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To travel to Mongolia and especially to join in Mongolian winter tour is an uncommon and extreme adventure. So if you take a trip to Mongolia in winter you need to know following things before you go. Ayan Travel organizes annual winter photography tour to reindeer herders in remote Taiga Mountains. As an experienced traveler and initiator we put some useful tips including preparation of personal items, weather and road condition, environment, reindeer herders and their culture.


What to see and do in the remote Taiga Mountains of Mongolia

Please, see the detailed tour itinerary- Extreme Winter Experience Photo Tour in Northern Mongolia /mixed group/. Why mixed group? Team of the trip consists of Mongolian and foreign like minded photographers. 


Complete Guide to Winter Photo Tour in Mongolia

Let’s get start from very basic needs of travelers. What to prepare firsthand for this extreme adventure? You should consider your destination and the purpose of the trip. Good preparation of clothing and your camera gear is the key for this tour. If you can stay warm then you can collect good images.


Weather and road condition in Northern Mongolia

Winter photo tour Mongolia


You may think of this region which is one of the coldest places on earth, but actually you won’t feel coldest weather while your travel, because of our tour starts in the beginning of November and it is not so cold and the wind is not too much in the woods. The average day temperature is +2oC -3oC and at night it drops to -10oC-15oC. The road to the reindeer herders is mountain road and we will ride and pack on reindeers. Note that the reindeers can carry till 100kg of luggage. So consider your body weight and your belongings. Ride through Taiga Mountains for 4 days in two-ways and the average altitude is 3500m above the sea level. Natural scenery is wonderful you can see some photo shoots to get imagination of the environment and local people on our blog news


Travel gear and packing tips

Every Travelers have different requirements while on the tour. But the following list is created and based on our past trip-experiences. It is not regular trip so we suggest you this complete packing list. In addition to this tour all your luggage must be carried on reindeers so please consider your belongings and photography gear.

Please bring following things addition to your basic gear

Photo-friendly gloves

Woolen hat with earflaps, gloves, scarf

Polar jacket and furs

Winter Boots /ultimate guide for winter boots/

Thermal underwear

Cotton or cashmere pullovers

Selection of cotton or woolen socks

Sunglasses or polarized sunglasses


Sleeping bag /rated for -100C to -15oC/

Wind proof gear

Small gifts for local herder’s kids

Camping equipment will be supplied by Ayan Travel


Travel gear for Mongolian winter tour


We recommend you to wear Mongolian national dress Deel and warm hat with fox fur. Also, felt boots are good to this winter adventure. You can see the photo how to look like and if you prefer these clothes you can buy after your arrival in Ulaanbaatar. Cashmere clothing is one of the bests and it is not only luxury but also so warm and comfortable for winter. 


Useful Tips for Winter Photography

If you are first time winter traveler and photographer, these useful tips may help you. The first important tip is that you should keep your camera battery in warm place such as in your inner pocket it means the battery must be kept near your body. See /below/, photography gear packing list that we suggest on this trip. Portable electric generator would be supplied on the tour so you can recharge your camera battery in Taiga Mountains.

The second tip is that you should consider when you come back into a heated area from outside. Outdoor air is cold and dry, but air in a heated indoor is usually contains moisture. If you bring cold camera and lens into a warm place, it eliminates the condensation that would fog up your camera, lens and LCD. So before you enter warm place put your camera in plastic bag and seal it tightly. You can leave your camera in there until the outside of the bag dries up. Other photography related instructions can be provided by our photo expert while you’re travelling. 


Photography Gear to Bring for Winter Tour in Mongolia

Extra battery

Hand warmer /use it for wrapping your camera lens and batteries/

Thermo camera bag

Lens hood

Extra memory card

Camera friendly gloves

Microfiber cloth

Air blaster 

Additional equipment: Tripod and drone /if you are a fan to night sky images/ 


Mongolian Winter Photography Tour


Quick Tips

Duration of the trip: 13nights/ 14 days

Duration for staying in wilderness: 7nights/8 days

Transportation: 4 days on reindeer back

Accommodation: Reindeer herders’ teepee and tent

Meals: Mongolian and western style meals especially for winter expedition

Package: As light as possible

Clothes: As warm as possible

Please follow your local instructor’s advice when ride on reindeer.


Mongolia winter tour-Taiga


If you need more about trip preparation and planning please feel free to contact us at                      

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