round up semi-wild horses on the open steppes. These are only few examples of what Mongolia can offer to the adventurous traveller. It is land that invites exploration, therefore be prepared and be planned, because Mongolia is not a country to visit in a hurry.

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