Top 5 Festival & Event Tours Mongolia

There are plenty of festivals & events are held all year around. Mongolian main festivals are Naadam festival, Danshig Naadam festival and Golden Eagle festival  absolutely highlights for tourists. Specially, the timing of Naadam festival is held annually in July, during the peak tourist season all over the country. Autumn is the perfect time for tourists to head towards to Western Mongolian Altai Mountains for Golden Eagle Hunting festival and Danshig Naadam Festival near Ulaanbaatar.  Main winter festivals are Tsagaan Sar-Lunar New Year festival and Winter Festival

Best of Mongolia

Mongolia Festivals

Festival When Description
Ice Festival 2-3 March/ annually

The Ice Festival is one highlight event of winter season and organized by National Park administration, local community and businesses, on solid ice of frozen Khuvsgul Lake annually. The Ice Festival has been held for last 15 years. A respite from the confinement of the winter months, the Ice Festival is a time to get outdoors and play games. The festival features a gathering of local residents and nomadic reindeer herders and cultural and religious performances by shamans, musicians, and sportsmen. Competitions includes: ice sumo, a horse sledge race, ice skating races, tug of war between local teams and a jeep race on the ice. Many traditional games are played on the sidelines and this is an ideal venue for visitors to join in the fun and do some challange in many games with local people. The ice festival location is easy to reach, a short drive to north of Khatgal village, across the frozen lake ice from town of Murun, Khuvsgul province.

Thousand Camel Festival 6-7 March/annually

For the preservation of the Bactrian Camel. Get up close with these amazing creatures.
"Thousand Camel Festival," organized by a local non government organization working to protect and preserve the Bactrian camel population, which has been steadily declining over the past twelve years. This extraordinary festival allows for travelers a rare opportunity to interact with and learn first-hand about these amazing animals and the camel herders' nomadic lifestyle.  Highlights of the festival include camel races, performances by traditional Mongolian musicians and dancers, and visits to significant paleontological and cultural sites of the Gobi. Attend the camel races at the Thousand Camel Festival, a unique opportunity to witness the speed and agility of Bactrian camels. 

Tsagaan Tsar Feb 19th 2015

Tsagaan Sar - Lunar New Year celebration is a family festival, which is celebrated on the first day of the Lunar New Year to put some cheer in the endless winter months and mark the beginning of new year, on first day of spring. This could be any date from late January to early March depending on Lunar calendar. The celebration happens over several days, with feasting on the night of the new moon. Everyone dresses in their best clothes to visit family members. Throughout the ages the festival has been celebrated in traditional way - family ties are renewed and in particular it is a time to honor the elders. 

Naadam Festival 10th - 13th July annually

Naadam festival is most famous and most attractive festival and the biggest national holiday event in Mongolia. The name of the festival means ''Games of competitions and sports. Indeed, it is a true test of manhood in such traditional games as horse racing, archery and wrestling.  
Along side of main games and events of Naadam festival, many traditional games and other related competitions go with it. 
The exact days of 10th-13th of July, Naadam Festival will be held annually, in every towns and villages across the country.
During three days of festival, Mongol nation dresses up in their traditional clothes and share their joy to each other.   
The sensation of colourful Mongolian Naadam festival goes on whole year around and still be discussed until next Naadam festival comes to live.   Traveling to Mongolia, during the most attractive public event - Naadam festival in July is great time to travel in Mongolia and enjoy with amazing festival.     

Golden Eagle Festival Frst weekend of October/ annually

Local Kazakhs showcase their eagle hunting culture and their unique traditions. Authentic competitions of hunting birds, hunting techniques and horseback races are organized along with several events of art and costume display.


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