Events In July In Mongolia - Don't Miss Out!


Events not to miss in July in Mongolia

Want to travel to Mongolia? But do not know when the best time is? Wondering what to see in Mongolia?
The best time to visit Mongolia is July and you certainly need much more time to take in this supremely beautiful, historical, and wild nature travel through Mongolia. Often ranked as the best tourist destinations in July, you’ll get a chance to catch sight of some of Mongolia’s must-visit and most iconic sights, festivals, and events. To experience an unforgettable tour in Mongolia, make sure to include historical and natural events and festivals to your travel summer itinerary. 
It still is a beautiful month that every traveler in Mongolia should visit at least once in a lifetime.


Night Museum in Ulaanbaatar

Date: July 4-5

Location: Choijin Lama Temple, Ulaanbaatar

Night museum event at Choijin Lama Temple has been held since 2011. The event is so unique because you can enjoy a special exhibition of masterpieces of 16th Jebtsundamba Khutukhtu-The first Bogd Gegeen which is preserved in treasures of the museum only available in the event. 
Night museum events will also include cultural performances of Khusugtun ethnic band, Mongolian state Morin Khuur Assemble and Ulaanbaatar Assemble.
You will explore tangible and intangible cultural heritages both together in the fancy and unusual atmosphere around the temple.
The event will be held from 8.30 pm to 12.00, July 4-5 and the temple is also so easy to reachable since it is located in the center of the UB.

Mongol Nomadic Naadam

Date – July 4, 19, 25, 2020
Location – Mongol nomadic camp (55km from Ulaanbaatar to the west)

This is a mini version of the Mongolian famed Naadam festival organized by the Mongol Nomadic camp. The festival begins with a Mongolian long song and traditional horse head fiddle performance. There you can enjoy and experience the legendary ‘Three Manly Games’ of Mongols including Wrestling, Horse riding, and Archery. You will have a golden chance to see and photograph these games, traditional concerts, and local participants as much as up close to you. 
You can take a short trip to explore this Nomadic Naadam and have an unforgettable memory of Mongols tradition within one day of travel.
If you would like to explore the famous Mongolian Naadam festival in a short time, this mini version of the festival can offer you great opportunities to track ancient nomadic life, its presence, the long tradition, and the deep culture of Mongols.

Tsaatan Festival in July in Northern Mongolia

Date: July 7-8, 2020

Location: Lake Khovsgol, in Northern Mongolia

Tsaatan-reindeer herders live differently from most people in the world and have been attracting international attention for their unique and unchanged way of life. In the beginning of July, numerous reindeer people arrive near the Khovsgol Lake with their reindeer from the depth of the Taiga forest to demonstrate their customs and tradition. The festival includes many activities such as reindeer races, folk concerts, a game of reindeer polo, and more. The Tsaatan herders believe that their ancestors’ ghosts live on in the forest as animals that give guidance to the living, also practice Shamanism, a religion based on nature worship. Shaman worship among the Tsaatan people is thought to represent the oldest variant of Shamanism practiced by Mongolian nomads. 
You can also learn their culture through this festival and also see a real shaman, help their daily chores, herd reindeer and simply experiencing a day of Tsaatan people’s unique life in the taiga. Don’t miss it. You will have a quite unique experience.

National Costume festival Mongolia

Date: July 10, 2020

Location: Chinggis square, Ulaanbaatar city


You can see different types and patterns of the national costume of all ethnic groups of Mongolia together in this festival during the Naadam festival. It consists of Mongolian costume national runway, cultural performance, a contest of best-dressed couple in Mongolian national costume, a contest of best-dressed foreigners in Mongolian national costume, a contest of public dance, and the best dancing couple and closing ceremony-Award ceremony.  Many other cultural events such as exhibitions of national dress, souvenir, and other cultural promotions are organized annually. During the festival, you will experience customs of various Mongolian minorities as well as view dances including Tsam and hear national music plus Khoomei, the throat singing.

Yohor-  folk art festival

Date- July 17-18, 2021

Location- Batshireet soum, Khentii province

mongolia events Named after ancient Buryad dance style Yohor, a folk art festival aims to introduce the unique heritage to the next generation and preserve it through the event. More than 300 hundred dancers gather under the name of buryad ethnic group from Russia, Ulan-Ude, Aga village of Buryatia, and several provinces of Khentii aimag. Nearest cultural and historical attractions a Binder Ovoo, Rashaan Rock Seal memorial, Khajuu lake deer monument, Uglugchiin Kherem/Wall/, and others await you to discover before and after the festival.

Nomadic Culture Festival 

Date: July 6, 2020

Location: Teeliin gol, Erdenekhairkhan soum, Zavkhan Province

Cultural Festival of Nomads is held on the Shore of Ulaagchinii Khar Lake in Zavkhan province in July in Mongolia. The festival gives you the full experience of nomadic life, culture, and rituals of the way of their lives and their livestock. The national archery and wrestling take place among the locals. There are several festivals of large and small cattle that vary by their rituals and usage in nomadic life.

Competitions connected small cattle such as goats and sheep are felt handcraft shows, the traditional way of showing rituals and competitions of sheep wool cutting. Also, you will see the milking show contest of sheep. Festivals of large cattle such as camel and cow are full of interesting activities including yak show contest of loading up on yak, nice yak-cow hybrid, Bullock, best couple with yak, and yak polo. About camel related show, there are camel shows of selecting a nice camel, a relay race of loading up on and loading off a camel.



Another memorable part of the festival is the horse shows such as lassoing horses, catching horses with stick /Mongolians named Uurga/, grabbing a stick, selection of couple with nice horses, and ambler horse competition. During the festival, trade exhibitions and national costume show also are held which attracts all of the people’s eyes into them.
In the evening, all the people gather together and have a fire festival, round dance, and folk art festival. The festival gives you true nomadic life and cultural experience.


Yak Festival in July

Date: July 22, 2020

Location: Bat-Ulziit soum, Uvurkhangai province

The Yak Festival is one of the most important festivals in Mongolia and is held every year on July 22 in Orkhon Valley of Uvurkhangai Province. Nomadic culture in the Khangai Mountains is very strong, and the area has one of the highest concentrations of yaks in the world. 
The event is eagerly anticipated by the community, and the event includes yak racing and showing, wild stallion and yak riding, milking contests, and other traditional Naadam events of horse racing, wrestling, and archery.


Altan Ovoo Mountain Worship 

Date: July 27-29, 2023

Location: Dariganga soum, Sukhbaatar province

Nomadic Mongols worship and revere the highest, lofty and beautiful of their local mountains- worshipping as sacred ones. It has been outstanding cultural heritage elements created, developed, and practiced by Mongolians since ancient times. 
Altan Ovoo Mountain in Dariganga soum, Sukhbaatar province is one of the biggest and ancient places that worshipped by the locals. It is one of 200 ancient extinct volcanoes in this area became officially state sacred mountain in 2004 and the pinnacle a top of the cairn was gilded completely. Men-only can reach the pilgrimage sites of Golden Cairn and women are strictly prohibited to climb the cairn. Amazing lakes such as Dagshin Spring, Duut Lake, and Ganga Lake are all located at its southern slope of the mountain, plus you can find sand dunes to the south side.
One brilliant side you will be able to explore Stone statues of four human -Khan (King), Khatan (Queen), Prince and Princess which associated with the 18th century.
Locals of Dariganga give offerings to the Khan and Khatan statues and read special sutras to worship the Altan Ovoo Mountain.
The worship has been taken place only once in 5 years since 2012, it is a great chance to explore less-shown mountain worship rituals in  2023.

Nomadic Wave at Lake Khovsgol

Date: July 30

Location: Lake Khovsgol, Northern Mongolia

This is a mixed festival introducing both electronic and Mongolian music, throat singing, electronic rhythms on the shores of Lake Khovsgol.

This festival is the full sound of fiddle tunnels, throat tunnels, natural sound, and shaman drum beats. It is often organized on July 30 and taken a lot of tourist and local attractions widely. It is will be never a forgotten experience to listen to and enjoy traditional and local music while visiting beautiful fresh Lake Khuvsgul.


Bogd Khan Mountain Trail 2020

Date –July, 2020

Location- Bogd Khan Mountain

If you are an active runner who willing to achieve special points for the running carrier, the race is one of the UTMB qualifying races! Finishers can get 3 ITRA points for the completion of the 64km trail run! The winner of the 64km trail run can get 500 points from the Asia Trail Master Championship organization. You can challenge in the 10km and 21km categories. 





Music Festivals in July in Mongolia

Beyond the traditional Mongolian festivals, there are fantastic modern and international music events in July in Mongolia. To help you plan the July trip to Mongolia, we have rounded up the best of modern music festivals in July. Everyone who seeks music freedom and live music with warm outdoor weather, check out modern Mongolian festivals taking place in July.  If you seek and prefer music freedom and open-air live music festivals while traveling in Mongolia, check out the following events


International Festival and Competition of Morin Khuur 

Date: June 30 - July 05/ can be changed in 2020/ 

Location: Ulaanbaatar city

mongolia events Morin Khuur is one of the most important musical instruments of the Mongol people and is considered a symbol of the Mongolian nation. And also the instrument is one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity identified by UNESCO. The international festival and competition of Morin Khuur will be held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in July. More than 600 Morin Khuur learners, teachers, researchers, and bands from foreign countries have participated in this festival in the past years. 

The festival is a great opportunity to explore Mongolian culture heritage – Morin Khuur which has the wonderful sound of only two strings and the skills of players around the world.

Play Time Rock Music Festival

Date: July 3-5, 2020

Location: Gachuurt town, Ulaanbaatar city


mongolia music festivals It is the biggest outdoor Mongolian live music festival including Rock, Metal, Indie musicians of all kinds of live music bands around the country and overseas.
The playtime festival usually holds in mid of July near Ub city, Gachuurt. You can enjoy and feel the upcoming brand new live music of modern Mongolia and the World together with young generations of Mongolia.




Silence White Festival

Date: June 29-30, 2020

Location: National amusement park, Ulaanbaatar city

During the Naadam festival, this party is organized by Mongolian best Dj’s spin sets of dance music for the crowd dressed by all in white color. Chance of feeling vibrant part of Mongolia’s music and club scene. It is organized outdoor which is the best to feel the nice time of July.


Mongolian National Holiday Naadam Festival

Dates: 11-13 July

Location- Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

mongolia naadam festivals Top travel attraction of Mongolia, the Naadam Festival gives you an unforgotten discovery of adventure, tradition, and culture of Mongolian people if you attend this event. The Naadam festival, the national pride, a thrilling three-day sporting event that has been happening for centuries and features  ‘’Three Manly Games’’ which are Wrestling, Archery, and Horse Racing. The festival is held in 21 provinces of Mongolia, the whole country celebrates it and champions of wrestling, archery, and horse race from each province get a chance to compete in the State Naadam Festival in Ulaanbaatar which is between the 11th and 13th of July. 

The opening ceremony in Central Naadam center is the amazing occasion of this festival which is full of the parade, traditional and modern song, folk, religious and masks is a great chance to enjoy and photograph Mongolian colorful cultural performances.

The atmosphere of the festival in UB is full of performances, games, meals, and shows crowded by local people from all over the nation and tourists from all over the world. 

mongolia naadam festival

Booking Naadam Ticket and Tour

It is the peak season for tourists. If you want to visit the National Naadam festival in UB, the festival is only 3 days and the entrance ticket for the opening ceremony tends to be sold out early. It is difficult to buy through the internet and getting a ticket is even hard for Mongolians. And do not forget that also you need to get the photographer permission in advance or you might lose your chance of taking those moments in your camera.  If you want to travel with no worries about the tickets, permissions, and other arrangements we are here to help you. Email us at 

If you prefer a local Naadam festival, local Naadam starts at the beginning of July and continues through July depending on provisions and locations. But you should decide to see which local festival you going to and also double-check other travel destinations such as historical sites and wild nature adventures and events near that province within that time. You should check your schedule right now and find the tour agencies and also book your travel in advance.



The difference between Local and City Naadam

mongolia festivals Getting outside of Ulaanbaatar to experience the real, local Naadam at the grassroots level is a unique experience, a world away from the tourist-filled stadium of the capital. So wherever you go in provinces, you have a huge opportunity to see traditional sporting games. Unlike national Naadam in UB, you can get up close to wrestlers, horse races, archeries as they compete and – it is free entry. 

You can see the whole fascinating and brand new adventured horse racing in local Naadam festival up close and in person.

Moreover, you can have a chance to try local food and beverages and visit local nomadic families and explore their lifestyle and tradition which is much different than others in the capital. You have a huge opportunity to talk with nomads and photograph ongoing situations on your camera.

To get to the local Naadam festival, you need a well-prepared tour that includes everything you need such as a good car, an excellent driver, and positive guide, and also a well-organized tour itinerary. Some of the local Naadam in far away from the capital, you need domestic flight and train tickets and Ger camp, guesthouse, and local hotels’ pre-booking before your travel. Because every Mongolians move to enjoy one local Naadam to the others and also numbers of travelers coming to the festival are consequently increasing year by year.



Thank you for reading! If you need trustworthy tour agents to hand over all of your worries please feel free to contact us. 

We always are glad to be your travel partner in Mongolia. Just prepare yourself for Mongolia adventure.


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