Spectacular Photos Of The Most Beautiful Lakes In Mongolia

Everyone knows that Mongolia is the country of blue sky, steppes, deserts, nomads and horses. But did you know that the lakes are also top travel destination in Mongolia. Photographer, traveler Batzaya Choijiljav took several photo trips to Mongolia’s some of the most scenic lakes. You can enjoy vibrant blue water contrasting with sand dunes, amazing aerial views, cool winter captures along with its surrounding area, such as nomadic lifestyle and people.

Here we take you through number of activities and useful information about those lakes. Now let us travel to Mongolia virtually, enjoy stunning lake pictures and get some travel ideas. 


Khoton and Khurgan Lake – Breathtaking Travel Destination of Mongolia

Location: Bayan-Ulgii province, West Mongolia

Distance: 1830km / 1137.1mi / from Ulaanbaatar. 79 km /49 mi /  from province center 

Area: 121 km² / 46.7 sq mi /

When you travel to Altai Mountains in Mongolia, you will find this dazzling beauties. The two connected lakes, home to several species of fishes, some of them are only in western Mongolian basin, surrounded by magnificent snow capped peaks and ancient historical remaining. Travelers visit UNESCO World Heritage Site, wonderful rock carving complex, experience ethnic Dukha people’s culture, discovering endangered wildlife, climbing, trekking, hiking on glacier, horseback riding and fishing are offered. Paradise for photographers, diverse landscapes, glaciers, wildlife, ragged peaks and ancient historical sites. Also great opportunity to capture portraits of ethnic people, Kazakh and Dukha. Learn more about the area please read the articles below. 

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Khar Us Lake / Black Water Lake/ – Home to Mongolian Rare Wildlife 

Location: Khovd province, West Mongolia

Distance: 1,605km / 997.3 mi / from Ulaanbaatar. 35 km / 21.7 mi /

Area: 1,578 km² / 609 sq mi /

Khar Us Lake has more than 10 big and small islands and biggest one- Avgash divides the lake into parts –North and South. The lake has more than 260 species of birds and 4 species of fish especially rich in Ruff and Altain Osman. You can find rare plants listed in Mongolian Red Book and also leopards, boars, Argali, gazelle and beaver etc.
Photographing rare animals, especially beautiful birds, bird observing and watching can be a good travel idea in warm season. For the winter tourism, and the another reason to travel to Khar Us Lake is "Silver Reeds" festival to explore winter beauty of the lake with an amazing festival. ‘Silver Reeds’ winter festival has been successfully held in Khar Us Lake, the bottom of Khan Jargalant Mountain during last years. Khovd province is distinguished by its multi-cultural population where there are more than 17 ethnicities living with harmony in the territory of the province. The festival plays a vital role for introducing traditions of these various ethnic people to the foreign and native visitors, inheriting unique and colorful culture to the next generation and organizing many interesting ice activities including horse sled, photography exhibition, skiing, and camel ride. You can enjoy the next 9th Silver Reed festival around February 2019.

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Tours to Khar Us Lake: 

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Khyargas Lake – Looks Like Ocean

Location: Uvs province, West Mongolia

Distance: 1300 km / 807.7 mi / far from Ulaanbaatar.  30km / 18.6 mi/  from province center

Area: 1,407 km² / 543 sq mi /

The salt lake is considered one of the biggest lakes, locates in Khyrgas National Park, based on the lake established in 2000 and also includes freshwater lake-Airag. The lake has several species of fish such as Osman, Ruff and yellow fish. Swimming in the beautiful colored lake, photographing, exploring the national park, fishing and hiking will be your choice to travel around. One of the famous attractions near Khyargas Lake is Khetsuu Khad- enormous rock sheltering out of the water where you can see many birds, hatching their eggs and building their nests. Especially south side of the lake looks quite pretty with plenty of White Rocks. Also Mt. Khan Khukhii lays behind the lake, makes the Khyargas Lake more glamorous to see and photograph. If  this lake interests you please check out the trip details here  >> Trip to Khyargas Lake

Khovsgol Lake – Mongolian Top Tour Attraction

Location: Khovsgol province, North Mongolia

Distance: 583 km / 362.2 mi / from Ulaanbaatar. 167km/103 mi / from province center 

Area: 2,760 km² / 1065 sq mi /

The Lake Khovsgsol attracts naturalists and travelers from across the globe, the second largest clear water lake in Mongolia. One of the top travel destinations of Mongolia, Khovsgol NP offers countless activities to travelers. Opportunity to experience reindeer herding nomads’ life, meeting local shamans, water sporting activities such as jet boating, diving, hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities are available. Photographers have a chance to shoot dukkha people’s portrait, their dwelling teepee, reindeers, children and much more. For naturalists, exploring lake areas, flowers, birds and enjoying your time in the stunning beauty. Khovsgol lake is not just a summer holiday destination, but also the lake displays Mongolian winter tourism. At the beginning of March, in Mongolia it is still winter, the famous ice festival is held on the frozen lake Khovsgol and it has been attracting travelers and photographers from around the globe. See more about the Ice Festival in Mongolia.

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Ulaagchiin Khar Lake  –  The Less Traveled Destination in Mongolia

Location: Zavkhan province, West Mongolia

Distance: 1200 km / 745.6 mi / from Ulaanbaatar. 110 km /68.3 mi/ from province center

Area: 198 m² / 7.6 sq mi /

Ulaagchnii Khar Nuur lake is considered as one of the oldest lakes in the world, surrounded by golden sand dunes and snow-capped Mt. Otgon Tenger. The lake has been protected as Strictly Protected Area since 2010 and one of the most unique natural scenery and freshwater Lake of Mongolia. In July there is an amazing festival is held on the shore of the lake, Called Nomadic Culture Festival. Local nomads who gather from the nearby region and celebrate this festival to show their heritage and culture so you can take a journey back to the ancient time to experience what the nomads practiced and what their unique culture was.  Photographing around Ulaagchiin Khar Lake is one of the should do activities, you can take amazing captures such as competitions, performances, and shows of Nomadic Culture festival along with beautiful natural scenery. 


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Telmen Lake 

Location: Zavkhan province, West Mongolia

Distance:  874 km / 543 mi / from Ulaanbaatar. 128km / 79.5 mi / from province center

Area: 194 km² / 74.9 sq mi /

Lake Telmen has three islands that it attracts many numbers of migrating birds and it makes the lake more beautiful. Local herders especially –Khotgoid –ethnic people call this lake –Telmen Mother and Green Telmen. 


Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake – Mongolia's Popular Travel Destination 

Location: Arkhangai province, Central Mongolia

Distance:   648 km / 402.6 mi / from Ulaanbaatar. 165km /102 mi / from province center

Area: 61 km² / 23.5 sq mi / 

Beautiful freshwater lake is located near to Khorgo volcano which was active about 8 thousand years ago. Both Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur and Khorgo are protected as two jewels of Khorgo Terkh National Park. The mesmerizing lake is not only Mongolian hottest travel destination but also one of the world's most beautiful travel locations which chosen as the best travel location by CNN in 2011. Photographing beautiful northern Khangai Region, forested mountains, wide canyons, clean lakes, long rivers, colorful flowers, delicious fruits, birds, and wild animals are the best spot to take landscape and nature photos. Also, the chance to visit local herders and take daily lifestyle pictures of them. Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur has more than 10 species of fishes such as Taimen, Lenok, and Pike. The lake is rich in various species of rare birds and one of the best birding spots of Mongolia. 

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Ugii / Ogii/  Lake – The Nearest Lake From Ulaanbaatar 

Location: Arkhangai province, Central Mongolia

Distance: 360 km / 223.6 mi / from Ulaanbaatar. 146 km / 90 mi / from province center

Area: 25.7 km² / 10.6 sq mi / 

Ugii or Ogii Lake is a freshwater lake which is famous for rare and beautiful water birds and fishes. It is one of the hottest travel destinations in central Mongolia. Fishing adventure is truly out in Ugii lake where is considered as the hottest fishing spot of Mongolia. Hiking, kayaking, horse riding, climbing, fishing, bird watching, and many other unpredictable activities are available during your trip in Mongolia.

Tours to Lake Ugii / Ogii /: 

     - Fishing in Arkhangai province tour

     - Mongolia - Land of nomadic heritage tour


Naiman Nuur - The Eight Lakes - The Most Adventurous Destination in Central Mongolia 

Location: Uvurkhangai province, Central Mongolia

Distance: 395 km / 245.4 mi / from Ulaanbaatar. 160 km / 99.4 mi / from province center

Area: Lake Shireet /the largest one 25.7 km² / 10.6 sq mi / 

There are eight marvelous lakes which lie between forested mountains, in Khangai Mountain Range. The names of eight lakes are Shireet, Khaliut, Bugat, Khaya, Khuis, Onon, Duruu and Bayan Uul lakes which are interconnected by groundwater channels located 3-5 km distance from each other. The largest one is Lake Shireet. Area of the lakes is protected as Khuisiin Naiman Nuur National Park where you can discover its Siberian ranches and Siberian pines, home to numerous wild animals, wild plants and fishes. Travel to Naiman Nuur Lake allows you to explore several amazing destinations such as Orkhon Waterfall, Erdene-Zuu monastery and Kharkhorin listed in legendary Orkhon Valley

Tours to Eight Lakes: 

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     - Active Adventure in an Authentic Wilderness tour



" A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature.

It is earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature".


Thank you for taking the time to read this article and enjoy the pictures. if these lakes interest you and you would like to travel Mongolia through these lakes please contact us at info@toursmongolia.com  





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