Journey Along Latitude 100' tour

18 days from $2390

Extraordinary Expedition trailing the brand new paths strictly following the lines of the earth latitude 99' -100'-101'. Surprisingly along this horizontal line, which stretches from north to south, we encounter diversity of natural wonders: alpine forest area of Khuvsgul lake will be followed by beautiful mountains, rolling hills and green meadows, further it enters unmeasurable desert plains and sand dunes. Beautiful freshwater lakes, chilling streams and dramatic sites of desert emptiness famous for its dinosaur findings will be the highlights of this new journey. 


      Brief Itinerary

Day 1. Arrival in UB. City tour
Day 2. Flight to Murun
Days 3-4. Khuvsgul Lake National Park
Days 5-7. Drive to Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake National Park. Terkh Tsagaan Lake & Khorgo volcano tour
Days 8-9. Chuluut River Canyon - Eg Mountain Pass 
Days 10-11.  Galuut havtsal (Valley of Goose) - Boontsagaan Lake
Days 12-13.  Khermen Tsav - Zulganai Oasis
Days 14-15.  Khongor Sand Dunes, local Nomad family visit
Day 16.  Yol Valley of Gobi Gurvan Saikhan Mountain National Park
Day 17. Flight to UB. shopping & Evening Cultural Performance 
Day 18. Transfer to the Airport & Departure


  •  Diversity of landscape : from alpine forest to the arid desert plains
  •  Magnificent Mountain ranges, wide open valleys, timeless steppe
  •  Icy streams and beautiful lakes
  •  Wildlife, Famous dinosaur sites
  •  Horse & camel riding
  •  Meeting with Nomad families

Key Info

Physical level: Advanced Physical level: Advanced
Overlanding & Discovering Overlanding & Discovering

Tour Itinerary


Day 1.

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar.

City tour. Visit to Gandan Monastery, Bogd Khan Winter Palace Museum and the National History Museum. 

in the hotel

Day 2.

Murun town

Fly to Murun, the capital of Khuvsgul province. The flight takes half an hour. You will be met at the airport by our team and start driving towards Khuvsgul Lake. 

in the tent

Days 3-4.

Khuvsgul Lake National Park

Enjoy the magnificent lake Khuvsgul - it is one of the few lakes in the world with several million years old and the most pristine lake among them which contains 2% of the world’s freshwater and almost 70% of the country’s surface freshwater. The lake is 136 km long and approximately 20-40 km wide, and the maximum depth is 262 m. Khuvsgul lake is surrounded by mountains, thick pine and larch forests and lush, green meadows where yaks and horses graze peacefully.  

in the tent

Days 5-7.

Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake National Park

Head towards the south to the Terkhiin tsagaan lake having an overnight stop at Shine Ider village. Next 2 days enjoy the lake and its vicinity areas: visit Horgo volcano creater, hiking and horseriding. There is also a great chance to view domestic yaks. 

in the tent 3 hours

Days 8-9.

Khangai mountain range

We drive along the Chuluut river and cross the Khangai mountain range at the Egiin davaa pass. Further the forest mountain area will finish and we head to the desert plains. Enter Bayankhongor province and overnight in tented camp near Jargalant village.

in the tent

Days 10-11.

Galuutiin Khavtsal

Visit Galuutiin Khavtsal – a 25 m deep canyon that is only a meter wide in places. We explore numerous deer stones and ancient rock inscriptions. Arrive at the Boontsagaan lake, a large saltwater lake, which is home to many rear species of birds including relic gull, whooper swan and geese. There are also interesting volcanic formations, canyons with streams and ancient cave paintings.

in the tent

Days 12-13.

Khermen Tsav

Pass Shine Jinst village and head to the Khermen tsav and Zulganai, a southernmost point of our trip. Mongolian’s largest canyon, Khermen Tsav has emerged due to millions of years of eruption of the red cliffs. The Khermen Tsav canyon is a spectacular area where many fossilized dinosaur bones and eggs have been found and it still creates such an impression, as if the dinosaurs still roam somewhere around. A small river oasis called “Zulganai” is the last oasis in Mongolia, untouched by human beings. 

in the tent

Days 14-15.

Khongor sand dunes

Drive towards Khongor sand dunes via Naran Daats oasis. It will a perfect stop to chill out amongst the arid desert. Following day is made up entirely of fantastic scenery as we reach spectacular Khongor sand dunes known as the « singing sands » and rise from the plain reaching a height of 800m and extending for 150km long. Leisure hiking at the dunes. Visit Camel breeding family. Short camelriding session. 

in the tent 1 hour

Day 16.

Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park

Yol Valley in Gobi Gurvan Saikhan mountain. Gobi Gurvan Saikhan national park- it is the largest of Mongolia’s national parks which extends 380 km from east to west and some 80 km north to south and surrounded by low plains, the mountains of 2200-2600 m altitudes. Fifty two species of mammals are found here, while the mountains provide suitable habitat for threatened and endangered animals such as argali, Siberian ibex, and snow leopard. So, keep a look out for ibex and argali (wild sheep) on mountain climbs. Beautiful valley of Yol with icy streams and thick ices all year around, is located within the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan mountain area. Hiking along the icy streams. Visit natural museum of localities.

in the camp 3 hours

Day 17.

City tour

Today is the time we say goodbye to our local team and the drivers. Take a flight to Ulaanbaatar. Free hours. Evening cultural performance. Farewell dinner. 

in the hotel

Day 18.


Prices & Inclusions

Prices & Inclusions
Group size Price/Per person
2 pax 2990$
3-4 pax 2790$
5-8 pax 2590$
9-15 pax 2390$



Accommodation: Hotel***,* ger camp, tented camp 
Guiding and interpreting service 
Full board meals 
Domestic flights 
Transport: vehicle 4x4 or minivan
Entrance fees to protected areas and national parks
Museums and cultural performance
Horses and Camping equipments

Not Includes

International airfare 
Personal equipments 
Optional activity cost 
Excess baggage charges
Single room supplement 
Alcoholic drinks 
Sleeping bag 
Travel Insurance


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