The Ayan Travel Team

The team at Ayan Travel

the Founder & Ceo - Batzaya. Ch

Ayan travel founder Batzaya Choijiljav

Mr.Batzaya has entered to tourism sector as a guide from his early student time. Majored in French language he still has been living and working in tourism for more than a decade. He was born in Zavkhan province and established AYAN TRAVEL together with his spouse Mrs. Urangoo; they formed team of wonderful personnel- colleagues that working and collaborating with them long- time business partnership. With his successfully running business he keeps moving towards to higher achievements of developing the company to a professional expansion and progress. He outlines the strategy, drives the team to right direction. His passion is traveling and photographing.

Mr.Batzaya  is a photographer and he is more specialized in Mongolian Nomadic culture, tradition, lifestyle, portrait and landscape. His photos were awarded “Best animal photo 2016” of Daily Record, Animal Photo of the Year by Daily Telegraph and Now Magazine etc.
You can share his photo-stories at
Also can find him on FB page: Ch.BatzayaPhotography 


Managing Director - Munkhjargal. M

Ayan Travel Team Monkhjargal

Managing Director of Ayan Travel, Ms. Munkhjargal graduated as a tourism manager on 2007 and her experience of tourism started as a Japanese Speaking tour guide, when she was at university.
She is encouraged to communicate with new people and her hobby is photographing, hiking and mountain climbing. Due to her hobby, she can organize all those tours professionally as she can.
Ms. Munkhjargal also interested in to take flower photos and recently, she has released  her new guidebook named "Flower guide book in Gorkhi Terelj National Park",  which has 52 different flowers, grown in the nearest and most visited  National Park from Ulaanbaatar. 


Sales manager - Chantsaldulam. A

Ayan Travel Team Cha

Mrs. Chantsaa, a cheerful lady, would be the first person welcoming you to our office.  She cares if everything in the office goes accurate. She controls all confirmed arrivals, tour schedules, as well as keeps communication with tour team personals. Chantsaa is enthusiastic to assist you providing necessary info and connecting you with the right person to achieve your requests& concerns. She graduated from Otgontenger Language Institute; she loves singing and cooking.


Sales manager and Safety coordinator - Purevjav. Ts

Ayan Travel Team Puujee

Sales Manager Purevjav. Ts Mr. Purevjav, shortly Puujee is graduated on International Relations and French studies at National University of Mongolia. He speaks in French, Italian and English fluently. He has working experience as a tour guide more than 15 years in several tour operators including Ayan Travel. 
He has been working in Kazakhstan for 4 years. Puujee likes traveling and he traveled more than 20 counties of the world and hiking, reading, arts.

Booking & Reservation Manager - Erdenejargal. G

Ayan Travel Team Erka

Majored in Marketing she is very communicative and kind personality. She is responsible to put every single booking in right time, in right place. She is the person who fights for getting seats and rooms, as well as control service quality of our local suppliers.


Driver, navigator and life coach to the drivers - Munkhtur. D

Ayan Travel Team Munkhtur

Mr.D.Munkhtur is one of most experienced drivers of our company and has been leading most of our "Group Tours" for the past 15 years. He is a professional of his job, with outstanding navigating skills on unmarked land and offroad.

His driving skills and handiness, not to mention his kindness and helpfulness, has always received "Excellent" feedback from our customers and travellers who had an opportunity to travel with him. 
In addition, he trains the newly employed company drivers with skills such as driving, car maintenance, customer care and communication.


Finance - Enkhtuya. N

Finance - Enkhtuya. N

She is responsible for monitoring and recording the financial affairs of the company. Her job is constructed on the base of company’s financial discipline while ensuring all financial practices within guidelines as outline in state laws.


Tour operational staff:

Tour Guides

Tour guide is only person who accompany you all the time during your stay in Mongolia: from your arrival point until the end of your trip. So we do our best to accommodate clients'  language preferences providing by experienced mongolian guides speaking in English, French, Italian, German and Russian languages. The guide will follow confirmed itinerary&routes, manage excursions, provide general and onsite information to the clients. Besides, our guide is your travel companion ready to help and assist you whenever it is needed. Personal attitude, experience and skill: those are the things we consider importantly when selecting our guides.  



Tour Drivers

We provide skilled drivers with more than 10 years of driving experience. They can manage net of country roads easily and  eager to deliver you at the destination safe and on time. Mongolia's country roads are partially difficult to idnetify and follow -by in some areas: it is the moment when driver's skill and experience shows up. Our clients always phraise and appreciate our drivers' job.  After daily driving session, when comes the time of break - drivers can sheer the group with their  interesting talks and jokes. All our drivers hold The Permission Certificate to serve foreign tourists.












Tour Cooks

When the tour goes on tented camp stays, and it usually happens when the program occupies wild areas not settled up with ger camps and lodges, we arrange outdoor hot meals with the help of our tour cooks. And most adventure and trekking tours take kitchen team which provide onsite hot meals between hours of trek or horseback ride. Cooks prepare western style meals in general, though they can offer mongolian dish for an experience. Lots of clients like mongolian dish ''buuz' , 'khuushuur'  and 'tsuivan'.  Vegetarian meals are provided on request and it is needed to inform the office prior your trip. "People are happy when stomach is full" is the expression which our cooks keep in mind and they eager to serve various sets of delicious outdoor meal to the clients.