Mongolia Eagle Festival 2020 Date

Mongolian Golden Eagle Festival 2020 will be held on 3-4 October 

If you are planning to travel to Mongolia in 2020 to see the Golden Eagle Festival, you are in the right place. We provide detailed travel information from the exact dates of Eagle Festivals 2020.


Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival 2020 will be held on 17-18 September

We have been arranged Golden Eagle Festival Tours, every October in Ulgii city, Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival  every September, in Sagsai suom/village/, Spring Golden Eagle Festival Tours every March in Ulaanbaatar, since the festivals initiated. All of these travels make us to become one of the experienced tour operator companies in Mongolia that arranges event based tours.

Sagsai Golden eagle festival mongolia 2020



All our valuable clients and Ayan Travel team at The Golden Eagle Festival 2019

Mongolian Eagle Festival For Photographer Travelers

For the photographers, we organize special event called Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival  on 17-18 every September and small group photographic expedition to the Golden Eagle Festival and Altai Mountains lead by our general director, photographer, traveler Batzaya Choijiljav. At the festival you can have many important benefits when you are joining our photographic crew. Please see our previous photo trip experiences here.


The Eagle Hunters on Altai Mountains. During Photographic Expedition. © Batzaya Choijiljav |


Asilbek Manaa, the eagle hunter. During our night photography session. © Batzaya Choijiljav |

Mongolian Eagle Festival For Culture Travelers

As we have been travelling to the eagle festival many times, we had valuable clients and excellent experiences in every detail of tour arrangements. So we care for our culture travelers and family travelers, we provide excellent services, focusing on culture, history, daily lifestyle of local people and event based programs. If you are non-photographer traveler, then we invite you to join our Short-Tour groups to see just Eagle Festival in Ulgii city and for sure, the trip can be customized and extendable. Please check out our previous travels here




The Eagle Hunters on the way to the festival from nearby villages to participate the competitions.

Dear photographer, Be the eye to the world of epic eagle hunting festival

Please click the photo below to see more details

sagsai festival mongolia




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