Interesting Facts About Mongolian Camels


Most of our friends ask me ‘what is camel riding like?’ and how is the Mongolian Gobi?
First of all, I will talk about the specialty of Mongolian camel. As you know there are 2 types of camels are survived on earth, which is one-humped Dromedary, makes up 94% of all and remained 6% are a two-humped Bactrian camel. 
mongolia gobi desert

The Mongolian Gobi is the habitat of the Bactrian camel, but Wait!! Also, there are Wild Bactrian Camels, called ‘Khavtgai’ are survived and still roaming through this exotic and alive desert. 

mongolia camels

What, wild camel? Yes. There are around only 800 wild camels remained in the harsh environment of Mongolian Gobi. The ancestor of the domesticated Bactrian camel has been attracted to international researchers for its different gene since it was first discovered by Russian explorer in 1800s. It is classified as Critically Endangered Species by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

camels photos mongolia

Domestic Bactrian camel has been one of the most important animals for steppe nomads since it had domesticated in 2500BC. They were 549 thousand in 1985 but sadly they have been decreased to 200 thousand in 2007. And in the last few years local nomads and communities arrange some good campaigns to raise and promote them so; the quantity has been increased up to 401 thousand in 2016.

camel riding mongolia

For instance; they organize ‘Thousand Camel Festival’ or Camel Race and Camel Polo in the past 20 years which recorded in World Guinness Book in 2016, and also local tour operators organize camel riding trips. South Gobi, Bayankhongor and Gobi-Altai Provinces have the largest number of camel. 

camel festival mongolia

So, what is the importance of this animal and its role in the daily life of Mongolian nomads? Since the domestication, camel breeding has been turning into the cultural heritage of nomadic people. We cannot imagine that the life of Mongol nomads without their livestock and Mother Nature, you can feel the true connection of human and nature. Such as, there is a magical and ritual that belongs to mother and baby camel. You will melt into this ritual when you see it yourself, but you can watch the famous film ‘The story of the Weeping camel’

weeping camel mongolia

 Camels are:

- Served as transportation and can carry 170-250kg (370-55-lb) for 47km (30miles) per day.
- Hair is used for rope which encircles Traditional Mongolian Ger dwelling (yurt)
- Wool is used for garment and sock
- Provide milk and meat
- Camel Riding Tour 

camels winter mongolia

Camels in the snow. What a fantastic imagination is that! Is the camel just the animal of the desert? No, they are one of the few animals that can survive in the great heat and extreme cold of the Mongolian Gobi. According to history, during the 1st World War, the role of the Bactrian camel was so important for its stamina for transporting. 

camel riding mongolia

How do you imagine about Mongolian Gobi? Is that just the hot desert without life? This is so unique desert on the planet, home to ascinating wildlife and pre-historic sites such as dinosaur fossils, and local nomadic cultural richness and breathtaking scenery of greens and oasis. 

riding tours mongolia

facts about mongolian camels

What about riding? For the first time, it might seem like falling but after the camel stands; your mind would be changed and it will be so comfortable on the camelback. 

If you are animal and nature lover and want to know about the beautiful Gobi and nomadic way of living and stay close to nature, camel riding is the right way to explore all of these. Imagine that, sleeping under the millions of stars, accommodating in nomadic dwelling ger (yurt), having great dinner surrounding beautiful nature, getting to know legends and stories about local life and riding through the mystical Gobi.

 And why not try this uncommon experience with us?

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