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My photo diary of Mongolian Altai Mountains

I am a dentist and a simple city woman. The word “simple city woman” sounds something boring and typical. This boring feeling, let me go for a climbing adventure to challenge myself and to create a beautiful memory. My wish which let me take a camera to share those beautiful memories to others. Photography is amazing thing that takes me back to my memorable time. For now I am sharing with you one of my journeys which left the epic memory in my life. 


Mongolian Altai mountain tours


The summer climbing tour- 2017 to Altai Tavan Bogd Mountains, with some of my friends who are the member of “Khairkhan” Travelers’ Club. We call this trip “express”, because we had a crazy plan to climb on five high peaks in seven days. 


Mongolia Altai Mountains Tour


The first peak was the Tsast, the highest point of Tsambagarav Mountain and the third highest peak of Mongolia has an elevation of 4200m. We did it successfully. It was the first peak where I climbed on over 4000meters, as for the beginner-climber it gave me an important experience in acclimatizing in high mountain region as well as using mountaineering gear.


Altai Mountain Morning


Mt. Tsambagarav, the great mountain with the flat top even it is very high. It can be seen Mt.Sair close to us and the magnificent snow caped Mongolian Altai Mountains were seen amazingly in the far more.


Altai mountain hiking tour


Our next destination was Mt.Sair. But my main goal was to reach at the Khuiten peak, 4,374m above the sea level, the highest point of Mongolia, so I decided to skip the Mt.Sair, due to avoid the tiredness. 


Mongolia Altai trekking tour


The next day, on 6th of June, we moved to the base camp. The weather would be the best on 7th of June, we did not stop to walk until 11pm, because, we had not enough time to relax. Finally we reached at the base camp and settled down. After having little nap, we had to start climbing at 3am. It was magical and I felt something fear, we were walking up on the glacier with the sound of river and the huge mountain in the moonlight was seen incredibly, it seemed to me that we were heading to the magical universe.


Mongolia altai trekking tours


 After the dawning, we passed through the relaxing point and reached at the 1st rock, had little relax and then continued to climb up about 8am.


Mongolia Altai trekking Tours


Finally, we reached at the roof of Mongolia with the help of our tour leader, the friend of mine who is an experienced mountaineer Gantulga. The moment of the first step on the roof of Mongolia was indescribably amazing, at that moment the tears of joy, proudness, fear and lots of tiredness were dropping.


Mongolia Enkhzaya Photographer


 I was standing under the clear blue sky and seeing the endless snowy peaks towering the sky that was also an incredibly amazing. 


Altai Mountain Climbing Tours


One of the hardest things of this trip was during the bad weather we were walking down on the glacier and the bottomless ice canyons were breaking on the step by step and sometimes we had to crawl on the ice and in water. 


Mongolia Altai Mountain Hiking tour


The next goal was Mt. Malchin, on the next day, in the morning of 8th of June, there were snowy and the weather was so bad and impossible to photograph so I skipped this climb too. But some of our friends did it successfully. 


Altai Mountain Photography tour


On 10th of June, we climbed on the Mt. Tsengel /3,943m/. After we achieved our main goal, we were heading to the scenic place to see Khoton and Khurgan lakes and Turgen waterfall. We were entering the epic valley where there were the mountains wearing snow white caps, forest green covers and water blue skirts and colorful flowers were blooming everywhere. 


Altai Flowers


Mongolian Altai Mountain Tour




Everyone tells that they want to travel. But I want to advice you that just give up everything and take a journey to achieve your dream. You can create an amazingly beautiful memory, make fantastic friends and awe the beauty of the nature earth too.  

Enkhzaya Guruudivaa

Mongolia Altai Mountain Photo


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