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10. Mongolian top 3 tour destinations for nature lovers

It is said to be that the whole Mongolia is the “Natural Museum”. Mongolian landscapes are diverse; you will explore Gobi desert in the south- rich in rare flora and fauna, wilderness dense forest in the north-rich in pristine water and fish species, endless ecologically-balanced steppes-rich in rare birds and plants and ragged beautiful mountains in the west-also rich in rare wildlife. 


Nature photo mongolia

Mt. DelgerKhaan, Khovsgol province, Northern Mongolia. The true destination for nature lovers. 

Visit here more about Mongolian top 3 tour destinations for nature lovers


9. The 10 Books about Mongolia on

As a traveler you should pick up one or more of the excellent books suggested by Amazon which covers the in-depth knowledge on everything from history to science, journey of experience to modern literature concisely and practically. Below are 10 books that will really broaden your horizons about Mongolia.

The 10 Books about Mongolia on


8. View from plane window over Mongolia

The stunning images are taken by Batzaya Choijiljav, who has been travelling and photographing all over Mongolia for more than 10 years. In this article we want to show you some of the most scenic photos taken from airplane window. 


aerial photo of Mongolia

Mongolian nomadic life easily be seen how simple is it. 

More Aerial photos please visit to View from plane window over Mongolia


7. Why Mongolia must be on your 2018 bucket list?

The world is changing, may be the most unique cultures, the purest placec are changing by modernization and civilization. But there are some unique cultures and hidden traditions are still existing and struggling to keep world's heritages and historical sites in some remote places on earth.  After few years, Mongolia might be affected by this transition, who knows. So you should visit MONGOLIA before everyone add this country to their bucket list. 


travel bucket list mongolai

Adventure, culture, history and nature based experiences await you in Mongolia

Here are some reasons why people love to travel to Mongolia and Why Mongolia must be on your 2018 bucket list?


6. Stunning photos of Mongolian Altai Mountains

Photo diary by Enkhzaya Guruudivaa, she is dentist and climber. Also a good photographer share with us her stunning photo shoots and extreme climbing experience. She said "My wish which let me take a camera to share those beautiful memories to others. Photography is amazing thing that takes me back to my memorable time. For now I am sharing with you one of my journeys which left the epic memory in my life". 


altai mountain mongolia

The moment of the first step on the roof of Mongolia was indescribably amazing, at that moment the tears of joy, proudness, fear and lots of tiredness were dropping

Enjoy more Stunning photos of Mongolian Altai Mountains


5. Is it Possible to travel to Mongolia in November?

How's the weather like in November in Mongolia? Is it extremely cold? Are there any attractions which are closed or impossible during this period? Will it be possible to visit the Gobi, ride camels etc…in November?


mongolia in november

Here we specialized Mongolian Gobi, Lake Khovsgol and central Mongolia as three main regions that could attract travelers and adventurers in November.

Find out the answers here Is it Possible to travel to Mongolia in November?


4. Amazing landscape photography of Mongolia

If you are one of those who love  stunning beauty of nature then Mongolia has much more to offer as its natural scenery and breathtaking landscapes. We share some of beautiful landscape photos taken by Bayar Balgantseren who is one of the leading photographers of Mongolia. 


mongolia landscape

The mysterious Gobi Desert of Mongolia

See more Amazing Landscape Photography of Mongolia


3. 10 reasons to visit Mongolian Altai Mountains

Travel Mongolia and take a trip to Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, in western Mongolia can be a great adventure. If you take a trip to Mongolia you should not miss this amazing cultural, historical and natural rich National Park. Here are the ten reasons to visit Altai Tavan Bogd National Park of Mongolia. 


eagle hunting mongolia

Altai Mountains of Mongolia is home to golden eagles. Hunting with golden eagles is one of the most important traditions of Mongolian Kazakhs

Check out what Mongolian Altai Mountains hide in itself and the  10 Reasons to visit Mongolian Altai Mountains


2. Best photography Locations in Mongolia

Mongolia is known as the land of blue sky there are 275 sunny days a year, so it is the great opportunity for photographers to shoot magnificent images on your camera and to collect beautiful memories in your mind. The view of landscapes and its colors are changing so you can see the diverse places through your lens while on the same trip. 
This article can help you to choose the best photography locations in Mongolia. 

photos mongolia

Mongolian Gobi is one of the best photo spots in Mongolia and attracts photographers 

Here are the top 5 places to photograph in Mongolia with information of its location and description with photos taken by our director Batzaya Choijiljav. Best photography Locations in Mongolia


1. Mongolia Winter Festivals

You may think that Mongolian winter is extremely cold and harsh, but wait...Mongolia is not the coldest place on earth. Mongolian winter has its own beauty and specialty, offers you thrilling events to see and unique cultural activities to enjoy or attend. In this article:  the top winter festivals which takes place in the various regions of Mongolia.


mongolian winter tour

Silver Reeds Festival in Khovd province, western Mongolia 

Need to know about winter travel tips and advice? Visit here Mongolia Winter Festivals


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