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Our memorable trip to Western Mongolia     

I have been travelling and guiding through our beautiful country for over 20 years. But now I am a sales manager at Ayan Travel Company and I have to sit in the office for all day. I would like to go guiding and need outdoors. So this August, I had a chance to travel again. I traveled to western Mongolia with 2 Netherlands for 18 days this year.  On the first day of our trip, we watched Naadam festival in Bayan-Ulgii province. We were heading to the western border of our country where Altai Tavan Bogd. Region of Mongolian Altai Mountains is so magnificent place and home to ancient historical sites and most hospitable people, attracts foreign and local travelers for its amazing natural landscape and cultural heritages such as snow caped peaks, glaciers, ethnical tribes, horses and wildlife. 


Mongolian Altai tour

Local nomad in Mongolian Altai Mountains 

The next days, we drive to Ulaagchiin Khar Lake, in Zavkhan province here we enjoyed festival of Nomads’ Culture for 2 days. The event was so interesting, there are many local nomads gathered who showed us authentic nomadic culture, daily lifestyle, 5 domestic animals’ breeding methods and other related activities. It was interesting and uncommon that we had to be transported by just horse and yak carts.


Nomadic festival western Mongolia

Mongol Nomadic Festival in Ulaagchiin Khar Lake, Zavkhan Province 


Mongolia festival of Nomads

Incredible lifestyle of nomads is still exists in Mongolia 


There are no car around the festival and environmentally friendliness makes this event so special. For our clients, it was interesting that they enjoyed and felt the authentic nomadic traditions and heritages including animal domestication and breeding method at the same time. This area, Zavkhan province is not a popular tourist destination yet, but it can be in the future. 


Trip to Mongolian Altai Mountains

We are in the middle of nowhere in Mongolia...


Mongolian Altai trip

Lunch time on the way to Zavkhan province 

On our last days of the trip, we traveled through the great lakes depressions, locates in Uvs province. We wandered around the picturesque lakes, seeing bird life, camping in the wilderness and feeling real freedom. 


Altai Mountain trip to Mongolia

Wild camping in ragged Mongolia 


For the conclusion, the whole trip was fantastic, we traveled through the "not too touristic" areas of Mongolia and it made our trip unique and worth. 


Altai mountain trip Mongolia

The travel team 


Thank you for reading my travel diary to the Mongolian Altai Mountains. And I wish to thank our driver and cook to be an important part of our memorable trip. 
If you are planning to travel to Asia, you should consider about Mongolia.  If you already started to consider Mongolia,  feel free to contact us. We are here to help your dream trip to Mongolia. 


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Our Western Mongolia Tours  


Thank you, hope to see and guide you in Mongolia  :) 

Mr. Purevjav, sales manager at Ayan Travel. 





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