The land of great lakes and high mountain ranges, home of multi ethnic, true Mongolian nomadic culture divercity, hospitality and friendly western Mongolian Uvs province welcoming you !
It's time to pack up and travel to Uvs province and Western Mongolia.  

About Uvs province

 Main town:               Ulaangom 
 Territory:                  69585 км² 
 Population:              78200 (2010) 
 Distance:               1417km from UB                                 
 Geography & Climate
Uvs province located in western part of Mongolia, a place called as a Ikh Nuuruudiin Xotgor, means "Great Lakes Depression" of Altai Mountains. It has a capricious climate. The air pressure is up to 1054hPa, and the temperature is down to -50°C(highest) in January. It is the coldest place in Mongolia. Average rainfall is 100mm to 300mm annually. Multi ethnic Uvs province named as a name of Uvs lake - biggest lake of Mongolia. Also Uvs lake is protected and listed as a “ Uvsunur Hollow” in “World Heritage Site” UNESCO, UN in 2003. To the north, it borders with Russia; to the East, Zavkhan; to the south, Khovd; and to the west, Bayan Ulgii provinces.


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