Living Arrow of Mongolian Horseback Archery

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The History of the Bow and Arrow is the history of mankind. 

Mongolians fight well on the horse. Quickly gather corps, Quickly organized and Very fast move, vanishing very quickly. The Mongolian army takes a number of spare horses and they are tremendous to fight on horseback.

The horses are trained like obedient dogs. They are great horseback archer, also swordsmen attacking with swords on the galloping horses freely - Marco Polo

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Shooting and hitting target off your horse at a gallop is such an adrenaline rush

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What could be more exciting than running your horse with the wind and drawing a silent yet strong bow and letting loose your arrow to the dead center of a target? 

Not only  you are one with your horse but also the only sound you hear is the beating of your heart in tune with your horse’s hooves.

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The Return of the Mounted Archers in Mongolia 

Khan Mongol Horse riders association are trying to make a go of getting local people fired up into wanting to learn the ancient Mongol sport-Horseback archery and compete throughout the country and the world. 

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In last years, the young and passionate members of the association have successfully participated the many international Mounted Archery Competitions in South Korea, Hungary, Japan, Turkey, Kazakhstan and more. 

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From most recent news, Mongolian horse archer and trainers of Khan Mongol horse riders association claimed gold and bronze medals at ‘Altyn jebe 2019’ International Horseback Archery Competition that took place in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, June 2-5, 2019.

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Their horses are good partners and are trained not to be afraid of the flying arrows or bow sounds and are ridden without reins.  Mongolian horse are born to keep an even speed as you must stay at a lope or gallop.  The joy is the love of your horse and your bow. 

Flying Mongol Archer Woman 

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From Ancient times, Female members of Mongol tribes were also prolific with the bow which they used for hunting and defending the tribe when the soldiers were away.

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 In some cases Mongol women could themselves be part of the military, even fighting on the front line alongside their male counterparts.

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Maybe, you've seen a lots of Archery action in movie, Wonder Women. Those seen actions are alive in Mongolia. 

Paying Attention to Mongol Horseback Archery History 

The most important use for the bow on a day to day level was hunting and Mongol nomads adopt bows and arrows for hunting. 

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A source from China during the Tang Dynasty (c.618 -907 CE) stated; “Steppe inhabitants can hit at full tilt a running hare with a single arrow”.

Bows, Arrows ...and Horses 

Horseback archery in Mongolia has had a long and famous history. However, Its fame and glorious throughout earth started in Mongolia with Genghis Khan, and then went throughout Asia, into Europe and much later it came to the Americas.

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Each Mongol warrior would carry two bows, one for long range shooting and one for fighting at close range. The bows were made from ten different materials included birch bark, fish glue, bamboo, deer antlers, natural silk threads and animal tendons, all of which could be found within Mongolia itself. From the time of Genghis Khan, one of the great feats of archery written in ‘Blue History’ is story about Chuu Mergen who hit his a target from on horseback at about 130 meters.

Strength of Unity by Arrow

There is legendary story of Alungoo- mother of the Mongolian nation who wanted to instill the idea of unity into her feuding sons, she sat them down before her and gave each an arrow telling them to break it. Of course, they could do that easily. Then she gave each of them six arrows and told them to break them all together. None of them could. This is how the Mongolian people first learned about strength through unity.

Spirit- Horseback Archery Tournament

For all the riders out there who want a fun challenge and excitement for a lifetime or direct witness of this amazing Mongol Horseback archery come join the SPIRIT- Mongolian Horseback Archery Open Tournament and eyewitness our ANCIENT SPORT that changed the world. 

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Why not come out and photograph the historical art of Mongolian Horseback Archery Tournament?  Sept 6-9 2019 here our skillful horseback riders come!

Taking Horseback Archery Photography 

If you want take horseback archery photography during your travel in Mongolia, We-Ayan Travel, one of the best Mongolia travel agencies, can make all your wishes happen in real. 

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Interested in taking mounted archery lessons in homeland of Chinggis Khan or seeing a demonstration? We suggest you to attend and practice with Mongolian horseback archery course in Ulaanbaatar. You’re the author of your archery history. Make your story a good one.


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