Extreme Winter Experience Photo Tour in Northern Mongolia

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Discover Mongolia in its wonderful form of covered snow in the winter. Capture and explore the northern Mongolian wilderness on reindeer back and meet the Tsaatan people. Great opportunity to collect uncommon photo shoots. Cooking over open fires and sleeping in tent and teepee. Challenge yourself on this adventure once in a lifetime. While many consider the Mongolian winter to be extremely cold and harsh, Mother Nature has actually provided us with the most unique opportunity to admire her most compelling beauty!

What if you could be exploring the very North of Mongolia where, among the vast expanses of Taiga and plentiful natural treasures, the Dukha-Reindeer herders live? Join us and make sure you do not miss this great opportunity to create memorable photographs of the people herding reindeer, living in urts - teepees, migrating, and practicing shamanism. People of the Taiga appreciate real friendship and loyalty to the traditions of their ancestors. You will be so close to this unique life and culture you will feel as though you have visited from another planet or been teleported from a different age. This is absolutely another reality, another Mongolia. Once you have visited the Taiga people, you will not return back home to the same person, but something in your mentality will change forever.



  • Take portraits of one of the ethnic groups – Tsaatan minority, Reindeers, Teepees, and learn about their culture, and the relationship between reindeer and reindeer herders.
  • Experience an overnight stay in a Teepee, the traditional dwelling of Tsaatans people during the winter time.
  • Ride a reindeer and capture Reindeer caravan in the Taiga, in the remote north of Mongolia, near the Russian Border.
  • Fill your lens with the semi wild reindeers, between the mountains and flock of reindeers.
  • Visit Gandan Monastery in Ulaanbaatar, and enjoy a photo shoot in the eccentric Winter Palace of Bogd Khan. 

Key Info

Physical level: Advanced Physical level: Advanced
Photography & Filming Photography & Filming

Tour Itinerary


Day 1.

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar

Upon your arrival in Ulaanbaatar, meet our team and transfer to the hotel. Depending on the arrival time, can have a half-day city tour with visiting the featuring key highlights. Visit the Gandan Monastery, home to the largest indoor Buddha statue and the center of the Buddhists of Mongolia. Explore the National Museum to discover Mongolia's cultural journey from the Stone Age to the present day. Lastly, soak in the atmosphere of Sukhbaatar Square, also known as Chingis Khaan Square, a central gathering place rich in history and significance. (L/D)

in the hotel

Day 2.

Drive to Erdenet City

Start with a scenic drive to Mongolia's third-largest city, Erdenet. Enjoy lunch at a roadside restaurant en route. Upon arrival, take a city tour to discover its highlights. Stay in the local hotel. (B/L/D)

in the hotel

Day 3.

Arrive at Murun town

Continue our trip to the north after breakfast at a local hotel. Arrive in Murun, the central town of Khovsgol province. If we have time, visit a local museum. (B/L/D)

in the hotel

Day 4.

Darkhad Valley

We drive through the stunning Darkhad Valley, nestled in northern Mongolia between the Ulaan Taiga and Khoridol Saridag ranges, stretching 160 km long and 40 km wide, the valley is home to the Darkhad and Tsaatan peoples, known for their nomadic lifestyle and shamanic traditions. To enter the valley, we pass through the sacred "13 ovoo" mountain pass, marked by piles of stones used for worshiping deities of nature. Our overnight stop is Ulaan Uul village, where we'll stay in a family-owned guesthouse. (B/L/D)

in the family

Day 5.

Meet Darkhad ethnic shaman

Continuing our journey to the north, we arrive at Tsagaan Nuur village to meet with the Darkhad ethnic shaman. Here, we'll have the opportunity to experience and photograph shamanic healings, learn about their roots, and witness their rituals. After an enriching day, we'll stay overnight in a cozy family-owned local guesthouse. (B/L/D)


in the family

Day 6-7.

Documenting the lifestyle of the Tsaatan people, the reindeer herders

We arrive at the winter camp of the nomadic Tsaatan people, the reindeer herders by car, where we'll spend the next 2 days surrounded by the serene beauty of the remote Taiga forest. Here, we'll have the incredible opportunity to witness and photograph the dozens of reindeer herds as they roam close to the Tsaatan people's homes. During winter, the reindeer must stay near their owners' homes due to snow, thunder, and the threat of wolves. The Tsaatan people live a tribal lifestyle, with several families wintering together at the same location to protect and herd their reindeer through the harsh winter months. This communal approach helps them navigate the challenges of the winter season and ensures the well-being of their precious reindeer herds.

Capturing images of the Tsaatan people, who uphold ancient traditions and Shamanistic beliefs, we'll focus on their primitive lifestyle and unique culture. Our lens will capture ethnic faces and portraits of the reindeer herders and the charming Dukha children, enjoying their winter holidays playing and riding reindeer. As night falls, we'll document a spiritual Shaman's performance, honoring the earth. Additionally, we'll have the opportunity to dwell in the traditional teepee-like dwellings of the reindeer herders, offering insight into their nomadic lifestyle amidst the stunning landscape of the high Taiga mountains.

in the tent

Day 8.

Head back and arrive in Renchinlkhube village

It's time to bid farewell to our incredible Tsaatan friends as we embark on our journey back. Hop into a car and drive back to Renchinlhumbe village, cherishing the memories of our time spent together. If time permits, we'll visit Mongolia's winter wonderland, the Jargant River, renowned for its unfrozen waters even in temperatures as low as -30 Celsius degrees. Here, we'll marvel at the mystical fogs and snowy winter river, surrounded by the magical snowy woods, experiencing the enchanting magic of winter nature. Tonight, we'll stay in a local guesthouse or wilderness lodge, surrounded by the tranquility of the Mongolian wilderness. (B/L/D) 

in the tent

Day 9.

Drive to Lake Khovsgol

This morning, we head south to Lake Khovsgol, known as the Blue Pearl of Mongolia and one of the must-see places in the country. As we approach, we'll be greeted by the stunning sight of the lake before it freezes over. The thick ice formations and unique waves are truly breathtaking. We'll spend the night at a ger camp by the lake, offering a wonderful opportunity to experience the fresh breeze from one of the world's purest water bodies. By January, the lake is completely frozen, adding to its mesmerizing allure. (B/L/D) 


in the camp

Day 10.

Back to Erdenet city

Today, we begin our journey back, filled with beautiful memories of our extreme white adventure. Upon arrival in Erdenet city, we'll check into a local hotel for a comfortable stay. (B/L/D)

in the hotel 3 hours

Day 11.


Drive back to Ulaanbaatar, stopping for lunch at a roadside restaurant en route. Upon arrival, if time permits, optional shopping can be enjoyed, or guests can choose to relax in the hotel. (B/L/D) 

in the hotel

Day 12.

Departure Day

Transfer to the Airport for the departure home (B)

Prices & Inclusions

Prices & Inclusions
Group size Price/Per person
4 pax 2880$
5-6 PAX 2680$
7-8 PAX 2530$
9-10 PAX 2380$
11-12 PAX 2280$



  • Hotel**** in Ulaanbaatar
  • Local hotel in Murun & Erdenet
  • Tented camp in Taiga 

Guiding and interpreting service
Full board meals
Transport: 4x4 vehicle or minivan
Entrance fees to protected areas and national parks
Museums and cultural performance
Reindeer riding
Camping equipments

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Personal equipment
Optional activity cost 
Excess baggage charges
Single room supplement 
Alcoholic drinks 
Travel Insurance
The extra cost for photography in museums
Tip for a tour guide, driver, etc


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