Province highlights & Places to go

Uvurkhangai province is one of most popular tourist destination all year around.
Peak tourist season is mid summer. There is plenty of tourist accommodations and tours are avialable for travelers. Rural tourism is best offer for foreign tourists. Most of Mongolian off road tours goes through Uvurkhangai province.

Discover Mongolia Uvurkhangai

About Uvurkhangai province

 Main town:                 Arvaikheer 
 Territory:                    63500 км² 
 Population:              117400 (2010) 
 Distance:                431 km from UB                                 
 Geography & Climate
Uvurhangai province located in central Mongolia and has various topography such as branches of Khangai and Gobi-Altai Mountains, forest, steppe, and Gobi Desert so that the climate is capricious. Going down from north to south region, It becomes warm as the rainfall decreases. The average annual rainfall is 306.1mm-117.2mm.       
Year around temperature reaches up to 35°C and lowest temperature dropes down to 35.8°C below zero. The territory accommodates many beautiful landscapes, historical sites, ancient city ruins, biggest waterfall, high mountain lakes, dead volcano, so on. All those places are pinned in Mongolian tourist map nicely.  Get it and find them. 

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