Scenic Pictures of Mongolia - Selenge Province

Selenge is the prosperous province of Mongolia letting you capture beautiful photos of its nature, history, and landscape. Let you lead to discover Selenge Province through local photographer Batdorj Choimbol's on screen and up close gorgeous images. Here are the must-visit places and some interesting facts about Selenge when traveling through Mongolia. Photography and Fishing tour would be an advantage.

The province is named after Selenge River, locates in the beautiful forest-steppe region, north Mongolia. It is one of 21 provinces of Mongolia where you can find beautiful rivers and lakes. The province consists of 17 soums and capital is Sukhbaatar.

You can find and pass through rolling wheat fields, shady apple orchards, farmers, nomads and historical and natural wonderland places in regions of Selenge. 47 percent of the territory is pasture, 2 percent of hay fields and sown fields cover 85 percent include poplars, larches, birches, Siberian cedars, willows, and spruce. The reputation of the province keeps rising in connection of Archeological artifacts of Xiongnu region such as jade artifacts, weaponry, home utensils, art objects and also vegetable remains of grain, inflorescence, and millet discovered in Noyon-Uul Mountain. It is famous as Noyon-Uul Burials in worldwide.

The railway's line from the capital pass-through Selenge province to Russia may give you a chance to see wonderful places from the window of your Trans-Mongolian train travel. If you take a photo tour through this region and then it will be a memorable moment of your lifetime.

Places you need to check if you planning a trip to Selenge

Gun nuur 

Gun Nuur – deep lake and also known as Princess Lake is 8 km from Altanbulag sum, Selenge aimag. There is famous song about this lake among Mongolians and story of this beautiful lake which can admire you.

Saikhan Khutul

Saikhan mount pass is a magnificent place of nature where you can observe basins of Orkhon and Selenge rivers together, less than 10km away from the Russian border. The place is named as Saikhan after revolutionary hero D.Sukhbaatar described this place as which means pleasant and good.

Eej Mod

It is called Holy Mother Tree of Mongolia and where locals come to pray to the spirits of nature and human connection. Mongolians believe in the power of Mother tree and follow the nature rules of visiting 3 years without passing. You can see many religious symbols, rituals and some combinations of Buddhism and Shamanism here.

Tujiin Nars

Pine Tree forest, called Tujiin nars in the Mongolian language, is located next to Delgerkhan Mountain in Selenge province. It was an important place of Victory of Mongolian Revolutionary back in 1921. Also it the National Conservation Park which is evergreen pine forest, decreased due to the forest fire. But Tujiin Nars has been growing and expanding its territory that shows us natural beauty year by year.

Amarbaysgalant monastery

Amarbaysgalant monastery is legendary monastery with beautiful scenery located north-west of the center of Sant Soum in the Valley of Iven River. The monastery was registered on UNESCO's world cultural heritage list in 1996. You should put this legendary historical Buddhist place on your Mongolian travel bucket list.

15 Interesting Facts about Selenge Province

 - Selenge is the birthplace of Empress Khulan of Chinggis Khaan. There is a special memorial statue of Chinggis Khaan on the mountain. Also, Big silver empress Khulan’s statue is also located there.

 - Selenge is the main supplying province of domestic needs of vegetable and wheat.  Local people grow eco-wheat, potatoes, and vegetables.

 - There is about 170cm high Russian boy statue who wears Mongolian traditional boot and explanation of the statue is about lost Russian boy in the mountain and did healthy come back.

 - The province is central of Mongolian honey industry, almost engaging 90 percent of honey bee farming of the country.

 - Ethnic groups of Khalkh, Buryat, Dornod, Oold, Khoton and even Russians live in this province.

 - Sport-fishing and Fishing tour are all possible in Yuruu, Kharaa, Zelter, Orkhon and Selenge River.


 - Statues and memorials of Mongolian Revolutionary heroes and anniversaries of historical victories are much common in Selenge province.

 - Trans-Mongolian railway and Trans-Siberian railway are possible from Selenge province.

 - 300 hectares of grains, fruits, and vegetables 

 - Daily bus and 2 trains from Ulaanbaatar to Sukhbaatar, Altanbulag Russian border.

 - The highest mountain is Delgerkhan and Songol.

 - Berries of cowberries, brambles, blueberries, black and red currants are can find in your trip to Selenge.

 - Animals such as elks, lynxes, foxes, bears, deer, marmots, boars, wolves can be encountered in the forest, steppes, and mountains of Selenge aimag.

 - Famous hot and cold springs of Yeruu, Khovd, and Dal.

The Stone named Buur Kheer. This is the historical place where Chinggis Khan took his empress Khulan from Mergid tribe and his words written on the stone in an ancient Mongolian script. 




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