9 Must-see masterpieces of Mongolian Paintings

Are you inspired by art ? Do sensational brushstrokes with incredible colors, born in the imagination of artistic geniuses make your heart skip a beat? 

Whether or not art is at the forefront of your mind when you travel, no trip with Ayan Travel, the best travel agency in Mongolia, is complete without taking in at least one visual masterpiece of Mongolian Fine Art. Take a trip to the right museum’s gallery and have a one-on-one with these must-see 9 masterpieces and jump at these while on your travel in Mongolia. 


“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” 


1. "One Day in Mongolia", 1911-1912

This masterwork has created by B.Sharav who was born in Gobi-Altai province and renowned artist of early 19th century of Mongolia. His most famous painting, “One day in Mongolia”, is depicting every aspect of nomadic people’s life in Mongolia in a slightly humoristic way.

mongolia fine arts

by B.Sharav | Mongolian Fine Art 

As legend has it, the Tibetan-born reincarnate ruler Bogd Khan (1870-1924) commissioned him to paint scenes representative of life in the Mongolian countryside during the first years of the Khan’s theocratic rule over Mongolia. "One Day in Mongolia" painting that contains many events, such as traditional wedding, to make engagement, making a felt, to worship a mountain, funeral rituals, to move from place to place, hunting, animal husbandry and farming etc.


2. "Good Morning, Mama", 1962

Motherhood is the most beautiful stage in the life of woman. Portraying her emotions and love to the child on canvas is tough task! "Good Morning, Mama" is one of the series pictures of "Morning of my country",  which is a beautifully illustrated by the artist D.Amgalan who was born in, Sukhbaatar province, Eastern Mongolia describes the joyfulness of little boy who is coming to his mother.  

mongolia famous paintings

by D.Amgalan | Mongolian Fine Art 

While you see the painting, as feels like everyone’s mind will returns to a childhood time and heart will fulfill of happiness.The painting was depicted on the white background using just red and black colors. In addition to say, the big version of the painting is now displayed in the National Center for Maternal and Child Health of Mongolia.


3. "Fight of Stallons", 1958

I can’t imagine, nomadic Mongolians without horses. It is traditionally said that A Mongol without a horse is like a bird without the wings. So, artist O. Tsevegjav, who was born in Mongolian vast steppe Dornod province, in his painting mostly describes Mongolian horses.

mongolian art

                                                              by O.Tsevegjav | Mongolian Fine Art 


The Fight of Stallons"painting was created over a period of 15 years and finalized in 1958 which is made alive by oil paints, and is an exciting work of art that captures many interesting sections of horses, grass, blue sky and sunlight is illustrated with everything in nature.There had been arguments of two stallions and herdsman’s proudness of their life were contained in this painting.


4. “After work", 1954

One of the famous impressionistic work of G.Odon who was born in Mongolian Buryat Tribe’s Dornod province, depicts a rural people resting after their harvest. The painting shows a period of harvest time representative of the Mongolia’s Socialist time during the medium of 19th century.

mongolia art travel


                                        by G.Odon | Mongolian Fine Art 

However, it is obvious that the shows eight various types of young to old people’s characters in the forefront. Some would say this was to show the negative state of this sociaty. The guy, who is holding alchoholical drinks inside of his traditional clothes, seems punished by other people. While this explanation seems unverifiable, he is main character of this work.


Mongolia has a unique culture of traditional paintings which has been developed from simple rock drawings to Buddhist art and fine art form. Mongol zurag (means Mongolian painting) is a distinct style of painting that developed under a range of influences including nomadic life, traditional costumes, religious beliefs and climates.



“Migration” painting was created by Ts.Minjuur who was born in Mongolian western Zavkhan province, he is well known by his work of Mongolian 1 tugrug currency. He is one of the most artistic painter and the painting shows the mongolian traditional culture of migration.

mongolia fine art

                                          by Ts.Minjuur | Mongolia Fine Art

Expectedly, you can see all of the views and ranges of the area in which he attemts to show, you will get an incredible sense of how nomadic Mongolians move their places during the four seasons. The nomads packed their gers on camelbacks and all along the way, families will invite the passing nomads to share some tea and dairy products.


The Buddhist art of Mongolia first began to flower with the appearance of the first Living Buddha Jebtsundamba Zanabazar (1635-1723). The most important point of note with regards to Mongolian Buddhist art is the vast number of pieces executed in applique. In Tibetan Buddhist art as well, one finds quite a few applique works in addition to the “tangka” executed in mineral pigments on cotton.


6. "Old Storyteller", 1958

This work of art by painter Y.Yadamsuren who was born in Chinghis Khan’s homeland Khentii province. He also was the craftsmen and he decorated and revised museum of Choijin Lama temple and Bogd Khaan winter Palace museum. 

travel mongolia

                              by Y.Yadamsuren | Mongolian Fine Art

This descriptive painting was captures the typical Mongolian old man who was sitting on the rug and playing Mongolian traditional musical instrument horse fiddle. Over the years its value has increased significantly as illustration of traditional costume, culture and musical instrument by his paintings. 


7. “Camel caravan

The realist modern painter D.Damdinsuren who was born in Mongolian historical site of Khentii province, he was monk in his young age. The painting “Camel caravan” is captures the camel caravan and entire scenery of the mongolian steppe.

travel mongolia


                                                 by D.Damdinsuren | Mongolian Fine Art 


8. “Steppe ger”

Created by one of the famous artist N.Tsultem who was born in Arkhangai province, central Mongolia, this fascinating work showcases Mongolian vast steppes and nomadic Mongolian culture. Mongolian accommodation ger, two humped camel, paved roads from far destination, blue sky, moving clouds are detailed described in one plane.

tour mongolia

                                                                    by N.Tsultem | Mongolian Fine Art 

You will feel the impression of Mongolian nomadic culture and gve an expression as Mongolian countryside life.


9. “Rebirth” 2003

It is almost impossible for anyone to claim that they haven’t heard or seen the painting of Mona Lisa. It is also impossible to discuss art without making mention of this beautiful painting. Have you been imagined of if Mona Lisa was reborn in Mongolian Steppe? A modern artist S.Zayasaikhan was created the mysterious work of Mona Lisa’s Rebirth in Mongolian Steppe.

travel mongolia

                                       by S.Zayasaikhan | Mongolian Modert Art 

The woman who is European face and wearing mongolian costume and sitting on Mongolian Steppe. This fascinating painting was published on interesting book Mona Lisa Reimagined by Goff Books, USA. This book features nearly 300 different portraits of Mona Lisa and emerging artists from over 50 different countries.

Let your life be your art.

Travel is inspiring. It feeds your soul and breathes new energy into your life. It sparks creativity and broadens your horizons. Especially when you take in a little art during your vacation. If you are art lover, we help you craft your own masterpiece of an art trip in Mongolia.



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