MONGOLIA TRAVEL NEWS Photo Tour To Winter Horse Festival

Winter Horse Festival will be held on 4th of November, 2017. 

On the great steppes of Mongolia, there is a thrilling event held in every winter. There are several equestrian festivals are held around the world, but Mongolian Winter Horse Festival has its own specialty and images. Do you imagine that how Chinggis Khaan’s tiny horses played the important role in his conquers? They are tiny but strong and has good stamina and the most important part of Mongolians. Every one agreed that Mongolia is the land of horses and nomads. 

Ayan Travel arranges Photography tours to every corners of Mongolia in every seasons of the year.  So this year we also organize photo journey to this winter festival. 

We provide detailed tour program and some gorgeuos photos that we took during this thrilling event.  


Mongolian Winter Horse Festival Photo Tour

A life of Mongolian man could not be imagined without horse


Mongolian Winter Horse Festival Tour 

Day 1. (Nov 03) Drive to Khentii Province
This morning we will be heading to the east to Khentii Province. Have lunch on the way in local café. Reach at Chinggis town and take a small tour around. Then drive to Batnorov soum /village/. If you are interested, you can attend and enjoy evening dance in the small local club. Stay overnight at school dormitory or winter camp. (/L/D). 

Day 2. (Nov 04) Winter Horse Festival
The first day of Winter Horse Festival, start your tour to enjoy the horse catching competition and horse racing. You have an opportunity to participate the horse racing competition if you want, we can make a bet for your competing. After having picnic lunch Official Opening Parade of the Festival starts with the beautiful dressed Mongolians on horseback. Note that you can also attend this parade.  Elegant silver saddles, national costumes, people, horses, surrounding sceneries and stimulating horse shows are the image of this winter festival. This could be uncommon and so colorful images if you photograph. After the parade, other horse skill show and competitions are held. In the evening let’s enjoy folklore performance. Stay overnight at school dormitory or winter camp. (B/L/D) 

Day 3. (Nov 05) Winter Horse Festival 
The second day of the festival. What to see on this day? You will see Mongolian steppe dog’s show and sport competitions. It is really exciting event that the dogs compete for the prey. Then visit nomadic family to experience in how they survive in winter. In the late afternoon drive back to Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to accommodation in UB. (B/L/D)  

If you need more information of this tour please, feel free to contact us 


Mongolian Horses

The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears.  ~Arabian Proverb


Mongolian winter horse photography

A skilful rider is defined by his ability to lasso an untamed horse from the herd.


Horsemen Mongolia

Along with lasso, the Mongols often use a long stick with a rope at its end, called Uurga.


Winter Photo tour Mongolia

Galloping beauty,  seems to be the symbol of great freedom..


Mongolia Winter Festival

On the festival, there are also some contests organized with Mongolia Taiga-Dogs.


Mongolian Horses Photos

It was exciting that the full of horses are gathered on the endless steppe, sound of horses and smell of winter...Everything was incredible. 


Mongolian horses

The festival is so traditional, every one dressed in national costumes and eqquiped with elegant silver saddles


Mongolian horses

It cannot be described in words..hundreds of horses galloping..I felt the power of them 


Horse Taming

Oh, what a moment! You have chance to capture like this 


Mongolian horse picture

In the early times, the competitions used to be held among the soldiers. They picked up pegs and flags from the ground at high speed, and jumped over hardles, etc.


Horse festival mongolia tour


Horse festival



Winter Tour Mongolia


Mongolia winter horse photos


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