Photos of Cute Mongolian Foals That You will love Instantly

Everyone loves baby animals, especially the mind-numbing cute ones, they are even cuter. But if you ask Mongolian -which baby animals are actually the cutest? Which one do you love the most?

Without no doubt, most Mongolians will say baby FOAL-Unaga in Mongolian language. Maybe loving and adoring foals are connected with Mongolian horse culture.

As Mongolian horseman, there’s hardly anything better than a precious foal born from your beloved mare. Foals have a way of stealing Mongolian’s hearts with their adorable personalities. They are full of energy and are just downright cute.


Foals are normally born in spring or early summer. This naturally happens because spring and summer seasons are full of rich grass, which allows the mare to produce plenty of milk that is full of nutrients.

If you plan your travel in Mongolia during spring and summer, there will be a reason to smile by seeing cutest Mongolian foals, so we have decided to post these cute Mongolian foal pictures that you will love instantly. 

They’re truly a gift!

Mongolians take blessings from newborn foals, if you have seen it on location. Morever, little foals can be precious gifts for horseman during some occasions and rituals. 


Foals are Mostly Born at Night

It is most common for a mare to give birth to a foal during the night or early morning. If you are waiting for a precious arrival and want to eyewitness, keep it in mind. Mongolian horses have a strong instinct to care for and protect their foal, ability to select pleasant pasture, run out of unknown places and use their senses to predict the climate.


The First Milk They Drink is Vital to Their Health

The first milk a foal will get is called colostrum. Mongolians say it –Uurag.Colostrum is a thick, sticky yellow milk that is full of antibodies that protect a foal from infections while their immune systems are still developing.


Foals Can Stand and Walk Within Two Hours of Birth

Once a foal is born, they are able to stand within two hours. Sometimes, foals can stand as soon as 30 minutes after being born. 


When Born, a Foal’s Legs are 80% – 90% Fully Grown

When foals are born they have already 80 – 90% of the length of their adult legs. Long legs in foals give them the advantage they need to survive in the wild.


Shortly after standing a foal will be able to walk and then later, gallop. It is necessary that a foal is able to move shortly after being born, as they must be able to flee from predators and keep up with their herd in the wild.

Foals Start Eating Grass with Two Weeks

As soon as ten days, a foal may begin to nibble on grass or hay. After around two to three months, a foal will not get enough nutrients from just its mother’s milk alone, so eating hay and grass is important.


Being born in the spring or summer also means that a foal won’t have to endure a cold winter, which can be harsh on a baby horse. 

A foal’s baby teeth arrive quickly

A foal’s first deciduous, or baby teeth, start showing up within a week of birth. By the time they are 9 months old, they have 24 teeth, and then their adult teeth start coming in.


Mongolian Wildhorse- Takhi Foals

You can have chance to give donation and name a Przewalski’s horse foal in Mongolia. You will receive an official certificate and your given name will be published in world annual wild horse list. From previous names, Hollywood actress Julio Roberts who had traveled to Mongolia, gave male Takhi foal , name-Munkhsanaa in 1999 and Prince of Edindurg Philip gave the name-Belmoral. We-Ayan Travel Mongolia also gave the name –Ayan to Takhi foal.


Hustai National Park is one of the best managed national parks of Mongolia located in Tov Province, around 100 kilometers west of Ulaan Baatar. The park is a reserve in the UNESCO World Biosphere listing as Nature Reserves and upgraded as National Park relating to the reintroduction of famous for Przewalski’s wild horse-only wild horse of the world.

Mongolian Custom of tethering the foals

Mongolians have a custom to tether their foals and colts on the Tiger Day, at the inception of summer, and release them from their tethers on the Dog Day of autumn. This special custom is connected with process’ and how Mongolians produce fermented mare’s milk.

In  day of tethering, nearby local horsemen gather together. The most respected horseman binds an honorable scarf to his stick-pole-Uurga, catches the first born foal, and then hitches it to the first peg of the tethering-line.

As soon as the tethering of foals is over, the household invites those participants and hosts for a day of feasting mare’s milk fermentation.



Mongolian Foal-Branding Ceremony

When the weather becomes colder in autumn, especially in September or early October, you can have chance to eyewitness foal branding ceremony, special horse related ritual in Mongolia.

Mongolians have a tradition to set the mares and foals free of their halter and hobbles on a Dog Day in autumn and to celebrate the feast of “Foal branding”.

This ritual is marked with Mongol herders’ horse brand indicating ownership. The importance of brands in giving information is greatest all regions of Mongolia where both herds and people move almost continuously over featureless and unmarked plains.


As seen in photos, mare and its foal's color can be completely different.  According to the source, there are 250 different types of horses around the world, however, Mongolian horses have the largest number of horse colors. Mongolian nomads call and identify their horses by colors using the color of hair, skin, tail, mane, and loop and don’t have a name for their horses. You can hear dozens of different terms to describe colors of Mongolian horses and it is even hard to translate into foreign languages. Almost all horse colors such as roan, brown, white, gray, shun, bay, black, palomino, and many others can be found around Mongolia. 


According to historical documents, since the establishment of the customs “Worship of Chinggis Khan” in the late thirteenth century, the feast has been renamed to the “Feast for branding foals with tasam (the special “dash” brand) of Chinggis Khan”.


Can Mongolians imagine a life without horses and the essential joy they bring? Probably not. Horses are spiritual beings, perhaps more so than any other animal, they have a unique ability to carry us where we want to be in our own spiritual lives if we let them.


These little fluffy foals with lanky legs and big dewy eyes, officially the cutest baby animals in Mongolia. Just like our kids, baby  foals are also curious, naive and big-eyed; only, of course, a wee bit furrier and lot more cuter. Don't forget to take adorable pictures of these cutties and see big eyes to melt our hearts while in your travel in Mongolia.


“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and freedom.”



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