Celebrities who traveled to Mongolia

Nowadays, People getting more interested in celebrity’s travel, who they love and fan of, their travel destinations, want to know how they make it good, passionate about their photos shared on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and maybe quickly choose up the next travel destinations from them. Searching back times, we have made some interesting facts of famous people’s trip in Mongolia and how they managed and chose their destinations even during short business visits.

Maybe your loved star appears in center of Chinggis Khaan square and take selfie with Sukhbaatar statue and why not you come up and follow what she did. Everyone may want to follow and do same as what the star did, at least one time and it can make them even more and more happy. Star travel giving us major wanderlust, let’s follow the celebrity’s chosen travel destinations and find out what they did in Mongolia.

Julia Roberts 

Hollywood actress Julia Roberts came to live among the nomads of Mongolia and discovered their special relationship with the wild horse in autumn of 1999. She did documentary which showed vital roles of the horse, usage in transportation, traditional drink fermented mare’s milk and horse races which shows nomadic culture and religious festival. The original documentary title is wild horses of Mongolia with Julia Roberts and running time-55 min.

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What did she experience in Mongolia?

She spent several weeks with a nomadic family, living exactly as the nomads does and quickly absorbed into the daily routine of nomadic life and even though they didn’t understand each other’s language. She was given quick tutorial on how to milk mare and learned to train horses for an annual horse racing. She also did not miss to visit Hustai NP to see wild horses known as Przewalski’s horse. This cultural trip was the first celebrity driven documentary about Mongolian nomadic lifestyle and horses. 

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Michelle Rodriguez

Well known as Fast and Furious’ movie role, Hollywood actress Michelle Rodriquez traveled to western Mongolia to visit Golden Eagle Festival in 2014.

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How did she experience Kazakh Eagle hunting tradition?

She was staying in ger/yurt/ and eating like locals. As she expressed, it was search of feeling that we all forgot while living in common daily life and seeing only 13 year old girl from Kazakh eagle hunting family, beat out all the men participated in the festival. She liked riding horses, drinking Airag /fermented mare’s milk/ and experiencing Mongolian nomadic lifestyle, Kazakh eagle hunting tradition, culture and their famous fascinating festivals.


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Jean Jacques Annuad 

Academy Award winning film director Jean Jacques Annaud visited Mongolia by an official invitation of the President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj in 2015. He said that when he was reading “Wolf Totem" book, he liked the description of Mongolian customs. He spent seven years for making this film which is associated with Mongolian wild wolves. 

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What did famous film director do in Mongolia?

Although his visit schedule was only 2 days, he visited Hustai National Park to view wildlife, nature and Przewalski’s wild horse. He expressed his feelings of admiring only kind of wild horses and nature wonder. He also tried Mongolian traditional dish Khorhog known as Mongolian barbeque. 


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Monica Bellucci

Do you believe beautiful actress Monica Bellucci came to Mongolia? Some scene of her movie named ‘The Stone Council were filmed in Mongolia. As showed in the movie, she traveled to the countryside and was looking for the solution to help her son. 

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What did she do in Mongolia except movie?

According to the travel agent, Monica Bellucci traveled to Terelj National Park and visited Gandan Monastery. Not many people know about her visits because of media was not developed in Mongolia at that time.


Long Way Round Journey 

Over a decade ago Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman set out their epic 20,000 mile world motorcycle tour, crossing through twelve countries, starting in the UK, then through France, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Canada, and the US, ending in New York City in 115 days.  

mongolia long way round journey

What did they discover in Mongolia?

They were riding through the remote parts of Mongolia and Siberia and crossing swollen rivers was one of the most demanding parts of the journey. Both of UK and Mongolian team travelled for a month and documented their trip, taking photographs, writing diaries by the campfire while on the journey. 

They experienced culture and tradition of Mongolia by riding horse, wearing Mongolian traditional costume, eating Mongolian delicacy, staying with local nomads and sleeping in traditional yurt. Long Way Round is the result of their adventures - a fascinating, frank and highly entertaining travel about two friends riding around the world together and against all the odds, releasing their dream.

If you are interested in traveling like them in Mongolia, you can rent motorcycle after you arrive in Mongolia. May be you think that you cannot travel by motorcycle, you have a chance to rent 4x4 vehicle or ATV and make your travel documentary. 


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Richard Gere 

Hollywood actor Richard Gere have made several visits to Mongolia during last 20 years. Most of his visits connected with Buddhism and his private foundation work centralized in humanitarian crises rooted in injustice, inequality and intolerance. What did the famous actor experience in Mongolia?

richard gir in mongolia

As Buddhist, He was interested in Mongolian religion, its history and tradition around the country. He had made trip to Gobi Desert Mongolia where some believe the Gobi is the Ur-Region where all the world’s mystical religion originated.


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Steven Seagal 

Steven Seagal, the famous American actor of the 90s and well known for his martial arts movies. Seagel first came to Mongolia in 2001 for getting support -his movie Genghis Khan and met his Mongolian wife Erdene-tuya as his interpreter. They tied the knot back in 2009 and have one son together. Since famous actor became Mongolian son-in law, his visits and tours have become numerous and getting public attention. 

Why Mongolia attracts him? 

He really enjoys wearing Mongolian national costume –Deel in his daily life, even couple match with her wife. He loves riding horse and seeing horse racing in the countryside proud of Chinggis Khaan’s legendary conquers in world’s history. During the National Holiday Naadam festivals, Seagel and his family like to celebrate and spend time in Mongolia.


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These are not all of the celebrities who traveled in Mongolia, there are many other stars and public figures traveled in Mongolia. With so many amazing locations to travel to, it is not so easy to decide exactly where to escape in vast land of Mongolia. Luckily, These Famous Celebrities are here to help with adventurous, wild world challenge and full of discovery in the unchanged nature.




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