Mongolian Gobi

Mongolian Gobi considered as world’s top travel destinations.This exotic desert has been captivating explorers, paleontologists, travelers and photographers for many decades.The Mongolian Gobi is famous for its iconic natural formations, dinosaur fossils, wildlife, birds and camel herding nomads. Mongolian Gobi offers you excellent desert activities and suggestions that make your Mongolian Gobi trip unforgettable and worth.

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Area: 470,000 sq km (181,400 sq mi)

Location: South east of the country

Elevation: 910–1,520 meters (2,990–4,990 ft)

Climate: −40 °C (−40 °F) in winter, 40 °C (104°F) in summer

Precipitation: 200 mm (8 in) per year


Mongolian Gobi: A Destination for Cultural Discoveries

Experiencing local nomads’ hospitality and lifestyle

gobi travel destinationAs you know Mongolia is world’ one of the most sparsely populated countries and in Mongolia, Gobi desert region is also the least crowded place. You will find plenty of nomadic families during your trip except the main tourist areas. It may give you a feeling like you are wandering through a great emptiness and mystery. And now please put yourself in local nomads’ place. They are living in nomadic way of life and migrate few places in their desert region for year around and they have not enough opportunity to meet strangers. So, based on their nomadic lifestyle, the hospitality tradition has been building or Ger or Yurt/traditional dwelling/, you will feel the great warmth and hospitable atmosphere. And this is the only beginning of your Mongolian nomadic cultural discovery. You will learn a lot of culture differentiations while you are staying with them.

Camel herding traditions and myths

gobi mongolia

The largest population of Bactrian camel lives in Gobi Desert of Mongolia. Camel has been the only livelihood for local Gobi nomads. They use camels for transportation, wool, meat and local festivities. As I noted above, Gobi nomads’ culture and tradition also have been developing on the base of camel herding. Herders in Mongolian Gobi region who face nature and livestock related problems and difficulties and they created unique ways of problem solving. One of them is coaxing tradition, when the female camel unexpectedly rejects her newborn colt after a particularly difficult birth. There is a tradition to coaxing ritual to encourage a female camel to accept a newborn or to adopt an orphan. May be you heard that the famous film “The Story of the weeping camel”, the coaxing myth is clearly seen on this movie and you should watch. Also I am glad to note that the "Coaxing Ritual for Baby Camels" is inscribed in the UNESCO List of Heritage.

 Local event and festival attending

gobi travel mongolia camel festival

The Gobi nomads are not only migrating and challenging their harsh lives. They have centuries old cultural heritages, music, dance, arts and can having fun and be entertained.  In the beginning of every March, there is a superb interesting event held, called as “Thousand Camel Festival” Local people gather in South Gobi province with their camels to attend this exotic event and compete in some culture and sporting games. This thrilling festival was first initiated in 1997 by the locals of Umnugovi (South Gobi) to celebrate Mongolian camels and protect the species and pass the rich Mongolian camel breeding heritage to the next generation. Nomads from far and near wear their best traditional costume and ride their best camels to attend the festival. Highlights of the festival include camel races, performances by traditional Mongolian musicians and dancers and there will be a parade of 1000 camel riders for the Guinness World Record Book during the festival!

Mongolian Gobi: A Destination for Nature Travelers  

Dinosaur fossils and Paleontological learning

mongolia gobi travel destination dinosaur egg

Mongolian Gobi is famous for its valuable dinosaur fossil findings in the world. The Gobi Desert was unknown to the world until Marco Polo’s travel in the 13th century. Many other explorers followed Polo's journey and traveled through the Gobi Desert such as Roy Chapman Andrew’s expedition. Their most impressive discovery was the first ever scientifically recognized dinosaur eggs in the world. The eggs, pictured left, were found at an incredibly dense fossil site called Flaming Cliffs in Southern Mongolia. After the legendary discovery of Roy Chapman Andrews, Mongolian Gobi was well known and the most important place for world’s natural history and paleontological science. You will see those valuable findings from the local museum on the entry of Gobi Gurvan Saikhan NP and in Dinosaur Museum in the capital city Ulaanbaatar. 

National Park and nature reserve visiting


As its least populated place and natural history, the Mongolian Gobi is also best travel destination for eco-travelers and nature lovers. Mongolian Gobi has plenty of nature reserves and national parks that contains rare species of animals, birds and plants and scenic natural beauty.

“Great Gobi A Strictly Protected Area” is a nature reserve in Gobi desert, situated in the south-western part of Mongolia at the border with China. A similar reserve in the Gobi exists further to the west - the Great Gobi B Strictly Protected Area. Both reserves form one unit, the Great Gobi Strictly Protected Area (SPA), which encompasses a total of 53,000 km2. Great Gobi A is one of the last refuges for critically endangered animals, like wild Bactrian camels and Gobi bears.

“Gobi Gurvan Saihan NP” is the main tourist attraction, gives great chance to explore natural wonders and wildlife discoveries first hand. The park is home to iconic Yol valley, taking scenic nature walks through narrow rock corridor, natural ice formation can be found until late summer in the valley is impressive and would be your trip highlight.

Bird watching and wildlife viewing

gobi travel destination bird watching

Mongolian Gobi is one of the most important spots of world’s birding tourism or avi-tourism. If you visit Gobi Gurvan Saikhan NP, you can find the magnificent lammergeier, or bearded vulture and other iconic species of birds. Also the magnificent mountains of the park are inhabited by some endangered species like the argali sheep, snow leopard and Siberian ibex. Didi you know that Mongolia hosts the largest wild sheep in the world and it is the big challenging game to see and take pictures of them. Please note that this can be the great game because we are talking about wild nature. If you need to discover and photograph more wildlife of Mongolian Gobi such as Gobi bear, Asiatic wild ass, Gobi ibex, wild Bactrian camel, you should take well-arranged “Big Expedition to the remote Great Gobi strictly Protected Areas” with local travel experts. 

Medicinal and rare plants studying

Did you know that Mongolian Gobi is considered as “Ancient sea bed”? As its natural formation, climate and location the Gobi is sure to be a home to rare plants and flowers. In order to survive in the Gobi Desert, almost all of the plants have to be adapted to extreme temperatures as well as little to no rain. Systematic exploratory studies on medicinal plant resources were undertaken from the 1940s. According to the results of those researches; currently, it is reviewed the vascular plant diversity of the southern and eastern Gobi Desert in Mongolia. In the diverse habitats of this area, recorded 78 species from 57 genera of 23 families, indicating that the flora of the surveyed region shows high diversity.

Mongolian Gobi: A Destination for Photographers and Film makers  

Desert Landscape and Wildlife Photographing

The Gobi is an iconic destination for landscape, wildlife and night sky photography. Contrasting colors of rugged mountains, sand dunes, green oasis, mystic mirages are not only the photographic objects but also the Gobi is a land of roaming camels, gazelles, and endangered wild animals – it makes the Gobi the most exotic desert on earth.

Stargazing and night sky photography

Mongolian Gobi isa paradise for Night-Sky photographers. Gobi is the perfect place for viewing the night sky. As the clear sky slips to a deep inky blue, the stars and planets shine like diamonds scattered across the Universe. You'll easily spend hours – amazed by what you've been missing. 

Nomadic People portraits photography

Mongolians figure, the face is totally different than our Asian countries, with the short body but broad chest, the nose is taller than other Asian nationalities, cheekbones are very round and big, good white teeth etc… Mongolian people are very shy and some of the elders believe that to be taken their photos reduce the age. Even it is superstition, clients need to respect it and guides can translate positively


Mongolian Gobi: A Destination for Outdoor and Leisure Activities

Sand Dune Climbing and guided walks

gobi travel info-sand dune climbing

Gobi travel is not complete without sand dune climing. You can take a hike on the largest and most spectacular sand dunes of Khongor, is known as the «singing sands» and rise from the plain reaching a height of 80m and extending for about 180km long. The spectacular dunes are bordered by lush green vegetation supported by a small river Khongoriin gol.

Camel Riding sessions and trekking

The Camel has been a mainstay of desert life for thousands of years and is an essential activity for your desert experience. ring yourself entirely into the peaceful silence of the immense desert! Famous Mongolian song says, “The Sun is closer from the camelback”. Indeed, you have unique opportunity to experience it during camel trekking tour in the Gobi. This gentle and comfortable animals will lead us to the scenic oases, the footsteps of the dinosaur hunters at Khermen Tsav flaming cliffs. Also we'll constantly pass through rough but green saxaul forests, the ancient seabeds where dinosaur fossils are found by both local nomads and professional archeologists. The 80-meter high sand dunes of Khongorin Els and enjoyable environment of mountain areas would be the highlights of your camel trekking journey. 

Off Road Driving and Overland Adventuring

For those who love crave action, Mongolian Gobi offers you take off-road adventures. Buckle up and be ready for a wild ride though the dunes, oasis, mirages and endless steppes.

Relaxing and Sand healing 

If you are a sun and sand holiday lover, and dreaming about this kind of relaxation while in traveling Mongolia, the Gobi desert also can offer you sand burial relaxation. Why not try it once you already in the sandy Gobi.

Attending World Class Marathons  

You can attend world class marathon in Mongolia Gobi. The MGU225km is well-known that the most wonderful and challenging event for ultra-runners in the world. The 7th International MGU225km 2019. For more information, please email us we will help you to register and other arrangement.

Nearest Places To See when I am in Gobi Desert Mongolia?

Gobi desert locates in the southern region of Mongolia. It may take a week to discover the Gobi, but depend on your interests of travels. If you need more to explore Mongolia after and before traveling to Gobi you should contact local travel agencies to customize your trip. You can travel to the Central Mongolia to learn Mongolian Historical sights and authentic Mongol Culture. And travel to  the North Mongolia to experience reindeer herding people’s culture, visit lake Khovsgol National Park, or you can take crazy adventure to the wild West Mongolia to explore ragged mountains, Kazak eagle hunting culture, scenic natural wonders, ancient nature and culture historical discoveries, take nature travels and much more to see there.

Here we suggest you the following Gobi tours. Discuss your interests, schedule and needs to our travel specialists are always happy to help you to make your Mongolia Trip wonderful.


“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru


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