Without doubt Mongolia is one of the most adventurous destinations and has a rich culture and a great history. If you seek an ADVENTURE that is truly uncommon and need an inspiration of CULTURE that is absolutely unique or if you are a true NATURE lover and generally looking for a lifetime adventure and less explored mysterious place, then you are in the right place.

The least populated country and home to hospitable nomads known as “Steppe Mongolia” can offer the long list of THINGS TO DO. Here are the only first “10 activities” listed.



horse riding in mongolia

Mongolians have long and deep tradition or culture which relates to the horses. Mongolian horses are small but strong and they are well known as the good companion of the Mongol soldiers during the war also worshipped and respected by steppe nomads as its spiritual power.

mongolia horse riding tours

Nowadays, Mongolian nomads use horses as daily riding, transportation, racing for the Naadam festival and food and milk supplies.  So, why not to try horseback riding tour when you visit Mongolia? Horseback Riding is the best way to see and feel true Mongolia.

riding tours mongolia

Suggested tours: Horse Riding in Legendary Orkhon Valley tour - 13 days



mongolia nomad family

For centuries, the people of the steppes have been developing a pastoral way of life- living in the ger and moving in the search of best pastures for their livestock. Mongolian nomads has been keeping and bringing their ancestors’ cultural heritage to the 21st  century with no changes.

Nomads raise 5 types of animals-goat, sheep, cattle/including yak/, camel and horse-that provide meat, dairy products, cashmere, wool, felt, leather and transportation.

nomadic mongolia

                                                                    Traditionally, stranger could enter the ger without knocking…

Visiting and staying with nomadic family is one part of the way to understand their culture deeply. They are very warm and friendly after entering their ger they offer milk tea with whatever they have-this is the first experience to know their hospitality.

Suggested tour:  MONGOLIA – LAND OF NOMADIC HERITAGE tour - 11 days



naadam festival mongolia

            You should not miss this magnificent opening ceremony-held annually in Ulaanbaatar on 11th of July


Mongolians celebrate few holidays and one of the two major national celebrations is Naadam Festival- activities are horse riding, wrestling and archery- held officially in July throughout the country. It is also known as most colorful, historical and competitive festival- said to be originated from military parade and soldier training.

naadam wrestling tournaments

Wrestlers are well respected among the Mongols and when a new baby boy is born parents and relatives say that “Oh, we have a boy and he could be a good wrestler”. As you know, Mongolian wrestlers win in international and world championships such as, Sumo and freestyle wrestling. Mostly all of the Mongolian men can wrestle, from small children to old folks. So Mongolia is the country of wrestlers. You may try to wrestle with your male guide and driver while travelling through Mongolia.  The most important moment is when small children ride near the finish line-all Mongolians yell “Guu-uug guu-uug or Giin-goo giin-goo” for supporting riders and riders sing “Giin-goo” for supporting horses to gallop faster. All Mongolians feel something magical emotion like crying or appreciating and pitying for both horses and children.

mongolia naadam archery

Archery in Mongolia has had a long famous history. According to our folk legend, the great archer, Erkhy Mergen who saved the people from drought by shooting down six suns. 

In ancient days bows and arrows were primarily used for hunting animals for food, and protecting the tribe from outside threats. Over the centuries, the uses of archery changed and the tradition of archery was passed down to become one of the most important parts of the National Naadam.

Suggested tour:  Mongolia Highlights tour with Naadam Festival-2019 - 20 days



mongolia photography tours

Mongolia is one of the most PHOTOGENIC countries in the world. The landscapes are diverse; the photographer can choose to visit the Gobi desert in the south, taiga and forested mountains in the north, rolling green steppes in the east and ragged high mountains in the west of Mongolia.

festival photography mongolia

Also, Mongolia is home to diverse ethnic groups and this can make Mongolia a portrait photography destination. We are the only tour operator to organize Photography Tours in all corners of Mongolia. So, if you seek photo adventure please, feel free to contact us and all levels of photographers are accepted.  

Suggested Tours: Mongolia Photography Tours



mongolia fishing

Mongolia is now among the top fly-fishing destinations in the world. Rivers are rugged and wild and offer the best variety of fishing in breathtaking natural scenery. Fishing season begins in mid-June and ends the following year of April, but the best time to fish in Mongolia is from the late of August until mid-October. There are 60 species of fish in Mongolia. The largest one is Taimen, most ferocious, freshwater fish in the world. The species is only found in a few inaccessible parts of Siberia and Mongolia. Fishing In Mongolia, especially encounter the freshwater monster, Taimen is the big challenge. To help you overcome these challenges, we provide excellent operating and guiding services from choosing the the best fly fishing poles to the best fishing destinations in Mongolia. So we have been operating fishing adventures in some of the best spots in Mongolia for a decade. 

Suggested tour:  Fishing in Darkhad valley, Khuvsgul province - 13 days



mongolia discovery tours

The least populated country, lack of paved roads, mostly less discovered huge land- means that Mongolia is the true destination for overland adventurers. Mongolia is not just a huge desert or steppes but also, a country of rivers, mountains and heavily forested regions.

So, the diverse landscapes and remote places, off the beaten tracks might challenge your driving ability. Good Luck for your extreme off-road adventure through Mongolia.

Suggested Tour: Discovery to the far west Mongolia tour - 16 days



bird watching in mongolia

Mongolia lies on the migratory routes of a large variety of geese, duck and cranes. So, if you a bird watcher and looking for rare species, we can arrange your birding tour in some good spots, including  Khustai National Park, Gun Galuutai Nature Reserve and in Western Mongolia.

Suggested tour: Bird watching in the Western provinces of Mongolia tour 



mongolia travel agency

The western provinces- Bayan-ulgii, Khovd, Uvs-are very attractive and well worth a visit for hardier travelers. A very different region compared to other parts of Mongolia, where you will have the great opportunities to explore Cave Paintings, deer stones, and rock carvings-dated back to thousands of years, visit National Parks and Strictly Protected Areas with amazing wildlife, trekking to great lakes basin and river rafting, mountaineering and climbing. The remotest place and home to diverse cultures, many ethnic minorities, besides the Khalkha majority, Khoton, Kazakh, uriankhai, Zavkhan, Myangad, Uuld, and Torguut –This region will steal your heart.

 Suggested tour: Untouched beauty of Mongolia - Grand tour - 20 days 



gobi desert mongolia

Mongolian Gobi is a paradise for paleontologists and is second in importance for its dinosaur records, listing 40 species. Twelve to fifteen fossil egg types have been found in the Gobi. Among the seven large Sub-orders of the dinosaur, five are represented in Mongolia and in age from 100million to 65 million years ago. Another unique find consisted of the skeletons of two dinosaurs locked in combat. So visiting dinosaur sites is one the ‘must do things’ in Mongolia. 

Also, you can visit the Dinosaur museum where the best collections of fossils are exhibited in Ulaanbaatar to discover more… 

Suggested tour:  Golden Gobi and Kharkhorin tour - 11 days



terelj national park

Currently 17% of the territory is designed for special protection. The national park system is a wonderful way of safeguarding and habitats of millions of species. Mongolia has led the world in establishing one of the first protected areas, the Bogdkhan uul beside Ulaanbaatar. It means Mongolians have long and deep traditions to protect Mother Nature. So welcome to Mongolian wild and unique National Parks! We are arranging all types of tours to all National Parks and Protected Areas in Mongolia. 

Our suggested tour: Mongolia Overland Special-2017 tour - 16 days


If you want to know more about Mongolian destinations and National Parks please visit our website: Mongolia Top Travel Destinations 


 Adventures await you in Magnificent Mongolia!

And we are here, the team of local travel experts to help planning and to arrange your next adventure.

Thank you! 



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