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Many travelers and local people suggest to traveling in summertime is the best decision to Mongolia, but there are a lot of gaining amazing experience and adventure of nomadic life, sightseeing festivals and holidays you cannot miss in spring. Here the lists things to do in spring above are just for your knowledge, your travel in spring is unlimited and unthinkable. 

Spring and "springtime" refer to the season, and also to ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. Spring is the time for nomads to welcome new-born baby animals in Mongolia. Mongolian spring is windy, sometimes stormy, particularly in the Gobi desert. The average day temperature of spring is – 3 to + 12 Celsius  degrees during day time and -10 to +2 Celsius degrees at night.

 In spring Mongolian nomads welcoming their new born animals 


Spring in Mongolia photography

All Mongolian cuties.

Mongolian nomadic herders have busy time for welcoming new born baby animals in mass numbers in spring between February to April.
Herders work so hard to keep the young animals alive. Despite of everything they do, herders in the worst affected areas may lose dozens of animals at a time. Each year with the generous help of supporters which can be even high school kids, provide emergency nutrition packs to those animals. As more are born, together we can help herders provide the essential nutrition these animals need. If you would like help vulnerable survive, you can check out this whole process in nomadic life and volunteer those in the situation will be brand new experience for you.  You can be directly involved and seen in the process of births of calves, foals, lambs and other young animals.
Amazing screen…’’


Takhi wild horses in spring

Baby foal of Takhi wild horse grazing at Hustai NP.

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Taking shots of Birds and Flowers in spring in Mongolia


Birds Mongolia


Special interests for birds

Spring in Mongolia is a delightful season when birds are in breeding plumage, song fills the air and migrants are still passing through on their way north to Siberia.

Mongolia has more species of birds than any other. The lakes (both salt and fresh water) in western Mongolia (in Hovd, Bayan-Ulgii and Uvs provinces) are equally rich in waterfowl.

And, if you want to see a White-tailed Eagle or a Great Black Woodpecker or Black-throated Loons, try the Lake Khovsgol region.

In the Gobi Desert, there are wonderful species such as the Lamergeier (Bearded Vulture); the Henderson's Ground Jay, the Saxaul Sparrow and all kinds of other species.


white napped crane


The wetlands of northeastern Mongolia (on the border of Russia) are the home of various species of nesting (and endangered) cranes, not to mention many species of geese, ducks and other waterfowl. The salt lakes south of Bayanhongor also have immense concentrations of waterfowl, including Whooper Swans and one of the rarest and least known birds in the world - the Relict Gull.

Marvelous birding and travel through wide open spaces with incredibly few (but friendly) people make for a wonderful and never-to-be-forgotten experience. Also you can sightseeing birds even near the Ulaanbaatar and other national parks such as Terelj NP and Hustai. For anyone interested in the birds of Asia, or in travel for its own sake, Mongolia has a great deal to offer.

Amazing photoshoots in fact…’’


Spring Flowers for nature lovers

Spring in Mongolia

The flower blooms early in spring which, common name is Pasque flower, considered under the genus Anemone


Heavy snow is still coming but out in the countryside near Ulaanbaatar, wildflowers have begun to grow in profusion. There are many species of wild flowers in Mongolia and the Yellow Pasqueflower (Pulsatilla flavescens) and snow drop are among the very first flowers to show.

This perennial herb flowers towards the end of May and into June. You will find it growing on steppe hillsides and within meadows. In traditional Mongolian medicine, the roots of yellow pasqueflower are used for treating scurvy, broken bones and diarrhea.

You cannot miss to see the flowers growing in the snow.

Amazing flowers…’’


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Spring holidays and festivals in Mongolia

An important part of the Mongolian calendar to local people, the festivals and holidays in spring which are a wonderful opportunity for visitors to see in action, how the natural world – the landscape and the wildlife – lies at the centre of Mongolian culture and traditions in spring of Mongolia. We are always excited to take our guests along to enjoy the fun even in time of spring.


 Tsagaan sar-Lunar new year

Tsagaan sar Mongolia

During this holiday, you can truly feel aspects of Mongolian tradition and rituals connected with nomadic life. There you can have an opportunity to visit Mongolian family, see ways of their living, traditional clothes show and traditional wrestling and also traditional games.
Amazing tradition…’’

Nauryz (Spring /New Life) Festival 

Nauryz (Spring /New Life) Festival

It is a New Year celebration for the Mongolian Kazakhs, many of whom live in the Bayan Ulgii province. Kazakhs call the month of March 'Nauryz' – this is the time of renewed life which comes with the spring.  This holiday is full of tradition of ethnic group Kazakhs and its rituals and customs. There are many mystical traditions of this minor ethic group related with this celebration such as food, clothing and many more.
Amazing rituals…’’

International Woman’s day 

International Woman’s day in Mongolia

It is public holiday on 8th of March and many Mongolians support International Women's Day in purposeful and meaningful ways. This day is full of giving flowers, gifts and surprises and expressing woman who we love and know. There will be a lot of traditional and modern concerts and arrangements on this day.
Amazing practice …’’

Mongolian soldier’s day 

Military parade Ulaanbaatar

Mongolian Soldiers’ Day has been celebrated on 18th of March, since its first celebration of 1946 is anniversary of the Mongolian Armed Forces. Mongolians usually celebrate March 18 as a combination of Soldiers and Men’s Day. It is the perfect day to congratulate patriots, soldiers, and military officers who have fought for Mongolia’s independence and are working hard to defend the nation. During the day, you can enjoy a documentary film about army and concerts by the Mongolian Military Song and Dance Academic Ensemble Military’s performance to mark Soldiers’ Day.
Amazing glory…’’

The Spring Golden Eagle festival 

Eagle Festival Ulaanbaatar

The festival aims at reviving eagle hunting customs and traditions of Kazakh people, inheriting the culture of hunting with eagle into young generation, publicizing this tradition to tourists and making it a tourism product. 
Traditionally, the festival is organized as a competition. Participants of a competition wear their traditional clothes, sit their trained eagle on their arms and enter the festival field riding horses. The festival participants will compete for awards of Best Turned out Eagle and Owner, Best Eagle at Hunting Prey and Best Eagle at locating its owner from a distance, dressed in full eagle hunting regalia and mounted on groomed decorated horses and Bushkashi-goatskin tug of war on horseback.
Amazing combination of eagle and human…’’

Thousand Camel festival 

Mongolia Camel racing Festival

The camel herders, with their woolly-coated, double-humped steeds, gather to compete in races and polo competitions. Visitors are encouraged to join the colorful opening parade – yup, on a camel – and it is a unique opportunity to interact with the herders and see their nomadic way of life, up close and personal.
Everyone is on camels – everyone, from the elderly to the tiniest tots, and many of the spectators too. Following  the races, driving along behind in vehicles to see the action as it happening , standing on their camels at the finish line to see into the distance and taking bets which is not easy to tell which camel would win.
Amazing experience…”

 Ice festival of Khovsgol Lake 

Ice festival Mongolia

Each March residents of the Khovsgol Lake area celebrate the Festival of Ice. The ice forms to a depth of five feet creating an extraordinary winter playground. The festival involves a great variety of activities and competitions, including Ice Sumo, Ger building with ice, ice skating and sleigh rides, all on or by the shores of the beautiful Lake Khovsgol. The power of the ice and the natural patterns it made in the course of its formation are really fascinating. 
Amazing ice world…’’


Ice festival Mongolia

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