MONGOLIA TRAVEL NEWS 10+ Beautiful Photos of autumn in Mongolia

Beautiful autumn in Mongolia Photos             

I hope you will agree with that the most beautiful season of the year is autumn, especially for photographers. Autumn brings us the brilliant colors to capture, from misty morning to cooler night.

These fall photos take us to the romantic forests, great steppes and magnificent mountains of Mongolia. 

Autumn is also so romantic season. The view of the colors, the breezing winds, the warm is emotional..its wonderful season.. 

Stunning fall pictures and romantic autumn poem here for you. And don't forget to pin it for later enjoying and share with your loved ones :)  Enjoy!


Fall photos


Autumn Whispers 

Colors of the leaves bright yellow and red
The sounds of the wind dancing in my head
Crisp chill in the air...wind blowing freely thru my hair


I long to be with you this wonderful season
Falling in love with you was for a reason
Gazing into your eyes of blue
Remind me of the reasons why I fell in love with you


Walking hand in hand down that long mile
With you by my side makes me smile
Being with you all day long; in each others' arms where we belong


It's a reason for it to be in October
Because being with you forever 
Is a love to always remember

Copyright © Karla Deal


fall photo


Fall pictures of Mongolia


autumn photos Mongolia


Mongolia photography


Photos Mongolia



Mongolia photography


autumn photos Mongolia


Mongolia autumn photos


Fall photos of Mongolia


autumn leaf picture


autumn photos



fall photos


autumn leaf photo


Autumn forest picture Mongolia


fall forest photo



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