MONGOLIA TRAVEL NEWS Best Photo Spots in Western Mongolia

Are you looking for perfect photo spots to capture people in traditional costumes, golden eagle hunting or centuries old nomadic culture? Or do you like to take photos of ancient historic sites, scenic landscapes along with local people and lifestyle? If you say “Yes” to one of these, then western Mongolia is your new photographic destination and we guide you to find the best photography spots of this region. 

Mongolian Altai Mountains are so photogenic

One of the highlights of western Mongolia, Altai Tavan Bogd NP contains lots of scenic places, lakes, ragged peaks, glaciers, endangered floras and faunas, ancient historical sites, UNESCO Heritages and local nomads-eagle hunters and Dukha people to shoot. We took an adventure photo journey to this magnificent place and show you the best photo spots selected by local photography experts.


Our Photo Adventure in Altai Mountains of Mongolia 


best photo spots mongolia

Scenic landscapes in western Mongolia


main photo destinations mongolia

Unesco World Heritage Site


Portrait photography destination - Khovd province

If you are a portrait photographer and looking for unique faces, then this is the right place to take picture of local ethnic people. There 18 ethnic groups in Mongolia and most of them live in this province. Choosing an effective portrait location takes time and thought, but it's something that you should always aim to get right. It is worth to visit this less populated region you will experience diverse cultures, receive great hospitality along with photographing. If you are an extreme adventurer and seeking uncommon photoshoots then you may be interested in ‘Silver Reeds Winter Festival”.  Here we show you some of the best shots taken by local Mongolian photographer Batzaya Choijiljav


portrait photos mongolia

Mongol Nomadic Festival 


landcape mongolia


Photographing Golden Eagle Festival 

The most attractive event, Golden Eagle Festival is truly must be one of the best photography spots in Mongolia. Known to the world as teenage eagle huntress, centuries old heritage of Kazakh people and beautiful huge eagles. For the photographers, it gives great chance to capture fantastic moments of golden eagle hunting, horsemen competition and other cultural activities. This exciting festival will truly be worth to visit to take fascinating pictures.


eagle huntress mongolia

Aishol Pan, the eagle huntress and famous film star 


photo destination west mongolia

Opening parade at Golden Eagle Festival Mongolia


Capture landscapes and nomads in Zavkhan province

Far from tourists, less explored area of Mongolia, keeps number of hidden treasures in itself. Magnificent turquoise colored “Khar Lake” surrounded by golden sand dunes, snow capped Mt. Otgon Tenger, the highest point of the second largest mountain range of Mongolia and local nomadic herders – it would be the perfect photo scene for landscape, travel, portrait and culture photography.


nomadic festival photo


Zavkhan Province Ulaagchin Khar lake

Ulaagchiin Khar Lake


Zavkhan aimag Ulaagchin lake festival

Mongolian Nomads 


Zavkan province tour

Folk Performance 


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