Khuvsgul lake and it’s surrounding mountains, Darkhad tribe - Reindeer herders, Shamanism, Darkhad Valley and Khuvsgul Taiga Wilderness attracts most of them. Most famious fishing rivers - Shishged, Tengis, Alag Teel are fly-fishing heaven.  
The origin is still unknown Deer Stones, which is a deer carved and decorated burial monument stone of the Bronze Age (3000-1000 years ago) sites are locates province's territory.  

About Khuvsgul province

 Main town:                 Murun
 Territory:                  109600 км² 
 Population:             124.600 (2010) 
 Distance:               779 km from UB                                 
 Geography & Climate
Khuvsgul province is located in largely mountainous area in the northernmost Mongolia. The nature beauty is one of the well known destinations for tourists. There are fresh water lake Khuvsgul, Reindeer people, full fished Tsagaan lake, Salmon and huge taimen can also be found in the lake, Darkhad Depression(Valley) is one of Mongolia's strongest centre of shamanism.
Lake Khuvsgul  1% of world freshwater resources alone and Khuvsgul province described as a “Mongolian Switzerland” by travelers from all over the world. The largest forest areas of Mongolia are located around and to the north of the lake, extending the southern Siberian Taiga region.




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