Mongolian Eagle Festival 2019 Date

Golden Eagle Festival Mongolia 2019 will be held on 5-6 October 

Are you planning to travel to Mongolia in 2019 to see the Golden Eagle Festival? And not sure about Mongolian Eagle Festival 2019 date and need to know detailed information about this thrilling event? 




The golden eagle festival is held on the first weekend of October, annually in the far west of Mongolia, organized by local Kazakh communities. And this year the 20th anniversary of the festival will take place.


Mongolian eagle hunters

Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival Will Be Held on 17-18 September

Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival is dedicated to photographers, film makers and photo journalists who wants to be the eye to the world of this amazing tradition. As smaller version of the festival has many benefits for photographer travelers, not too many tourists around the event, photographic sessions and workshops available for 2 full days, interesting cultural shows and rituals are held to let you take uncommon captures. As an event that local eagle hunters are participating, it contributes to their livelihood. As it is held in September, the ideal time to travel, weather is pleasant and the fall color is beautiful. As it is held in Sagsai village, the most eagle hunters are living in this Sagsai, because of its natural vegetation is good for eagles’ prey and nomadic way of life. As it organized by experienced travel company with professional photographic team, it gives you a full of chances to take your dream images. so if you are a photographer, film maker or photo journalist Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival is the right version to take. 

sagsai eagle festival mongolia


If you are a traveler, photographer and culture and adventure lover, experience seeker and looking to your travel destination in Asia, especially in Mongolia, then you are in the right place. We share our previous travel experiences of eagle hunting festival and hope you will find the answer that you are looking for.



We had 2 Exciting days at the Golden eagle Festival 2018 and took the picture of this precious one, the toddler falconer >> Read More




Festivals and cultural events are always great chance and way to learn about the local people and portray a foreign culture and country with lively photographs. >> Read More

Mongolia golden eagle photography


Taking photo_at_golden_eagle_festival


Golden eagle festival


eagle festival date mongolia



Annual Spring Golden Eagle festival was held at Chinggis Khaanii Khuree Complex on 5 March, 2019. Kazakh Eagle Hunters came from Western Mongolia with their trained eagles in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia >> Read More



Aisholpan Eagle huntress mongolia




Also there are Mongolian falconers gathered and show ancient warrior-skill performance on horseback. Falcon is a steppe raptor and eagle is a mountain raptor, their hunting complies with the territorial features. 


Winter festival mongolia


COME and EXPERIENCE  The Golden Eagle Festival 2019 on your own.

It is our pleasure to share our photo-shoots and travel experience with you dear traveler. 





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