Our Service & Equipments

Day-by-Day accommodation types are indicated in each tour program. In Ulaanbaatar we provide 3/4 star hotels on comfortable double room base with breakfast, whilst we arrange tourist camp, tented camp, or herder- nomad family stay in the countryside. Tourist camps offer hotel-styled mongolian gers for sharing 3-4 persons per a ger.



Outside Ulaanbaatar the best comfortable option is to stay in tourist ger camps. These have been set up in the most popular places to cater for travelers. These traditional gers have brightly colored furniture and wood burning stove in the center. Usually each ger have three or four beds, and the camp provides clean sheet and blanket. The Ger camps also have a separate washing block that contains western style flushing toilets and shower rooms. And all camps have a restaurant where they serve Mongolian and European food. The gers are really enjoyable and authentic form of accommodation, warm in the winter, and cool in summer. The best way to book is through local travel company, who would have most up-to-date information.







On camping trips all equipment will be provided except for a 4-season sleeping bag. You do not need to provide any other camping gear only personal belongings. Tented camp will consist of 3-man quality tents for sharing 2 person, kitchen tent, dinner tent, camp shower and toilet. Single supplement arrangement is available for additional charges.







Three time meals are arranged in city restaurants specialized on different kinds of cuisines: mongolian, european, chinese and korean. Ger camp restaurants provide mongolian and european cuisines during your stay. When you and your group have tented camp stay, our experienced cook will serve you outdoor hot meals as well as picnic lunches. Since we have been following principles of responsible tourism, we try to limit the use of bottled water in our trekking tours. Boiled and purilised water will be provided everyday. Please, priory inform the company if you are a vegetarian.







4 x 4 Japanese & Russian vehicles are arranged for touring outside the city. Approximate distance for daily coverage is 100-330 km. Domestic flights are as indicated in the program. Horses and camels will serve you as a transport during trekking tours when the area is not accessible by vehicles. Transfer between the city and the airport is made by mini buses and vans.







Each group will be supervised by an experienced French/English/German/Japanese/ Polish/Russian speaking Mongolian guide. They provide the group with a unique and fascinating insight into their own land and often become life long friends with the travellers. Drivers are another important part of the team. They act both as driver and a guard, and for camping tours they encourage for water supply and tent assembling. The cook, and sometimes together with his assistance, is responsible to prepare three meals a day for the whole group. Local guides for horses and camels will join the group on scheduled days. The guide will help & connect all the staff and guests with his translation, but as we noticed that people in a group easily understand each other by their “imitation signals”, and they are really enjoy their mutual interactions and talking.


Though by definition a tip is never legally required, it is recommended when you are on tour. This is not spoiling the market or running hospitality, it is simply being fair. Tips will vary depending on the length and complexity of the trip, the number of staff on the trip and the number of clients on the trip. Generally groups like to meet together before the end of the trek to discuss how much they would like to tip each staff member based on their individual trek experience. Tipping in hotels and restaurants is up to the individual, 10% never goes wrong here.