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Western Mongolia is one of best travel destinations which attracts more and more travelers to Mongolia. This mountainous and scenic region has most di...

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The highest region of Mongolia, this less discovered remote place offers countless opportunities to photograph. Let’s get started form Altai Tav...

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When I have camera on my hand, I know no FEAR. Alfred Eisenstaedt.   Are you looking for a new but unique and untouched place to your memor...

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January, known as the coldest month of the year, but it has its own specialties and beauties. Here we want to show you images of Mongolia in January. ...

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    Taiga, which is located in northernmost Mongolia, sounds unreachable, remote and farthermost place to me. Yes, Taiga is sacrament...

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  Christmas in Mongolia You may wonder that Mongolian people celebrate Christmas as it is officially a Buddhist nation. But, there wer...

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  Tsagaan sar is one of the biggest events for life of Mongolian people. Lunar festive is a New Year holiday as well as beginning of the sprin...

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  The world is changing, may be the most unique cultures, the purest placec are changing by modernization and civilization. But there are some...

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The Best Films About Mongolia  The unique lifestyle and culture of Mongol and steppe nomads, rich history of Mongols and Mongol warriors, beau...

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