2 Weeks in Mongolia - What To Do?

Our recommendation for a two week Mongolia itinerary

Are you looking for recommendation for Travel Mongolia? Are you asking for someone’s help or suggestions right now? Haven't got much time but you want to take a Mongolia trip? 
You'll get a different answer from anyone you ask about the must-sees and must-dos in Mongolia tour. So it can be tough to make sure you get the most from your tour Mongolia so we've pooled our knowledge and put together the ultimate 2-week Mongolia trip. However, we share some of our tours to put into perspective how you need to go about planning a trip to Mongolia with just two weeks at your disposal. That way you’ll get a better feel for a place and get to know the best things to do while your visits Mongolia. Understand that you will never have time to see EVERYTHING. And be okay with it.


2 weeks tour in Mongolia

Spending your time in Mongolia for two weeks...

How should I spend 2 weeks in Mongolia?

For all tour in Mongolia, experiencing in nomadic life is of utmost importance if you want explore real culture and adventure travel. In Mongolia it means you’ll spend less time getting inside and more time exploring unchanged and untouched of wildlife and tradition and culture of nomadic herders, also wandering ancient history sites and enjoying natural beauty that make Mongolia world-famous. 
Trip from Ulaanbaatar to the countryside, be prepared to experience a wide range of vibes and experiences. We wouldn’t go from the west to east and back. That’s the mentality you have to have with travelling in Mongolia. You can choose your Mongolia tour destinations. Travel Mongolia within 2 week is not enough, not long time, however we recommend you the perfect 2 weeks tour in Mongolia with us.
If you’re a first-time visitor to Mongolia, you need to put some thought into your Mongolia travel planning. Moreover highlight of your 2 week Mongolia is festivals and events of the regions, which attracts lots of interests, you decide to travel.


Naadam festival opening ceremony

 Naadam Festival - National Holiday of Mongolia. Opening ceremony in the central stadium of Ulaanbaatar city. 


The Perfect 14 Day Mongolia Itinerary  

Ulaanbaatar Day 1-2

Your tour will start from UB, capital city of Mongolia. It’s a heck of an introduction to the country though, so prepare yourself.
So, what to do in Ulaanbaatar? Well, A lot! 
At the top of your travel list should be Gandan Monastery and the Bogd Khaan Museum. This is the number one religious sights of Mongolia, and for good reason. Gandan Monastery, which houses the Migijid Janraisag statue with 26.5 meter high which is tallest indoor statue in the world, is generally regarded as the most important Buddhist temple in the country.
There are many more temples, monasteries and museums in Ulaanbaatar, so you won’t be short of temples and Buddha statues. 
Some notable highlights include Zaisan Square (Soviet Union Memorial) and you can walk 300 meters on staircase with more than 600 steps and reach the Memorial and also view UB city from top of the mountain.


Mongolia ulaanbaatar

And, of course, there’s more to Ulaanbaatar than monasteries. Ulaanbaatar has fantastic nightlife and shopping, with some of the best restaurants and bars in city. 
Another attraction in UB city is the Chinggis square –heart of the city, large colonnade monument of Chinggis khaan, Ogedei, Khubilai khan dominates the square’s north side directly in front of government palace.
Other than that, our advice for UB is to spend some time getting acclimatized, experiencing culture of the people, wandering Ger-streets, checking out the traditional music concerts, and immersing yourself in night life of the city.


Mongolian capital city Ulaanbaatar

Sukhbaatar Square in the center of Ulaanbaatar city 


Gobi Desert and ancient capital Karakorum Day 3-7

Travel to Gobi desert Mongolia start by flight to Dalanzadgad and drive to Yol Valley and explore Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National park. Then you will go to Khongor Sand Dunes and recommend you sand skating, the most famous and touristy section of the Gobi desert.
Next stops will be Bayanzag –cemetery of dinosaurs and Ongi Monastery. This mysterious desert offers you to explore prehistoric sites such as dinosaur fossils and ancient sea bed remains. Experience nomadic lifestyle, meet local people, try camel riding, hike on sand dunes, take stunning pictures and collect beautiful memory while you are travelling.


Gobi desert tours mongolia

After that you will head to Orkhon Waterfall. Full check out most important  travel destinations including Ruins of Chinggis Khan‘s ancient capital Karakorum and the first established monastery of Mongolia-Erdene-zuu and many more and its Museum and Tuvkhun Monastery. It is one of the most important cultural regions in the world and was recognized by the UNESCO world heritage and Turkic exploring. Combinations of natural beauty and historical sites are wonderful out there in province of Arkhangai.


Erdenezuu monastery Mongolia


Khovsgol Lake Day 8-12

Next main Mongolia tour attraction heads from Arkhangai to Khuvsgul lake. There you’ll find the camp houses on shore of fresh water lake of Khuvsgul, where many foreigners base themselves long term thanks to the nice view, mysterious reindeer herder‘s way of living and ancient shaman rituals. There’s a fantastic exploring of untouched life of reindeer herders, arguably the most mysterious ethnic group in the world, a gorgeous Taiga nature beauty on the shore of lake, and it is national park of Khuvsgul. 
Northern part of Mongolia is the land of Tsaatan people, reindeer herders and beautiful Khuvsgul Lake National Park. Visit Tsaatan minority of Mongolia, experience their primitive life style, meet authentic shamans to get knowledge of them and ride reindeer through the Taiga.


Khovsgol lake Mongolia


Khovsgol lake and darkhad valley


 Ending your 2 week Itinerary Day 13-14

Back in UB. Experiencing the best tour attractions near UB – enjoying Chinggis Khaan Equestrian statue near UB city and where it has historical statues and museums. Shopping and cultural performance and have some free day for yourself.
Transfer to the Airport and Departure.
What are your thoughts on this itinerary or do you have any questions about it? 
I’d LOVE to hear if you use this itinerary on your visit!



Need a longer Itinerary? Consider Mongolian Travel Destinations 

In case the above 2 week Mongolia travel itinerary doesn’t check all your boxes, or you were looking for a longer itinerary (or you just want to try and pack more in!), here are some more of our Mongolia travel destinations for you to think about adding to your itinerary.


2 week trip to Western Mongolia

Why western Mongolia?

Because it is homeland of Eagle hunters and Khazakhs and also includes thousands of ancient rock carvings which is listed on UNESCO World heritage site and also Mongolian Altai mountains.


Must see places –Mongolian Altai Mountains, Altai Tavan Bogd national park, ancient rock carvings, Mysterious stone men and burial mounds, Golden eagle festival and Mongolian Kazakhs.


Things to do – reaching western part of the nation, climbing the mountain, trekking, sightseeing ,walking and photographing in national park, horse riding, visiting local nomadic families, seeing and experiencing  eagle hunters and exploring local towns.


How to get there – domestic flight, off road minivan or jeep and horse.


Altai mountains


Eagle hunting tour in Altai Mountain Mongolia


Suggested tours

 - Adventures in Altai Tavan bogd Mountain tour

 - Golden Eagle Festival and Mongol Altai Mountains Photographic Expedition


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2 week trip in Central Mongolia

Why central Mongolia?

Because it is one of the most important cultural regions in the world and was recognized by the UNESCO world heritage and Turkic exploring. Combinations of natural beauty and historical sites are wonderful out there. There you can have chance to see wild animals such as Takhi-wild horse, Argalin wild sheep, Red deer, Siberian marmot and many species of birds and more.


Must see places – Khustai national park, Kharkhorin, Erdenezuu monastery, Tsenkher hot spa, Khorgiin Togoo volcano and Terkhiin tsagaan lake,  Tuvkhun monastery, Orkhon waterfall, Manzushir monastery, Gorkhi-Terelj national park, Ugii lake, Orkhon valley,Khuisiin naiman nuur,Chuluut river valley, Tsonjinboldog,Khugnu-Tarni  national park,Shankh monastery, Taikhar rock, Choir town, Suvraga khairkhan mountain,13th century complex and Tsetserleg town Arkhangai province.


Things to do –horse trekking, visit historical sites and national parks, monasteries, fishing, climbing and many more


How to get there – offroad minivan or jeep for your choice



Central Mongolia Tours


Mongolia bird watching


Live with mongolian nomads


Suggested tours

  - Horse riding in legendary Orkhon valley Tour

  - Gobi desert-Orkhon valley tour

  - Fishing in Central Mongolia tour


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2 week trip in Eastern Mongolia

Why Eastern Mongolia?

Because it is birthplace of Chinggis Khan, man of the millennium and untouched and unexplored destination of Eastern Mongolia. In the east, there are many small lakes attracted by birds. There are also sand dunes of Gobi in Sukhbaatar province.

There you can

Must see places –Burkhan Khaldun Mountain,Gun galuut nature reserve ,Baldan Bereeven Monastery, Khangal lake, Uglugch wall, Airag ord, Altan Ovoo, Shiliin Bogd Volcano, Taliin agui, Menen steppe-Eastern Mongolian steppe, Blue lake, Khar lake, Dariganga tribe,  Khurgiin Khundii


Things to do – Visiting Chinggis Khaan’s birth land, Natural parks and more, bird watching, hiking on sand dunes, horse riding, fishing, exploring tradition of nomadic life of Eastern Mongolia, especially Dariganga ethnic tribe and driving through Menen steppe.


How to get there – offroad minivan or jeep


Eastern Mongolia tour


Eastern mongolia horse riding tour


Suggested tours

  - Eastern Mongolia tour

  - Discovering Homeland of Chinggis Khaan tour


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2 week trip in Southern Mongolia

Why southern Mongolia?

Because it is home to Dinosaur fossils and exploring ancient sea bed remains and mysterious Mongolian Gobi desert. There are rare thrives such as Mongolian bactrial camel, Mongolian antelope, Black tailed gazelle, Argal wild sheep ,Ibex ,Snow leapord and many more.


Must see places – Ikh gazriin chulu, Zorgol Khairkhan, Baga gazriin chuluu, Gobi desert, Yol valley, Gobi gurvan saikhan national park, Bayan Zag, Khermen tsav, Ongi monastery, Khongor sand dune, Ikh Bogd Mountain, Orog Lake, Shargalzuut hot spa, Sainshand city and Dalanzadgad


Things to do there- experiencing famous Mongolian Gobi desert, camel riding through   , taking pictures, sightseeing and hiking on wonderful creation of sand dunes and national parks in Gobi.


How to get there- by domestic flight, off road minivan or jeep


Southern Mongolia


Monasteries Mongolia




Suggested tours

 - Caravanning through Desert Wonders Tour

 - Classic Mongolia Photography Tour


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2 week trip in Northern Mongolia

Why northern Mongolia?

Because it is land of Tsaatan people, reindeer herders and beautiful Khuvsgul lake national park. There you can see many historical sites and burial monuments, many big rivers and lakes and true wild nature.


Must see places –Amarbaysgalant monastery, Khuvsgul lake, Darkhad valley, Uushig Deer stone, Uran togoo volcano,T engis river, Delger rivers, Darkhad tribe, Erdenet city and Darkhan city. The Khubsgul Lake is inhabited by moose, reindeer, argali, Siberian ibex, red deer, many species of bird and fish.


Things to do – trekking mountains, exploring and visiting unique tradition of reindeer herders, their unchanged way of lives,


How to get there –by domestic flight, off road minivan or jeep.


Khovsgol lake mongolia


Tsaatan people at northern mongolia


Suggested tours

 - Pioneering in Khuvsgul Taiga wilderness trekking tour

 - Photo Tour to Mystical Reindeer Herders in Mongolia


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Two - Week Mongolia Tour Itinerary

Many travelers disregard the actual size of Mongolia, and its landscape until they arrive and end up regretting the choices they made in the planning stage and decided to come back travel in Mongolia. So, considering Mongolia is so vast, the problem becomes how to travel in a 2 weeks of time, and where to visit in Mongolia?

Ayan travel-team of local travel experts organizing discovery and adventure oriented tours for group, incentives and individuals. We offer 2 week trip program that cover best travel places, must see attractions of Mongolia.

What are you waiting for? Take the next step and get your Mongolia trip planning by Ayan travel. Let Ayan travel team be as your Mongolia Travel guide. We always try provide a chance to encounter authentic nomadic life and adventures activities that Mongolia has to offer proudly.

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