Province highlights & Places to go

One of undiscovered province in Mongolia for foreign tourists. There is plenty of beautiful places, lakes, historical sites are located far western Zavkhan province. Main reason is far away location is quite isolated from most of the Mongolian average touring range and map.
Nothing wrong to travel to Zavkhan province, it only requires more time and bit of bravery from you.   


About Zavkhan province

 Main town:                Uliastai 
 Territory:                  82500 км² 
 Population:              76900 (2010) 
 Distance:                1023km from UB                                 
 Geography & Climate
Established in 1923 and located western side of Khangai Mountain Ranges. The territory divides into multi geological zones;
forest, forest-steppe, steppe, semi desert-steppe, gobi desert regions. Only province with the territory includes many geological regions in Mongolia. It means many lakes and rivers, hot spas, sand dunes, wild animals you can see in Zavkhan.
Highest point is Otgontenger mountain (4021m) just 80 kilometres to west from Uliastai city, which is main city of Zavkhan province. One of the coldest place in winter time (reached to -53
°C). Borders with Uvs, Arkhangai, Gobi-Altai, Khuvsgul provinces Republic of Tuva, Russian Federation by north. 

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