Gobi- Altai

Province highlights & Places to go

Province territory has many national parks, strictly protected areas, nature reserves and national monuments. All those places are home of rare wildlife sanctuary, so  remote and professional level - true adventure destinations, most of them are located out and off the map - travelling to those destinations means - "Get Lost to Great Wilderness" 


Discover Mongolia Gobi- Altai

About Gobi- Altai province

 Main town:                 Altai
 Territory:                  142200 км² 
 Population:               58400 (2010) 
 Distance:                1037km from UB                                 
 Geography & Climate
Gobi-Altai province - The second biggest province, that located in the gobi desert, semi desert-steppe, mountain steppe regions of western Mongolia. Borders with Zavhan to the north, Bayankhongor to the east, Khovd to the west and Republic of China to the south. The average height is 1940m high above sea level. The climate is capricious and the average annual temperature is -15°C ~ -30°C winter, average summer temperature is 20°C~34°C.  The land of high peaks of Gobi Altai mountains and many wild animals including some types of Gazelles, Takhi-(Przewalski horse), Asiatic Wild Ass, Snow leopard, Wolf… etc. 

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