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Mongolia is known as the "Land of Blue Sky": there are about 250 sunny days throughout the year. The weather in Mongolia can be characterized as dry, cold, and sunny. Because the country is so far from the regulating influence of any oceans. Mongolia has continental climate and it brings great extremes in weather. It is possible to see 4 seasons in one day, even in July it snows in the mountains. 

SUMMER in Mongolia

Mongolia best time

The ideal season to travel in Mongolia starts from May and hits its highest peak in July, during the Naadam holiday, and in July and August the weather is most favorable for travelling. This is the best time if you like the culture and the beauty of nature. 

Naadam Festival Mongolia

The weather during the summer varies from aimag to aimag, but it is generally hot. Outside of the Gobi desert, this time of the year is marked with rains in some areas, and it becomes quite chilly at night.


Mongolia autumn tours

Autumn, especially, in September and October, is best period to travel in Gobi desert.

For other regions; September is also a very good time to visit, and October is not too late to travel to Mongolia. It is still warm during the days but a bit chilly during the nights. 
There are a few attractive and authentic events held in autumn.  “Tsam” dance, Buddhist festival is held in Amarbayasgalant monastery in Selenge aimag /province/.


Mongolia Eagle hunting festival

 “Golden Eagle Festival” is organized at the beginning of October, annually, in Bayan-Ulgii aimag. 


Mongolia winter tours

The weather is bitterly cold during the winter, dropping down to -30º in some parts. 
For visitors who are not afraid of cold, travelling to Mongolia from November till the Lunar New Year is still an option. Mongolian winter has it’s own beautiful scenery.


Mongolia Winter tour 


Winter tourism is developing in Mongolia in last few years. There are some enjoyable events held in winter such as “Winter Festival” and “Ice Festival” in Hovsgol Lake, “Camel Festival” in Gobi desert area.  Mongolia offers other dayly activities to do in winter:  dog sledding, ice skating and skiing etc...



Lunar new year or tsagaan sar Mongolia

The most exciting experience is visiting the nomads. This is the time to experience their culture during "Tsagaan Sar" (traditional Lunar New Year) celebration. Khazakh's holiday-  “Nauryz - Spring Festival” is held in Bayan –Ulgii aimag in western Mongolia.  Spring is the best time to see that how Mongolian nomads recieve baby animals and care for them.


Mongolian climate data

weather Mongolia


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