For travelers to Mongolia the preparation is the key. We provide detailed packing list and advice for the preparation of the tour to Mongolia. Mongolia is a country of extremes and weather is unpredictable and what you take will depend on where and when you intend to travel, and in which way you travel- on an organized tour, on a wilderness expedition or on a business. Checklists are provided below for seasonal and special activity-tours. 



Clothing is important for Mongolian trips. Days are warm and knights are bit chilly, even if you travel in summer in the Gobi. So you will always need layers and warm clothes.

T-shirts(long and short sleeved), cotton polo-neck, cotton slacks, shorts, fleece or cashmere jumper, small thin scarves, lightweight jacket, cotton and light woolen socks, outdoor waterproof boots(tested and tried), lightweight shoes or sandals, sun hat, large cotton scarf(acts as towel, neck guard, sleeping guard), long johns, thin underwear and wet-weather gear and waterproof suit(trousers and jacket).


For winter (additional summer list above) http://www.toursmongolia.com/tours/winter

Wear layers of clothing; wool, cotton under fleeces, thermal underwear, cotton or cashmere pullovers, polar jacket and furs. Selection of cotton or woolen socks, leather boots (worn in and comfortable), gaiters if skiing, cashmere under gloves, woolen hat with ear flaps, wind proof gear.

You can buy the finest cashmere products in Mongolia at the reasonable prices. http://www.evsegcashmere.mn/en/


Mongolia travel



Money belt or neck pouch(for passport, document and cash)

- Wash-bag/ personal kit

- Some often-needed items such as shampoo, sun block, lip balm, eye-drops, insect repellent, nail clippers, moisturizing lotion

- Day bag to carry water bottle, camera and equipment

- Water bottle

- High-protection sunglasses                                        

- Extra prescription glasses

- Torch or head lamp with batteries

- Swiss Army knife or equivalent

- Reliable watch with alarm

- Mini-sewing kit

- Ear plugs, eye shades

- Light binoculars

- Bio-friendly soap, sealable plastic bags for wet clothes

- Snacks(eg; energy bars, chocolate, vitamin supplies if needed)

- Maps, magnifying sheet and map folder; compass, whistle

- Matches and lighter, candles

- Blanket

- Backpack or bag water proof cover

- Notebook,  pencils

- Phrasebook

- Your http://shop.lonelyplanet.com/mongolia/mongolia-travel-guide-7/ guide book


mongolia eagle festival


Mongolia travel guide book



Inflatable pillow if camping

- Mobile or satellite phone

- Universal plug if you bring a laptop

- A car battery recharge



On This tours http://www.toursmongolia.com/tours/horse-camel-riding-tours

Comfortable riding trousers, leather boots with leather or rubber soles, low chaps, hard hat, riding gloves, extra mosquito repellent , sunglasses with strong ties

On this wilderness fishing adventures


Warm clothing(dress in layers), chest waders, windbreaker/fishing jacket, chamois flannel or fleece vests, waterproof hiking boots, fishing hat with visor, wooly hat, fishing mitts, Polaroid sunglasses, camera-waterproof packed, waterproof tackle bag. Pack the rods in tubes and bring a wading rod, forceps or pliers to remove hooks from fishes’ mouths and your other fishing gear.


Mongolia travel guide book


Camping and hiking in Mongolia

Sleeping bag(three or four season), thermal mountain blanket, waterproof cape, talcum powder if hiking in summer, first-aid kit, kit bags for camping equipment and paper clipper for drying clothes.

At Ayan Travel we will provide other gear including high quality tents and camp kitchen equipment.

You can join in our  http://www.toursmongolia.com/tours/hiking-trekking-tours tours. And we are here to help you for planning your adventure in Mongolia. 


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