Daily updates and Information for Travelers on Covid-19 in Mongolia

Last updated: 10 May, 2021


Breaking news: 28 day nationwide strict lockdown was lifted in Mongolia on 8th of May. Red Level of heightened state of emergency readiness lifted to Orange Level.  Some activities and services in 18 categories will remain fully or partially restricted under the Orange Level:

Food production and service businesses including restaurants and cafes are allowed offer takeout and delivery services only; Markets; Fairs; Gaming centers and arcades; No classes with more than 10 students are allowed; Cultural and arts activities; Entertainment venues are allowed to use 30 percent of their seating capacity; Spas and fitness clubs; Saunas and pools are allowed to work at 30 percent capacity;

Protests, demonstrations, and competitions; Trips and wedding and other receptions; Night clubs and karaoke clubs; Hotels, guest houses, and resorts; Places of worship; Sports activities except Olympic training; Playgrounds and basketball and football fields; Dance studios are not allowed to run until 3rd of June.  

Vaccination: Mongolia is ranking high in the global effort to vaccinate populations against COVID-19. As of 10th of May, 1,590,636 people have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 622,740 have been fully vaccinated out of targeted population which about 2 million people.

Mongolian government projected to vaccinate around 2 million adult population of Mongolia are expected to receive the first dose of COVID-19 vaccines before 1st of June, and all target population in Ulaanbaatar city will be fully vaccinated within the month of May. 

Current COVID -19 Situation in Mongolia

 Total confirmed infections                         45,459 
 Recovered cases  32,660 
 Deaths 170
 Undergoing treatment 4,800


Coronavirus crisis in Mongolia. First COVID-19 case was detected in March 2020, transferred to Mongolia from France. Situation was not so bad until the first domestic infection in November 2020. After that all borders are closed and internal transitions are restricted. Lunar New Year was not celebrated in public, it was allowed to celebrated at home only. There have been three times of nationawide lockdowns imposed since November 2020. As in other countries, public places and services, educational institutions and regarding offices have been closed and running as online. 

Is it possible to travel to Mongolia now or in near future?

The Government of Mongolia introduced the decision on 8th of April that  Mongolia will be opening its air border in May.  However, it is currently being planned to allow entry for fully-vaccinated citizens only. As of  10th of May, the date is extended to 15th of June, due to the current situation.

Aside from having a positive economic impact, this will allow the new international airport in Khushigt Valley to be opened within two months after the reopening of air borders. Having the target group fully vaccinated by the 1st of July, 2021. Thus, the officials are currently working on travel regulations and towards the goal to open the airport before the Naadam Festival

Reopening plans are in process doing by officials and not yet to be announced now. We expect that tourism might resume in summer or autumn 2021. Travel also remains subject to various restrictions imposed by the countries through which travelers can enter Mongolia. We are closely following any prospect when tourism might reopen. 

Travel to Mongolia with new eVisa from 2021 

A new electronic visa (eVisa) for Mongolia will be introduced in June this year, according to the decision made by Government in December. This will allow foreign travelers to obtain permission to visit the country online.

At present, travelers from other countries fall into 2 main categories: those that can visit Mongolia visa-free for short periods of time and those who must apply for a visa at an overseas Mongolian embassy or consulate.

This is set to change in June 2021, with the introduction of a Mongolian eVisa. Electronic visas are widely available for entry to many countries around the world and are becoming increasingly common options. 

Are the festivals scheduled in 2021 in Mongolia?

The year 2021 is special year for Mongolians. During our National Holiday Naadam Festival we, the Mongolians celebrate the  anniversary of Foundation of the first Mongolian State, the anniversary of the founding of the Great Mongol Empire and the anniversary of the Mongolian People’s Revolution. During the Naadam Festival 2021, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of  Mongolia's People’s Revolution, the independence of Mongolia. So before the Naadam Festival, all the planning of public holiday arrangements and safe travel regulations is being done by the officials. It is presented that by the end of June, all policies will be announced regarding to the Naadam festival celebration and other events such as annual Eagle Festival and winter festivals. Also Mongolia will re-open borders for tourism by July, the officials announced on public news media.


We, the Ayan Travel wishing you good health! Take care of yourself and your family during these unusual times. Hope to travel with you in the near future. 




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