Mongolia offers all level of riding tours, whether you are on one-day riding trail or two-week horse trek; whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider and wish to attend horse riding tour in Mongolia to gallop free on the open steppes, we are warmly welcome you and Mongolia is the only country which offers authentic rides. 

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If you are planning to go on horseback riding tour in Mongolia, you should look through this practical information about Mongolian horses and horsemanship. You can feel and experience the deep connection between Humans and Horses in Mongolia while you are on the trip.


Mongolian History on Horseback

Mongolians have a long and deep tradition or culture which relates to the horses. From the time of horse domestication to the 21st century, horses enriched the quality of life of the people on the Eurasian steppe, especially Mongol nomads that is proved by archaeological findings in Mongolia.  

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Mongolian horses tend to be small but they are strong, fast and flexible and well known as the good companion of the Mongol warriors during the Chinggis Khan’s conquests in the 13th century. Horses are worshipped and respected by steppe nomads as its spiritual power. It can be easily seen in today’s Mongolia, there are countless examples that related to the horses. From state emblem symbol to simple nomadic lifestyle, from legends to modern songs and from horse racing to riding tours.


Practical Advice for Mongolian Horseback Riding

If you are new to horseback riding and worrying about falling down while you are on the ride, but please don’t mind and your local guide and horse instructor/local horseman/ help you to let your dream comes true.

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Check out the following tips:

Very firstly, you need to know about Mongolian horses and this is very different from westerns. Mongolian horses tend to be small but they might be bit wild or less tamed. Your clothing and packing are important!

- Double check your horse’s girth before you ride if you can’t do this, just tell the horseman and he will check it for your safety

- You must approach from the left side of the horse all the time

- Do not get your feet into horse’s groin

- Place your foot in the stirrups so the widest part of your foot is resting on the stirrups. Don’t jam your foot in the stirrups too far.

- The bridle of Mongolian horse is not the same as western and English style bridle. Mongolian horse bridle has an additional leather strap which is longer than reins and you should use it for driving your horse. Reins are used for stopping your horse.

- Mongolians use traditional wooden tack and for our guests, we provide Russian comfortable saddles.

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What to bring Mongolian Riding trip?

If you are not sure that what to pack and bring before you join in Mongolian Riding tour. Following list might be helpful for you.

- Avoid bright colored clothes and noisy packages.

- Comfortable riding trousers

- Lightweight rain jacket

- If you won’t bring riding boots, you may use horse riding gaiters or chaps

- Sunglasses with strong ties

- Don’t forget the mosquito repellent, if you ride between June to August!

- The lighter your package is the better on horseback

Now you got a general knowledge of Mongolian horses and riding tips. 

- After you are on horseback: say "chuu'' to fasten your horse 

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At Ayan Travel Mongolia- you can join our horse trekking tours. We suggest you the following tours and you have an opportunity to see and feel true Mongolia. You will not only gallop on the open steppes, trek through the taiga mountain wilderness and ride through historical sites but also, you will explore the real life of Mongolian nomads and their cultural heritage including Mongolian religions and ethnical group customs.

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What is the length and location of Mongolian ride?

Mongolia is a big country for its territory, so you can choose from different terrain or region. Depending on your choice you will ride 5 to 25kilometres a day. And the ride will continue for an hour, for half of the day and for a full day.

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So what is like horse riding tours in Mongolia?

During the tour, your guide and local horse instructor help you to all your matters related to the riding experiences.

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Believe in your local horseman because Mongolian children start to ride a horse as soon as they can walk. So riding and herding experiences and skills are the big part of their life. They will teach you how to pack on and how to lead your horse. Watering and feeding horses are their job too.  

The Real Horseback Adventure –Mongolian Horse Racing at Naadam Festival

The Naadam festival, the national pride, a thrilling three-day sporting event that has been happening for centuries and features  ‘’Three Manly Games’’ which are Wrestling, Archery and Horse Racing. 

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Actually, horse racing is scientifically sport and it races except winter time when grass grows. To train a horse for race keeping under a special regimen at least one month before race and horse jockeys are usefully between 5 and 13 years of age and lead their horse across the steppes, over various distances between 10 and 26 km depending on horse age.

mongolia horse trekking ​Our Horseback Riding Adventures in central Mongolia:

If you want to explore historical sites and UNESCO World Heritage center and combined with the wilderness riding, A True Nomadic Adventure Tour - 12 days and  Horse Riding in legendary Orkhon Valley tour - 13 days is the best trip for you. 


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Our Horse Trekking Tours in In Northern Mongolia/ Lake Khovsgol:

If you are an adventurer and interested in shamans, Mongolian Blue Trail to Spiritual Shaman tour - 13 days is the right trip for you. Horse Trekking in Taiga Mountains and Discovering reindeer Tsaatan people life in the northernmost region of the country.



Horse Riding Trips in Western Mongolia/ Altai Mountains:

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Adventures in Altai Tavan Bogd Mountains tour - 14 days is dedicated for trekker on horseback. You will visit the Kazakh family to experience a new culture trek to the largest and highest mountain range of Mongolia.

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Our Horseback Riding Trails in Eastern Mongolia

Horseback riding is the perfect Mongolian travel experience, especially here in the eastern region of the country where it is considered legendary fastest and best horse region. In winter time, highly recommend you to go Steppe Horse Festival in Eastern part of the country –Homeland of Chinggis Khaan.


Winter Horse Riding Experience in Mongolia

Mongolian diverse terrain makes an ideal place to embrace your love for the equestrian and nomadic lifestyle. If you are feeling brave, local people may allow you to ride their horses in winter times. Mongolian winter horse festivals and riding adventure must be on your travel bucket list. 

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For outdoors-lovers, horseback riding is a whole new way to experience nomad’s riding tradition and Mongolia’s most beautiful areas. For more experienced riders, there are plenty of breathtaking trails across the country that make perfect and awesome four season conditions for trail riding. The choice is yours!

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On the tour, you will have picnic meals and stay in tented camp when you are in the wilderness. You will have a rest and hot shower when you are in the tourist ger camp. Everything will be ready and we’ll arrange your dream vacation well. So it is the time just enjoy your riding and explore Mongolia with the help of Ayan Travel Team!

Have a great riding adventure in Mongolia! If you have more inquiries about riding tour we are here to help you at





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