The Top 5 Must See Events in Mongolia

There are more than 50 popular events and festivals happening across Mongolia, annually. Enjoying or attending in Mongolian festivals can be uncommon cultural discovery. From thrilling sports to unique hunting traditions, legendary horse race to Gobi camel polo, religious rituals to modern performances and much more…It is not easy to name the top 5 events, but to help you to narrow your options, we looked through the long list and carefully chose these five festivals for you. And don’t forget to share with your friends who love cultural events or plan to visit Mongolia!

1.    Mongolian Naadam Festival

naadam festival opening mongolia

naadam festival horse race

The oldest and biggest national festival of Mongolia since Chinggis Khaan’s period where nomads compete in “three games of men:  Wrestling, Archery and Horse race” at the open summer grounds all over the country. The most colorful event of summer where people revive their nomadic spirit, history and heritage.  
When: 11-13th July annually
Where:  All over the country, including small villages and the biggest Naadam is held in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city Mongolia. 


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2.    Golden Eagle Festival in Western Mongolia

eagle festival mongolia

golden eagle festival mongolia

 Autumn festival in a Western part of Mongolia where local Kazakhs show their eagle hunting culture and their unique traditions. This is all about authentic competitions of eagle training skills and hunting with golden eagles, where specially trained eagles catch small animals such as foxes and hares.  In addition, some small cultural events are organized, which are art and costume display. 
When: In the first weekend of October annually 
Where: in Bayan Olgii province, Altai Mountain area of Western Mongolia


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3.    Danshig, The Religious Ceremony 

mongolia religious festival

danshig festivals mongolia

  The capital city offers another chance to catch and enjoy Religious and Cultural event where it presents unique heritage of religious Tsam dance  (religious ceremony with masked dancing) as well as traditional Naadam competitions of wrestling, archery and horse race.  The event is dedicated to the First Mongolian leader of Buddhism – Great Zanabazar. Performances of folk arts, vivid costumes, and local food will transfer the green summer ground into a Nomad Culture land!
When:  5-6th August annually
Where:  Valley of “Khui doloon khudag” in 30 km west of Ulaanbaatar

Suggested tour:  Mongolia highlights tour with Danshig Religious festival-2019 - 19 days 


4.    Camel festival in Mongolian Gobi

camel festival mongolia

The Celebration of Camels! Bactrian camels (two humped) are the jewel of Gobi and important part of Desert life. Local people gather and bring their camels for the joyful competitions of camel race, camel parade, camel polo and the contests of art and culture. This dynamic event calls the population towards the protection of Mongolian camel breeding heritage.   
When: 6-7th March annually
Where: Dalanzadgad town, South Gobi province

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5.    Ice Festival at Lake Khuvsgul 

ice festival mongolia

Winter festival at the glamorous ice of Khuvsgul Lake. Join to explore the beauty of winter with real froze fresh air, crystal sparkles, and clear sky. Enjoy beautiful landscape of mighty mountains, taiga forest, and charming Khuvsgul Lake. Challenge yourself for the activities on the ice. The festival features a gathering of local residents and nomadic reindeer herders, the arts of shamans and artists.   
When: 2-4th March annually 
Where: At the Khuvsgul lake, Khuvsgul province 

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