Travel to Mongolia From United States

The distance from United States to Mongolia 

According to the location of Mongolia and The Unites States  on the map, we know that the distance between the two countries is 10.504 km / 6527 miles/. 

how to travel to mongolia from united states


Time difference between Mongolia and The United States

Mongolia has three time zones, though, it uses UTC +8 as standard time, also called Ulaanbaatar Time.

  • Time Zone of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia is UTC +8
  • Los Angeles (USA - California)- UTC-8 hours
  • Seattle (USA - Washington)- UTC-8 hours
  • Fairbanks (USA - Alaska)- UTC-9 hours
  • Houston (USA - Texas)- UTC-6 hours
  • New York (USA - New York)- UTC-5 hours


Other Geographic Differences







GPS coordinates

47° 55' N, 106° 54' E

Mongolia’s highest point

Khuiten Peak 4,374 m (14,350 ft)

Mongolia’s lowest point

Khukh nuruu 560m


Our country is beautiful land of blue sky. Most of the year has clear blue sky which is 230-260 days and which means 2600 to 3300 hours.

Ulaanbaatar city

Spring time

Summer time

Autumn time

Winter time


0 to +17C

+23 to +26 C

-5 to +17C

-11 to -16C


0 to -17C

+8 to +11C

-5 to +17C

-29 to -33C


How to plan trip to Mongolia from The United States

Planning trip is always the most important moment. It’s almost same as you’re half of the road. We have some advice to plan trips in Mongolia. First of all, you should make sure your travelling time of the year. Then you choose your area to travel. Mongolia has extreme weather and very unpredictable even usual to see 4 season in one day. Second, choose experienced travel agency. Third, if you are the first time traveler to Mongolia, Please read some information about our culture. There’s plenty of books in the store. If you can’t find it. Watch some movies on Youtube. Such as Wolf totem, Eagle huntress, Wheeping Camel etc,

how to travel mongolia from america


Travel by air to Mongolia

There’s no direct flight by now. You should pass by another country on the way. Here’s some suggestion below.

  • Seoul – Ulaanbaatar by Korean Air /Miat or Asiana/ 
  • Beijing – Ulaanbaatar by Air China
  • Moscow – Ulaanbaatar by Aeroflot
  • Istanbul – Ulaanbaatar by Turkish Airlines

The total flight duration from The United States to Mongolia is around 11 hours. The calculation of flight time is based on the straight line distance from The United States to Mongolia ("as the crow flies"), which is about 10,504 km or 6,527 miles.


Travel by train to Mongolia

The legendary Trans-Siberian Railway which is the longest (7925 km) continuous rail line on earth links Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia with Irkutsk and Moscow, Russia and Beijing, China. The journey from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar takes about 5 days, from Irkutsk (Baikal Lake) 24 hours and from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar takes about 28 hours. From the Mongolian steppes to Lake Baikal’s remote shores, and to the Great Wall of China, you can start your adventure at any of these three completely different cultures.


How about Mongolian Visa ? 

You do not need a visa if visiting for fewer than 90 days, but your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your date of arrival. For stays of more than 30 days, you must register with Mongolian Immigration within seven days of arrival. Failure to register will result in a fine of $100-$300, even if you extend your stay due to circumstances beyond your control.

So, If you choose Mongolia for your next travel destination, you are welcome and feel free to travel to Mongolia without a visa. 

Overland Travel to/from China or Russia: If you plan travel overland to China or Russia, you should carefully research Chinese and Russian travel restrictions and obtain all required visas before coming to Mongolia. The Chinese and Russian Embassies in Ulaanbaatar issue visas for non-residents of Mongolia, but non-resident visa applications are commonly subjected to long processing delays.


Is there Mongolian Embassy in the USA? 

Yes! We have our Embassy of Mongolia in America. The embassy is located in Washington DC and consulate of general mongolia is in San Francisco. If you need there is also the permanant mission of mongolia available in New York City. Those are big evidences how we are close diplomatic relationship. Isn’t it? Here is address and info below.


The Embassy of Mongolia is located at: 2833 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20007; telephone (202) 333-7117 and 202 333-7017; email

The Consulate General of Mongolia is located at: 465 California Street Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94104; telephone (415) 622-4000; email

The Permanent Mission of Mongolia to the United Nations is located at: 6 East 77th Street, New York, NY 10075; telephone (212) 861-9460; email


USA Embassy in Mongolia

usa embassy mongolia

In case of you might need to contact USA Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, while you travel in Mongolia. 

Denver Street #3, 11th Micro-District, Ulaanbaatar 14190, Mongolia
Phone: +976-7007-6001
Fax: +976-7007-6174



Where to Go – The Best Places to Visit in Mongolia for US Travelers

Before starting your Mongolia tour from America, you should have an idea of where to go and what to see in Mongolia. For decades, Ayan Travel Mongolia have offered tour packages for numerous clients from America, who, in turn, help us select the best destinations in Mongolia or your consideration.


US Traveler's Feedback on ToursMongolia

us_travelers_feedback_mongoliaKharhkhorin is a very beautiful city and the monastery was very special and spiritual. The warmth and hospitality of the Mongolian people are the best. spectacular scenery and wonderful history. Our guide Tuvshinzaya has an excellent command of English language. She also explained both current Mongolian traditions and ancient history. Very good job. Both guide and driver worked together well as a team. 

Jay and Margarita Katz  from USA



Travel Tips for US Travelers to Mongolia

Before your trip to Mongolia from United States, you have to do all the preparations, think over what to pack, the required documents for your Mongolia travel, some necessary medicines, etc.

Here below we list the useful tips for Mongolia travel preparations and when traveling in Mongolia.

►► The Best time to visit Mongolia

►► What to pack trip to Mongolia 

►► Where to stay in Mongolia

►► Mongolia Events and Festivals 

►► Mongolia Top Destinations


Recommended Tour Packages to Mongolia from United States

Guided Mongolia tour or free independent travel (FIT) in Mongolia? The first one is the better one. Mongolia is a very different country from United States. If you don’t speak Mongolian, you may encounter unexpected difficulties or troubles. If you have a tight budget or you plan to travel alone, you are encouraged to join a group tour. Our small group tour packages are well crafted and taking you to the top destinations of Mongolia.

Below recommended private Mongolia tours are for your reference. The detailed itinerary can be adjusted to meet your requirements. Or you can contact us to tailor make a Mongolia tour from United States.


Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival Tour

Unbelievable tradition of Eagle Hunting is still kept by Kazakh tribes of Mongolia in 21st century. Imagine eagle hunter on a horseback, galloping in full speed with an eagle on his/her arm in the background of ragged Altai Mountains and picturesque Sagsai river. Does not it bring you back to ancient time?

sagsai golden eagle festival

More tour details- Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia







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