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  For landscape, nature and portrait photography, Mongolia is one of the most diverse countries in the world. In Mongolia you can photograph d...

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It is great to share a good news with you.   National Geographic Traveler determines the 10 Places That Deserve More Travelers, annual...

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To travel to Mongolia and especially to join in Mongolian winter tour is an uncommon and extreme adventure. So if you take a trip to Mongolia in winte...

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August is all about beautiful nature, peaceful country life, outdoor adventures, good temperature and the perfect time to enjoy and visit Mo...

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Are you planning to travel to Mongolia? And looking for information about accommodation in Mongolia? So, I will share my first experience of accommoda...

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   Altai Tavan Bogd National Park is an impressive natural reserve and is famous for its 5 highest peaks and largest Potanin glacier...

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Mongolia is paradise of hiking, trekking and adventure travel, offering from beginners to pros (moderate hiking to climbing), from Gobi Sand Dunes to ...

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Golden Eagle Festival is a cultural and adventurous attraction for both local and foreign travelers and photographers. It is not just a festivity, but...

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Rugged Mongolia is an adventure destination where travelers can see the traditions of the past still practiced today by hardy nomads dwelling on the c...

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