MONGOLIA TRAVEL NEWS Activities and Things to Do in Eastern Mongolia

Eastern Mongolia has a wide range of tourist attractions and activities even it is less visited part of Mongolia. Whether you are looking for horseback riding adventure, or a relaxing in peaceful nature, there is an activity or attraction to suit everyone's interest, culture and budget in Eastern part of Mongolia.

Things to see in Genghis Khan's birthplace 


Eastern Mongolia is known as a country of blue sky and endless green grassland and famous for its numerous extinct volcanoes, herds of white-tailed gazelles and balbal stones. Tourism is less developed in this part of Mongolia, and you will find yourself on the pure grassland while you are on the tour. Eastern Mongolia is birthplace of Genghis Khan. World’s largest equestrian statue, world's biggest cave in the steppe, beautiful Ganga Lake with its numerous swans are another things of interest. In this area, you can visit local families and meet authentic nomads of the remote areas. 


Deluun boldog, the birthplace of Genghis khan. For 800th birthday of our Great Genghis khan, in 1962, his statue was erected in Deluun Boldog.


Khan Khentii Mountain National Park, home to many historical and cultural sites. The park is situated between Siberian taiga forests to grassland. It was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 4 July 2015 under the title "Great Burkhan Khaldun Mountain and its surrounding sacred landscape".


Khukh Lake. It was mentioned that Temuujin (Genghis khan's childhood name) moved to the Khukh Lake (Blue Lake) of Khar Zurkh (Black heart) and it is place where Temuujin was declared as the Genghis Khan of Great Mongolian Emprie.


Oglogchiin Kherem (Oglogch Wall). This Wall is located in 45km southwest of Batshireet soum. Mongolian-American joint expedition team "Genghis Khan" discovered approximately 60 tombs near the wall.


Kherlen River. Kherlen River is one of three famous rivers of Khentii mountain Range, and it flows for 1.264 kilometers into Dalai Lake in China. There are many species of fish and bird such as geese, duck, Amur Catfish, Umber, Taimen, Lenok, Amur Chub, Mirror Carp, Golden Carp and Amur Ide etc.

kherlen river mongolia


Baldan Bereeven Monastery. The ruins of Baldan Bereeven Monastery are located in Bereeven Mountain. The monastery was built of granite in 1777. The monastery was home to 8,000 lamas. It was the religious center of Eastern Mongolia. 



Dornod Mongolia’s or Eastern Mongolian steppe. Mongolian authorities have been convinced that this area's fragile environment and endangered fauna and flora need to be conserved. Dornod Mongol was declared as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2005. A biosphere reserve aims to preserve the environment while allowing local communities to be involved in sustainable development. The core area of a biosphere reserve is strictly protected, the buffer zone is used for research and similar activities, and the transition zone allows the local communities to undertake ecologically sustainable activities.

steppes of Mongolia

Landscapes of Dauria for nature lovers. Shared between Mongolia and the Russian Federation, this site is an outstanding example of the Daurian Steppe eco-region, which extends from eastern Mongolia into Russian Siberia and northeastern China. Cyclical climate changes, with distinct dry and wet periods lead to a wide diversity of species and ecosystems of global significance. The different types of steppe ecosystems represented, such as grassland and forest, as well as lakes and wetlands serve as habitats for rare species of fauna, such as the White-naped crane, Great Bustard, Relict Gull and Swan goose, as well as millions of vulnerable, endangered or threatened migratory birds. It is also a critical site on the transboundary migration path for the Mongolian gazelle. Landscapes of Dauria is inscribed as World Heritage site, in 2017, with Russia.


Here are the popular things to do in eastern Mongolia 

Visit nomad families and experience authentic nomadic life



See thousands of white-tailed gazelles



See the steppe sunrise from Shiliin Bogd volcano/ Sacred holy mountain and hundreds of small volcanoes will be seen like bubbles on steppes



Bird watching; Eastern Mongolia is the home for some rare birds such white-naped crane (Grus vipio) and other species of crane etc. 



Drive through the earth’s last virgin grassland under the beautiful blue sky

driving in Mongolia


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