MONGOLIA TRAVEL NEWS Mongolian Camel Received Invitation from Queen Elizabeth

Mongolian Bactrian Camel on the Journey to the West

Mongolian adventurer Baigalmaa Norjmaa has started her epic journey with Bactrian camel from Mongolia to Europe in early September, 2017. She is on the journey with her 10 co-travellers, Karl Bushby, American walkers Angela Marie Maxwell and Anna Harrington, German adventurer Murat Tengrisson, Mongolian outdoor enthusiast and traveler Erdenechimeg Erdenebileg and the others.
This epic journey will cover over 12,000 km(7460 miles) with ten camels from the heart of Mongolia through Europe, tracing the ancient Silk Road through  Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France and the UK. True Mongolian adventure seeker, Baigalmaa expressed her vision of “Steppes to the West” journey would complete within 3 years. 


Mongolian camel on the silk road


Mongolian Camels got Received Animal Passport for the First Time

For the first time in Mongolian history, "Camels in Steppes to the West" journey team has received animal passport of camel in Mongolia.To complete this epic journey, camels are needed to get this passports for entering and passing through several countries. Mongolian camels received invitation from Queen of United Kingdom. Her majesty, iconic and celebrated figure who has ruled UK for more than 60 years, has sent her invitation to Steppe to the West Journey. United Kingdom is the final destination of the journey and the team are so happy and energized to keep on going. Right now, the team of the journey is on border line of Mongolia and China, waiting for Chinese official papers to continue their journey.


Mongolian Camel to the west journey

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Mongolian Camel Reached to Berlin During Second World War

Mongolian Bactrian camels are known for their stamina to carry large loads that can range from 250 pounds to 400 pounds (110-180 kg). For this reason, the military had  not enough draft power and used  camels to load and pull  heavy bombs and guns which could have not be transported by machine and horse.
In 1942, The 28th Reserve Army formed in Astrakhan used about 350 Bactrian camels called “Ships of the desert" in battle of protecting Stalingrad which was bloodiest battle in the history of warfare. Camels were catch and engaged near Astrakhan where Kalmyk Mongolians has been living and herding Bactrian camels. Most of them died in the battle. Surviving camels were gradually transferred to the economic units. Two survived Mongolian camels named Yasha and Masha had come to Berlin with the soldiers in 1945. At the end of the war, the heroic camels had left in Berlin zoo and they had been living there for a decade. Then they built memorial statue for the camel Yasha and Masha. 


Camel Mongolia

These camels' memory is perpetuated in the town of Akhtubinks, Astrakhan region and showed front line camels’ importance in the war. This is very special monument for camels’ history. Photo from


Other Historical Facts about Mongolian Camels

The armies of Chinggis Khan (1162-1227) are famed for their use of Mongolian horses for mobility, but they also used convoys of two-humped Bactrian camels for supply. Camel’s kettle drum is used for signaled commands on camel-back. Later, Mongol conqueror Tumur (1336-1405) found a novel use for packing camels at the Battle of Delhi. Sultan Mahmud Khan fielded 120 armored war elephants. Tumur had packed camels loaded with bundles of oil-soaked brushwood and straw. This was ignited, and the terrified beasts were driven toward the Indian lines. 
Sultan’s war elephants were brave, but sensible. When they see flaming camels charging at them, they get out of the row. The Indian army was slaughtered and Delhi was sacked. It was unbelievable legend victory of the Mongols with their camels. 


Give glory to Mongolian Bactrian Camels 

Give glory to its unimaginable role in World History


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