Living a Nomad Life in Orkhon Valley Tour

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Do you want to escape the always busy and crowded city and live worry-free in the beautiful landscape of Mongolia? Certainly, the best place to experience it is in the countryside where the nomadic herders have lived in much the same way for a hundred years. The hard conditions of life, far from embittering them, gave rise to the long-standing traditions of friendliness and hospitality.

This is a very unique cultural exchange program for those who wish to live a real nomadic life, becoming a part of the herders family - it’s certainly an experience of a lifetime, the chance that never comes again. Just practice that how can human life be so free a common being away from noisy city streets and high- tech boom!


  • Living a nomad life being a member of the nomad family
  • Learning traditional customs
  • Maximum interaction with nomads
  • Beautiful Ugii lake and pleasant natural environment
  • Ancient Mongolian capital Kharkhorin
  • Erdene Zuu Monastery

Key Info

Physical level: Moderate Physical level: Moderate
Overlanding & Discovering Overlanding & Discovering

Tour Itinerary


Day 1.

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to the hotel and relax. City tour including the Gandan Monastery, the National Museum of Mongolia, which represents Mongolian Culture starting from the Stone Age to the 21st century, and Buddhism, Sukhbaatar Square (also known as Chingis Khaan Square). In Gandan Monastery, you can take local prayers, monks, the biggest standing indoor Buddha statue, and temples' own figure. (L/D)

in the hotel

Days 2-4.

Meet Your Guest Nomadic Family

Today we will leave early in the morning to stay with a nomadic family in Orkhon Valley near Lake Ugii. We advise you to get small gifts for children of the nomadic family and the family as well.

When we arrive at the location of nomads, you will be acquainted with the host and hostess, talk about their life and interest in everything you want to know from their common but interesting lifestyle. Following 3 days are spent with this family being a member of it. Mongolian spiritually prefer the number “3”, and it is widely used in their common life such as A man should win “three rounds” in wrestling and have “three songs” for the celebrations. That’s why we suggest you have 3 nights in herder’s family. The family will also respect this number. 

You can either spend nights with the family in their own ger or have a separate tent for overnights. Days are spent at their settlement watching after or being involved in their routine life. You will have meals with the family: milk tea, typical Mongolian soup with noodles and meat, buuz (steamed dumplings), homemade biscuits, and a lot of dairy products like milk, yogurt, cream, aaruul (dried curd), fermented milk, etc. If you are a good rider, you can accompany the herder to the pasture site. In the evening females will milk the cows and process it while men collect the animals, set it close to the settlement overnight to protect it from predators like wolves.

Get up early morning, have breakfast with the family. After breakfast, every member of the family starts to carry on their duties and then gathers for the lunch. The hostess or family children will collect animal dung (usually from cows and horses) which is used to make a fire in germ-stove. You will be offered to try to do it. On the other hand, you can help them to carry water from the lake. Nevertheless, do not worry if you cannot. Photographing is welcomed. Warm talking and jokes and games are good ideas when people finish their jobs. (B/L/D)

in the family

Day 5.

Ger Camp by Lake Ugii

Today is the day to leave our generous host and stay in a ger camp, where you can freshen up by Lake Ugii, which has an abundant birdlife of more than 150 bird species. This day is scheduled for your individual activity such as go for fishing, bird watching, walk along the lakeshore, swim, or just have time for writing about your 3-day with a nomadic family. (B/L/D)

in the camp

Day 6.

Erdene Zuu Monastery in Kharkhorin

Drive to Kharkhorin, the ancient capital of Mongolia at the time of the Mongol Empire. There’s almost nothing left from this great capital of the world, but in 1586, under the rule of King Avtai Sain, the Erdene-Zuu Monastery was built at the site of the ruins of ancient Kharkhorin. The Erdene-Zuu – means Hundred of Treasures was again destroyed during the Stalinist purges of the 1930s, but there are still various Buddhist statues, works of art, religious instruments, and even Tsam religious dance masks at the monastery. There are an amazing 108 stupas surrounding the monastery. (B/L/D)

in the camp

Day 7.

Back to Ulaanbaatar

Head back to Ulaanbaatar after breakfast. Lunch at the roadside restaurant on the way. When we arrive in Ulaanbaatar, have a farewell dinner together. (B/L/D)

in the hotel

Day 8.

Departure Day

Transfer to Chinggis Khaan International Airport or Train station and depart Mongolia. (B)

Prices & Inclusions

Prices & Inclusions
Group size Price/Per person
2 PAX 1398$
3-4 pax 1248$
5-8 PAX 1148$
9-12 PAX 1048$
13-15 PAX 998$


Accommodation: Hotel****, nomadic stay, * ger camp
Guiding and interpreting service
Full board meals
Transport: 4x4 vehicle or minivan
Museums and cultural performance
Horseback riding

Not Includes

International airfare 
Personal equipment
Optional activity cost 
Excess baggage charges
Single room supplement 
Alcoholic drinks 
Travel Insurance
The extra cost for photography in museums
Tip for a tour guide, driver, etc


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