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June is one of the best times to recommend for you to travel in Mongolia. Colorful and pleasant month when you can also catch several events in Mongolia.

Nomadic Naadam 

Date: June 6, June 16, June 27
Location: Mongol nomadic camp (55km from Ulaanbaatar to the west)

Nomadic Naadam Mongolia


This is mini version of Mongolian famed Naadam festival organized by Mongol Nomadic camp. The festival begins with Mongolian long song and traditional horse-head fiddle /Morin Khuur/ performance. There you can enjoy and experience legendary *Three Manly Games* of the Mongols including Wrestling, Horse riding and Archery. You will have golden chance to see and photograph these games, traditional concerts and local participants as much as up closely to you. You can take short trip to explore this Nomadic Naadam and have unforgettable memory of Mongol tradition within one day travel.


Wind of Steppes - Moto Music festival 

Date: June 10, 2018 
Location:  Chonjin Boldog 


Moto festival Mongolia


This festival is quite unique festival connected with motorcycle riders with all types of motorcycles such as Chopper and more. The festival aims to show Moto sports of Mongolia, its development and exchange experiences with other foreign country’s participants. The festival will be held in Chonjin Boldog where Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue is on June 10, 2018, officially and motorcycle riders starts from Ulaanbaatar city together. There will be music festival in the evening out there. If you want to enjoy Mongolian Moto sport and modern music while in your travel in Mongolia, you should participate this festival in June

Annual Crane Festival 

Date: June 15, 2018
Location: Binder soum, Khentii province 


crane festival MOngolia


The 5th Festival of Crane will be held June 15 on Shore of Tsagaan Lake, Binder soum of Khentii province. There are 15 species of cranes around the world and six of them are in Mongolia. The festival aims to introduce white- naped crane which is on the endangered animals’ list.There you can see traditional three manly sports, tour of observing crane and shows of introducing nomadic life in this special festival. This festival gives you great bird watching and observing memories while your travel in homeland of legendary Chinggis Khan.


Ceremony of Gongor Bumba 

Date: June 15-17, 2018
Location: Amarbaysgalant monastery, Selenge province


Mongolia religious ritual


The celebration of Gongor Bumba in Amarbaysgalant monastery is one of the most important holidays for Mongolian Buddhists.This yearly events is organized to make offerings for Gongor( White Buddha) , protective deity who abolishes difficulties and makes people abundant in property and food. This largest of the religious rituals will takes place on June 15 -17 and religious worshippers, followers and lamas believe that Gongor ingot ceremony brings plenty of wealth and gather once a year at Amarbayasgalant monastery. Amarbaysgalant monastery is one of must see attractions of both religious and historical destinations if you make trip to Mongolia.


Ulaanbaatar Food Festival 

Date: June 17, 2018
Location: Night Light Street 


Ulaanbaatar food festival


The 6th annual UB food festival will be held on June 17 at the Light Night Street, which is the first car free street of Ulaanbaatar. If you want to taste all great foods from UB’s most recognized restaurants at low price, this unique festival will give you golden chance. Restaurants in UB city is well recognized by its world class service and taste by both foreigners and city residents. There are many interesting activities and competitions among restaurants and participants such as street food show and several funny eating challenges. At the same time, you can enjoy watching professional chefs from Mongolian top restaurant performing a cook show on stage, also you can see Mongolian traditional and modern music performances in there. If you want to feel modern Mongolian lifestyle, food, music and also night life in city tour of UB, go to the Light Night Street and feel this food festival.

International Khuumii -Throat Singing Festival

Date: June 20, 2018
Location: Jargalant soum, Khovd province 


The international Khuumii- throat singing festival will be held on June 20- Jargalant soum of Khovd province. Khuumii is a type of singing in which the singer manipulates the resonances created as air travels from lungs, past the vocal folds and out to produce a melody. Art of throat singing has originated from south western part of Mongolia in today’s Khovd and Gobi-Altai mountains. Khuumii singers throughout the whole country and world will gather in home land of throat singing and challenge their skills. Khuumii listed in Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mankind by UNESCO.


Mongolian Gobi Ultra Marathon - 2018

Date: June 22-30, 2018
Location: Matad soum, Dornod province 


Gobi marathon Mongolia


“Mongolian Gobi Ultra marathon 225km will be held on Menen steppes of Matad soum Dornod Province on June 22-30 2018. Every year this marathon chooses different areas of Mongolia and this year it will be in eastern part of the country, Dornod province where legendary endless Menen steppes with over 90km long and 60km wide. The Marathon covers Menen Steppe, Sukhbaatar, Khentii Provinces, and Tsonjin Boldog. For those runners, travelers, challengers and adventure seekers, it will be great adventure trial of experience to explore endless steppes of Mongolia.


June in Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar is one of 100 cities with youngest population, with 63.9% of its residents are younger than 35 year olds. The territory of Ulaanbaatar is larger than of 96 countries in the world such as Luxemburg, Monaco and Singapore. Rapidly developing capital Ulaanbaatar’s life becomes more effective and enjoyable during summer and autumn. Especially, June in UB city life is quite active with interesting things available both to Mongolians and foreigners. Traditional folk concerts, modern theater performances and also open air concerts in stadium and streets can be more often found around the city in June. Various cinemas, amazing museums and religious monasteries in UB give you to explore its unique and rare history of the country. Most of the museums in UB will open to people through whole week. Just few kilometers out of Ulaanbaatar city, you can able to see beautiful nature scenery, peaceful and vast steppes, also nomadic life, and feel the both modern and ancient life of Mongolia.


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