10 Things You Need To Know - Traveler's Checklist Mongolia

So you were looking for a place to travel and decided on Mongolia? We created the ultimate travel checklist for Mongolia. Visa information, passport, Mongolian embassies, essential papers, transportation, packing list, medication, travel insurance, special foods, accommodation, and others are all here for you to plan your visit Mongolia. It is not a big deal if you are struggling with how to travel Mongolia, read and use our newly updated travel checklist and make sure you haven’t missed everything.

1. Visa To Mongolia

If you are a frequent traveler, you would definitely know about the pain of getting the visa. Sometimes, even though you plan an international trip, you are in a situation to either postpone or cancel your trip. Check out following visa related information before you go Mongolia.

Visa Free Countries - To Travel Mongolia 

If you are a citizen of the following countries and choose Mongolia for your next travel destination, you are welcome and feel free to travel to Mongolia without a visa. Visa-free travel countries to Mongolia are differed by a stay of durations. So please check it out and your Mongolia travel planning can be smart and accurate. All types of passport holders of the following countries enter to Mongolia with no visa. 

Mongolia Visa Application Process 

Except for visa-free countries, every visitor to Mongolia needs a visa. But you don’t need to worry about it. Visa Application process is very simple. If there is Mongolian embassy or Consulate in your country, you should complete the application form and hand it at the embassy, with a number of passport photos, your passport (with passport copies) and pay the fee. Plus you will need tour itinerary from your Mongolian travel agency which proves your purpose of visiting and leisure in the country. That’s it. It is better to check the validity of your passport in advance and make sure it is at least 6 months valid. If you plan to travel Mongolia within a group of 5-10 people, you can get 25% off discount for the visa fee. If more than 10 people, you can get 50% discount too.

Where  Mongolian Diplomatic and Consular representations are located?

Currently, Mongolia maintains 31 embassies abroad as well as 82 consulates and one other representation. 

Visa on Arrival in Mongolia

Mongolia Visa on Arrival – the service is only intended for travelers who cannot normally obtain a visa at their originating point or no Mongolian consular conventions in their home country. Single entry visa (J - tourist) is available on arrival at Chinggis Khaan International Airport only. Please keep in mind that if you want to get Mongolian visa on arrival, you have to enter the country only by air at Chinggis Khan Airport, not any other border point of entry to Mongolia. The cost is 108,000MNT /Mongolian tugrik / about 45USD/ and plus a service fee of 1,000MNT/ about 0,5USD/. The Mongolian Immigration office requests that travelers wishing to obtain a visa on arrival should email that office in advance of their arrival providing their full name, date of birth, citizenship, passport number and expiry date and arrival date, time and flight number. Only when you receive an invitation from the Immigration Office, you can get the visa on arrival at the airport in Ulaanbaatar.
If you choose us your travel partner in Mongolia, we will give you visa supports and stress-free travel for you.

For Travelers from European Countries

According to the newly updated official inform from Mongolian Visa requirement which has revised by Government resolution in July 2018:
Especially, tourists coming from European countries, where there is no Mongolian diplomatic presence or visa issuing honorary consuls, are eligible to obtain on arrival visa at Chinggis Khaan International Airport in Ulaanbaatar.
For your preference, the European countries where there is no Mongolian diplomatic presence are Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.
Passengers from European countries where there is no Mongolian diplomatic presence, traveling for tourism to Mongolia do not need a confirmation before departure and can obtain a single entry visa (tourist) on arrival at Ulaanbaatar.

How long can a visitor stay in Mongolia on a tourist visa?

Mongolian tourist visa, designated as J on your passport, is valid for 90 days from the date of issue and you can enter Mongolia at any time up to the last day on the visa. Once you have entered before the last date shown on the visa, this will be the start of your 30 days inside the country and only single entry. But if you want to travel more, you can extend your visa up until 4 days before expiry in Immigration office in Ulaanbaatar and Bayan-Ulgii province. Please be aware of your expiry day in case of extending your Mongolia visa.

More than 30 day trip in Mongolia- Mongolian Visa Extension

If you are planning your trip in Mongolia for more than 30 days, you have to extend your visa after your arrival within 7 days. Plus, you need request letter from your Mongolia tour operator for extending visa and other essential documents. If you are traveling by yourself, it is not difficult. The process of your extension will take 3-5 business days. 

Double Entry Visa to Mongolia 

A double-entry tourist visa is also available, but only where the traveler is making a side trip from Mongolia and returning within a short time. The double-entry visa cannot be used to make two separate trips to Mongolia.

Transit Visa to Mongolia

Transit visas can be applied at an international airport if the applicant has an onward ticket or obtained a visa to destination country he or she plans to visit Mongolia. Transit visa is issued up to 10 days depending on the duration of the intended stay.
Passengers from European countries where there is no Mongolian diplomatic presence, traveling with onward ticket and already obtained a visa to the destination country if applicable, can obtain a transit visa on arrival with a maximum stay of 10 days. If you are crossing Mongolia by train, you can have a transit visa. But you can’t leave the train while in Mongolia, except for the Ulaanbaatar train station area. Once you have a transit visa, you can hop off only Ulaanbaatar and explore Mongolia within short times before arriving next Trans-Mongolian train come. To make your limited times in Mongolia more wise and worthy, please contact with local tour operates who arrange your short trip to most visited and must-see destinations in Mongolia within that time.

2. Are you planning to travel to Mongolia with children?

Are you planning to travel Mongolia with your children? Mongolia is a dream and adventure destination for family travel. However, you may be curious about visa requirements, it can be quite different from that you are traveling with your nephew to some of the European countries in the morning and come back home in the evening. If you are traveling with some of your relatives under the age of 16 years old, you need to the notarized letter for a parent who is not traveling together. And other essential documents are the same for adults. It is nice to tell you that your trip with your children in Mongolia would be an absolutely incredible journey with escaping social oriented lifestyle, exploring nomadic culture, make your relations closer and learn endless experiences only found in Mongolia. 

3. Travel Insurance For Travelers' To Mongolia

All people around the world definitely love to get away from accidents as well as medical bills, delays, trip cancellation, lost items, and thefts while traveling. Maybe, you may think alike- Do I have to get travel insurance to Mongolia? Probably no matter where you’re going or how long, travel insurance is essential. Your Mongolian trip can’t be ruined by theft or loss of personal baggage, a delayed departure, missed the flight – or having to cancel your trip altogether. But at least taking out insurance in your home means you won’t suffer the financial impact too. You should choose the most suitable travel insurance for yourself and decide to get fully or separately covered for your trip to Mongolia.
Moreover, all our tours and cars are fully insured for your safety and trouble free travel in Mongolia.

4. The Medication 

Please don’t forget to visit your doctor or travel medicine clinic at least a week ago before starting your trip in Mongolia. Since your body needs time to build up immunity after receiving the vaccine, getting an earlier is the best way to protect yourself. From the three categories of routine, recommended and required travel vaccinations, you can take time to choose for yourself. Unlike African or other tropical countries, there are no risks or concern about the disease in Mongolia- actually, it is almost safe –area.
Mongolian pharmacists may be unfamiliar with American brand names, so you may have to use the generic name instead. Before you leave, ask your doctor for a list of the precise generic names of your medications, and the names of equivalent medications. It's best to take a full supply of any medications and nonprescription medications such as vitamins or supplements with you which they may not be available in the same form you’re used to. If you wear hearing aids, be sure to bring spare batteries — it can be difficult to find a specific size in Mongolia. 

5. Pain-Free Travel to Mongolia 

For many people with back pain or neck pain, may worry about their trips in Mongolia and also want to reduce or avoid discomfort while traveling. The seats in cars, airplanes, buses, and trains aren’t always comfortable, but perfect preparation and good planning can make your travel pain and stress-free. While in your road trip in Mongolia, you can take some time to stretch your body or even choose domestic flights for shortening your times in the car. Please bring your own back support or lumbar support pillow. If you don’t have one or forget to bring it, sweater, jacket or blanket rolled up can also provide support for the inward curve of the low back. An inflatable travel pillow that fits around the neck can help avoid neck strain by providing head support while resting or sleeping in a sitting position during travel.

6. How to get to Mongolia?

Mongolia is one of few landlocked countries in the world, the principle ways to Mongolia are by train and by air. Flights are run all year round by National carrier MIAT Mongolian Airlines to Europe: Berlin via Moscow, as well as to Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, and Irkutsk (Russia). Some additional flights are scheduled to Osaka and Nagoya during the summer time. Foreign Airlines such as Aeroflot, Air China, Korean Air are operating flights connecting Ulaanbaatar with Moscow, Beijing, and Seoul. The Trans-Mongolian railway which connects Moscow and Beijing passes through Ulaanbaatar. Mongolian railway runs to Ulaan- Ude, Irkutsk, and Beijing 

International Flights to Mongolia

It has direct flights from 2 continents, which run all year round by National carrier MIAT Mongolian Airlines to Europe via Berlin, Moscow, as well as to Beijing, Seoul, Busan, Tokyo, Irkutsk, Erlian, Manzhouli, Khukh Khot. Some additional flights are scheduled to Frankfurt and Osaka during the summer time. There are few foreign Airlines such as Aeroflot (Moscow), Air China, Korean Air, Busan Air, and Turkish Airlines are operating flights, connecting Ulaanbaatar with their capital cities and big cities.

Internal Flights in Mongolia

Most of the closest center of provinces are connected with the paved road. It has flights to the western Mongolian provinces and only one destination to Choibalsan- Dornod Province from Eastern Mongolia. Because of paved road to Khovsgol and South Gobi Province, flights are scheduled only in summer time by two local aviation operators. It is the easiest way to reach your targeted destination for only one to four-hour trip.


Train to Mongolia

Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian Railway system
One of the most exciting railroads in the world- the Trans-Siberian Railway runs from Moscow to Vladivostok. There are several branches on the line, one which goes through Mongolia. The Trans-Mongolian Railway is connected to the Trans-Siberian by a branch line from Ulan-Ude, providing a link between the Trans-Siberian and the Chinese railway system. The Mongolian sections were joined from the main line to Ulaanbaatar in 1949 and to China in 1955. The total distance from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar is 6304 km, and from Moscow to Beijing is 7865 km. The Trans-Mongolian covers 1000 km from the Russian border to the Chinese border passing through Ulaanbaatar and several other towns. There are Russian, Chinese and Mongolian trains go and return to Mongolia, China, and Russia once or twice every week. Check out Trans-Mongolian Tours 

Where are Border Crossings in Mongolia?

Except for Chinggis Khan International Airport in Ulaanbaatar, there are several border crossings to China and Russia which is available by train or car. Maybe if you are planning to enter or exit Mongolia by crossing these border points, you should research and get know that some of the border points are open only to Mongolians, Chinese or Russians and you may not cross into China or Russia. After your trip in Mongolia, if you want to go your next destination by crossing to China or Russia, you should choose bigger border points for your successful exit and enter. The biggest borders points are road & train crossing to China at Zamin Uud, the road crossings to Russia at Altanbulag and the train crossing to Russia at Sukhbaatar.
Others are the road crossing to China at Bulgan in the west, the road crossing to China at Bichigt in the southeast, the road crossing to Russia at Tsagaannuur in the far west, and Ereen-Tsav in the northeast and the road crossing to Russia at Khankh in the north.

Planning to Travel by Car in Mongolia 

Many travelers love to take an overland adventure in Mongolia and challenge themselves in the legendary endless steppe of the country. If you are one of those who plans to bring a vehicle into, Mongolia you should know on informing the tax authorities and border troops in advance at any of the border crossings in the country. You should complete the customs declaration form and make sure you have all valid vehicle documents, including driving license, ownership records (if the vehicle is rented or not yours- need papers to prove it) and insurance. One of the most important things you must know is that if you enter Mongolia in a private vehicle you must leave in the same vehicle, or otherwise pay customs tax. Before starting your travel, you should check your engines and prepare it to be ready on off-road and bumpy roads in Mongolia. If your vehicle is good enough to travel on Mongolian roads, you won’t have trouble and stress.

7. Travel Checklist To Mongolia

For travelers to Mongolia, the preparation is the key. We provide a detailed packing list and advice for the preparation of the tour to Mongolia. Mongolia is a country of extremes and weather is unpredictable and what you take will depend on where and when you intend to travel, and in which way you travel- on an organized tour, on a wilderness expedition or on business. Checklists are provided below for seasonal and special activity-tours. 

What to Wear on the Trip to Mongolia 

Clothing is important for Mongolian trips. Days are warm and knights are a bit chilly, even if you travel in summer in the Gobi. So you will always need layers and warm clothes.

T-shirts(long and short sleeved), cotton polo-neck, cotton slacks, shorts, fleece or cashmere jumper, small thin scarves, lightweight jacket, cotton and light woolen socks, outdoor waterproof boots(tested and tried), lightweight shoes or sandals, sun hat, large cotton scarf(acts as towel, neck guard, sleeping guard), long johns, thin underwear and wet-weather gear and waterproof suit(trousers and jacket).

For Winter Special Package

Addition to the summer packing list, Wear layers of clothing; wool, cotton under fleeces, thermal underwear, cotton or cashmere pullovers, polar jacket and furs. Selection of cotton or woolen socks, leather boots (worn in and comfortable), gaiters if skiing, cashmere under gloves, woolen hat with ear flaps, windproof gear. You can buy the finest cashmere products in Mongolia at reasonable prices. More detailed winter packing list

Items for All Season / Packing List /

- Money belt or neck pouch (for passport, document, and cash)
- Wash-bag/ personal kit
- Some often-needed items such as shampoo, sunblock, lip balm, eye-drops, insect repellent, nail clippers, moisturizing lotion
- Day bag to carry a water bottle, camera, and equipment
- Water bottle
- High-protection sunglasses                                        
- Extra prescription glasses
- Torch or headlamp with batteries
- Swiss Army knife or equivalent
- Reliable watch with alarm
- Mini-sewing kit
- Earplugs, eye shades
- Light binoculars
- Bio-friendly soap, sealable plastic bags for wet clothes
- Snacks (eg; energy bars, chocolate, vitamin supplies if needed)
- Maps, magnifying sheet, and map folder; compass, whistle
- Matches and lighter, candles
- Blanket
- Backpack or bag waterproof cover
- Notebook, pencils
- Phrasebook

8. Accommodations in Mongolia 

After your arrival in Mongolia, you will meet several kinds of accommodation through your travel. You are maybe curious about where to stay or what it exactly looks like. In Ulaanbaatar, we provide ¾ star hotels on comfortable double room base with breakfast, whilst we arrange tourist camp, tented camp, or herder- nomad family stays in the countryside.

Tourist ger camps are usually Mongolian traditional gers with brightly colored furniture and wood burning stove in the center.
Standard gers have three or four beds, and camp provides a clean sheet and blanket. The Ger camps also have a separate washing block that contains western style flushing toilets and shower rooms. All camps have restaurants where they serve Mongolian and European food.

Recently, Many Ger camps and resorts around Mongolia have developed luxury suites with bathroom facilities with eco toilet system and even arranged and managed their bathrooms inside Ger camps. It makes tourists and customers more comfortable to have close bathrooms with shower room and toilets while traveling.
Some camps even can offer you the best massages and sauna rooms which relax your tired body. On our camping trips, all equipment will be provided and tented camp will consist of 3-4 man quality tents for sharing 2 people, kitchen tent, dinner tent, camp shower, and toilets. It will be a real adventure for your travel. Believe you will be fully satisfied with your accommodation in Mongolia.

9. Are you on a special diet and have to worry about it?

Are you vegan & vegetarian, halal or something special diet traveler planning to tour Mongolia? Are you worrying about your diet and thinking and keeping it in Mongolia is difficult?
But it is not that difficult. Once you plan to do Mongolian tour, your chances are going to be doing it on some kind of organized trip. One must do a thing is that make sure to let your Mongolia tour operator know in advance what you do and don’t eat so they have a chance to prepare.
As veganism grows in popularity, vegan and vegetarian restaurants are popping up around Ulaanbaatar and many places that you may have thought wouldn’t be vegan-friendly might just surprise you. You may find plenty of selection of restaurants and also other many no-vegan restaurants can serve you what you request.
Even local Ger camps arrange your meals as you request to your tour operator, experienced guides will take special care for your vegan& vegetarian travel in Mongolia. 

10. Other Essential Things to Know 

- Mongolian standard voltage is 220V and frequency is 50HZ. If it is different from your country, bring a converter or a universal plug. 

- Car battery charger/ portable charger  and power bank will be clever items during your overland trip in Mongolia

- Wifi -Internet can be found common in the capital city, but in the countryside, it is better to buy Sim card with a local number and recharge it by Data Unit.

- Bring an extra memory card for your camera since there are plenty of moments and destinations attract you.

Mongolia Travel Sim-card and Data

Are you worrying about disconnection with your family and friends during your trip in Mongolia? We offer you prepaid travel sim card with data which allow you to use internet for your social media, work and make calls to your family and friends around globe. However, keep in mind, there are some specific regions where have no internet and mobile connections in Mongolia. Mobile services are getting widely connected throughout the country with central towns and villages. By 2016 all towns and villages are connected by mobile services completely.  GSM and CDMA both used. Pre-paid International call cards are widely used


Mongolia Mobile Usable Applications

For your smart travelling with smartphones in Mongolia and in order to prevent high internet bills, we are here to suggest you some applications that work both online and offline.


Mongolian offline Maps, Mongolian Travel Guide, Ulaanbaatar Map and walks applications can help you to find your ways around Ulaanbaatar. And MIAT-Mongolian Airlines Applications can show you more detailed information about flight schedule and booking.

If you want speak basic Mongolian conversation with local people while travelling, Simply Learn Mongolian applications is free there for you. 


- If you are going to do some special adventures such as fishing, photographing, prepare and plan it in advance and feel free to contact us for asking travel advice. There is Mongolian saying- "If you drink the water, must follow their rules". 


We hope that the above information was useful for your travel planning to Mongolia. Sharing is Caring. Have a good journey!





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